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Sales Funnel Basics

What is a sales funnel?A quick Introduction

IntroductionIn this video, we will be outlining what we mean by a sales funnel and why it can be so valuable when it comes to getting subscribers and selling products and services online. Funnels are the secret weapon of most successful online marketersOnce you master them, you should see a significant increase in your number of subscribers and in your sales and profits.

Why a funnel? 1

Its called a sales funnel because the largest number of people start at the top and become aware of your brand, business or product, but not everyone passes all the way down to the narrow tip of the funnel.

Why a funnel? 2

As your prospective customers move from awareness to interest, and interest to decision, more and more people will gradually drop out, leaving those who eventually take action, that is, either give their email address or make a purchase.We tend to call it a sieve rather than a funnel, because they can drop out anywhere in the process.

funnel vs. Sieve

In your funnel or sieve, your job is to move them to the end without them dropping out. You do this by plugging the holes, that is, making it as easy and as logical as possible to do business with a company as great as yours.

Two Types of funnels 1

In our marketing group, we talk about free funnels and sales funnels in order to be clear about the goals, process and mechanics of each.

The FREE funnel=You are giving them a free item in exchange for their email address. You can then send them follow up emails about different products. Popular free items include checklists, reports and so on.

Two Types of funnels 2

Those emails will lead to one or more sales funnels. The whole goal of a sales funnel is to get them to buy something.

You can also drive traffic directly to your sales funnels if you wish, trying to get them to buy right away. The problem with this is if they dont know you, it can be a hard sell.

Your FREE funnel Leads to your sales funnels

1-Squeeze Page-collect the email address

3-Offer various items for sale at different price points

2-Email Follow Up-build a relationship with them through content and offers

4-If they make a purchase, they go to the download page for the purchase

The download page can be the start of a sales funnel. Or, the emails you send can be.

How TO CREAte Your FREE funnel

4-Create a squeeze to collect the email address and put them on your email marketing list.

5-Let them download the free item. Use a page and/or welcome email.

1-Know your niche audience.

2-What free item could really help them and make them eager to know your business better?

3-Create the free item. It could be a checklist, guide, ecourse, or other freebie that they will use.

6-You can send them to a sales funnel from the freebie download if you wish. Or, just start mailing useful content regularly.

A Simple sales FUNNEL

1-Main offer

4-Testimonials about the product, and reviews

2-A powerful sales letter or video sales letter about your item

3-Bullet points about all the features and benefits of the item

The download page. It can also be the start of yet another sales funnel. It can be a:i-more expensive itemii-cheaper item5-Buy now button and 100% money back guarantee

ConclusionFree and Sales funnels are a proven method of getting subscribers and making salesThe funnel starts at the point at which they encounter your site, to the point of them either being willing to become a subscriber (via a FREE funnel)ORBeing willing to buy something from you (via a SALES funnel) through email marketing, or directly from your site

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