Climate Change Innovation & Anaerobic Digestion - Philip Pearson and Steven Price (Anaerobic Digestion Ltd)

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This presentation formed part of the Farming Futures workshop 'Renewables in the North West'.11 December 2008


<ul><li> 1. Anaerobic DigestionLimited Climate Change InnovationAnaerobic Digestion Philip Pearson / Steve Price Anaerobic Digestion Ltd </li></ul> <p> 2. Modern growing facilities 3. Attention to detail 4. APS Production Centres Grading and Packing Packing and Distribution CentreCentre Alderley Edge Middlewich 5. AnaerobicDigestion Limited Climate Change MitigationReduceRe-UseRe-Cycle 6. AnaerobicDigestion Limited ReduceResource Management Temperature Integration Computerised Irrigation Control Fertiliser Management Thermal Screens Printed Packaging Packaging Film Thickness 7. Anaerobic DigestionLimitedRe-UseAnalysis of Business inputsReturnable PackagingReturn run off irrigation waterWaste CO2 used to enrich cropenvironmentRe-Use of waste products? 8. AnaerobicDigestion Limited Re-Cycle What have A. Pearson &amp; Sons done to reduce our impact on the environment through recycling and Resource efficiency? Combined Heat &amp; Power Ground Source Cooling Anaerobic Digestion 9. Anaerobic DigestionLimited Combined Heat &amp; Power 10. Anaerobic DigestionLimitedCHP Plant 11. Anaerobic Award Winning Digestion Environmental Work Limited 1999 Mersey BasinBusiness in theEnvironmentAwards Winner 2000 Salad Growerof the Year 2000 Grower of theYear 2008 TescoEnvironment Award 12. Ground Source CoolingPackhouse / Crop Store EvaporatorLiquid only 40 to 50oCGas / liquid mixture 0 - 10oC Cool Condenser Warm air air inout Gas only 5 to 15oC Compressor Gas only 70 - 80oC 13. Bespoke SoftwareLogging of all temperatures and pressuresWater Tank 14. Anaerobic DigestionAPS A.D PlantLimited Closed Loop Carbon Dioxide Irrigation Water Fertiliser Bio Methane Heat Electricity 15. Anaerobic DigestionTheres a flame here somewhere !Limited Initial Gas Test 16. AnaerobicDigestionWhat is Anaerobic Digestion? Limited Anaerobic digestion is a natural bacterial process that converts biomass to energy. Biomass is any organic material that comes from plants, animals or their wastes. The Process produces, rather than consumes, energy. 17. Anaerobic DigestionWhat is Anaerobic Digestion?LimitedProcess Stages 18. Anaerobic DigestionAgricultural A.DLimited 19. Anaerobic DigestionSlurry PitLimited 20. Anaerobic DigestionManual ScrapeLimited 21. Anaerobic DigestionAuto ScrapeLimited 22. Anaerobic DigestionDisposal - SpreadingLimited 23. Anaerobic DigestionDry MatterLimited 24. Anaerobic DigestionAD LoadingLimited 25. Anaerobic DigestionWalking FloorLimited 26. Anaerobic DigestionMixingLimited 27. Anaerobic DigestionDigestor - ExternalLimited 28. Anaerobic DigestionDigestor - InternalLimited 29. Anaerobic DigestionGas StorageLimited 30. Anaerobic DigestionInside MembraneLimited 31. Anaerobic DigestionControlLimited 32. Anaerobic DigestionCHPLimited 33. Anaerobic DigestionCHP ContainerLimited 34. Anaerobic DigestionDigestateLimited 35. Anaerobic DigestionLiquid Digestate StorageLimited 36. Anaerobic DigestionIntegrationLimited 37. Anaerobic DigestionGerman ModelLimited 38. Anaerobic Digestion BarriersLimited Be aware of Local Legislation and Public feeling.Perceived OdoursFlammable gas storage issuesPlanningEnvironmental protectionDigestate removalElectrical connectionsMaintenance &amp; Control 39. Anaerobic DigestionOur ApproachLimited 40. Anaerobic Digestion Control &amp; ManagementLimited Substrate flow Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) value Temperature pH value Redox potential Biogas quality (%CH4) 41. Anaerobic DigestionWorking PracticesLimited 42. Anaerobic DigestionMonitoringLimited 43. Anaerobic DigestionControl DevelopmentLimited 44. Anaerobic DigestionLimitedThank you </p>