an innovativesales lead tracking system to make sales follow-up an innovative sales lead tracking...

Download An InnovativeSales Lead Tracking System to Make Sales Follow-up An Innovative Sales Lead Tracking System to Make Sales Follow-up Fool Proof & TM

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  • An InnovativeSales Lead Tracking System to Make Sales Follow-up An Innovative Sales Lead Tracking System to Make Sales Follow-up Fool Proof & TM
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  • What Sales Lead Tracker Does? Monitors Sales Lead Manages Prospects & Suspects Letter Automation Letter Management Query Based Reports Excellent Analysis Real time Activity Tracking Central Repertory of Precise Sales Knowledge Tracking Documents to Leads TM
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  • Present Problems Lost business due to poor follow up Typical to organize details of Prospects & Suspects Time consuming Letter Preparation Job Absence of Historical Letter Management System TM
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  • Recording every Sales Lead User will record all above relevant information. Features TM
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  • Complete details of products to be sold for every sales lead Details of every interaction with prospect is being noted for future follow-up TM
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  • Powerful Queries Marketing Executive/Dealer wise Product / Product Category wise Source of Approach wise Failure Reason wise Customer wise Sales Stage wise City/State/Category wise Features Provides queries for won / lost / not closed Lead TM
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  • Prompt for daily follow-ups User can view online or print details of follow up for a particular period too. Feature TM
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  • Automates Letter Preparation in MS Word It is just Four clicks job to prepare a letter 1. Select a template 2. Select the desired contact Features
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  • 3. Select insert options 4. Click to open editable letter in MS Word No need of Naming & Saving files Track every document To respective Sales Lead TM
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  • Feature Multiple Options to Retrieve Historical Letters It gives you multiple options to view historical letters Contact Wise Subject Wise City Wise State wise Country Wise Contact Category Wise Or All letters TM
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  • Features It will show you all the letters written for the respective contact Subject Wise City Wise State Wise Country Wise Or All Letters Letters sent for a particular Sales Lead can also be viewed very easily In the same manner you can view letters TM
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  • A huge library of 400+ letter templates on various subjects Facility to customize any template Facility to insert your present templates in Templates Library To add a new template is very easy Library of Letter Templates Features TM
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  • Stores information like Name, Address and Contact Numbers etc. Easier modification of above information as and when needed Fast retrieval of any desired information Contact Management Features TM
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  • Mail merging have never been so easy Select the multiple contacts Select a standard letter Click on mail merge button Multiple letters will be prepared instantly Multiple Label Printing For selected contacts Desired quantity for every contact Features TM
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  • Personalized mass e-mailing Select the multiple contacts Select a standard letter Click on e-mail merge button Multiple personalized emails will be prepared instantly All emails with email address will be transferred to Outlook Express. Features TM
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  • Useful Reports Graphical representation (Won/Not closed Sales Lead) Todays Won/Lost sales Todays Despatches Current Events Mailing Labels Telephone Diary TM
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  • Report for Won Sales TM
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  • Report for Lost Sales TM
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  • Report for Activities Done TM
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  • Security in Sales Lead Tracker Sales Lead/Contacts/Correspondence or Contacts/Correspondence or Contacts Authorized users can access and monitor TM
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  • Benefits Helps you to win more sales Effective follow up of sales lead Helps in analysis/planning and forecasting of sales Knowledge sharing Schedules daily activities Reduces the chances of human errors Eliminates dependence on remembrance/paper work Enables you to know your strengths as well as weaknesses Increases efficiency of sales personnel Performance evaluation TM
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  • System Requirement Hardware Pentium with 64 MB RAM or HigherSoftware Windows 98 or Higher Version & MS Office 97 or Higher Versions Networking Support Windows NT, Win 2000,Win Peer to Peer Internet Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator Email Client Outlook Express,Netscape Communicator TM
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