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An Extraordinary Income Opportunity THE FRIENDS OF MEXICOMOBILE Network

You PLACE AdS similar to this.

Each month you will receive $10 USD per person who joins the FRIENDS OF MEXICO Network as a result of your ads and who purchases and pays the monthly fee of at least 10 memberships of the network (our Active Members).Each month you will receive USD $2.00 of all the Active Members of your own Network up to six levels of depth.Each month you will receive USD $1.00 of the ALL the Active Members of the Network created by the persons who join our network as a result of your ads.You make Money!

You can place your ads anywhere IN THE WORLD (except in Mexico) and in many languages.

You can use airport advertising and place ads in magazines, newspapers, etc.

You can make digital marketing at Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.HOW can YOU Advertise our network?

Add to your cellphones address book the mobile phone +5213311627810 as Juan Manuel Mosio and, via WhatApp, send him the phrase Im interested in taking advantage of your income opportunity.

He will reply as soon as possible with an invitation to chat with you over the phone or via a WhatsApp call and in order to set up your Advertiser Account and provide you with the memberships needed.Contact Us


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