an elegant themes review - are they really the best?

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In this slide I will doing a review of Elegant Themes, a premium themes provider for Wordpress. They have been voted the number 1 theme provider but do they really deserve it? Let's find out. For a more detailed review, check out my blog post about them here: THANK YOU!


  • 1. Elegant Themes Are they the best premium Wordpress themes providers? Let's nd out shall we?
  • 2. A Little Background Check Founded in 2008 by Nick Roach Serves 233,000 customers Has 87 different themes to choose from Voted the No1 premium theme provider
  • 3. Let's Take A Look At Some Of Their Themes....
  • 4. Now Let's Take A Closer Look Behind The Scenes...
  • 5. The "Home Page Builder" Where you can choose the content displayed on your home page
  • 6. The ePanel Where you can edit navigation settings, integrate coding, add media to your theme, etc...
  • 7. What Makes Elegant Themes So Damn Great? I'm glad you asked!
  • 8. Stunningly Beautiful Themes The thems are a work of art!!
  • 9. World Class Support System Less than 30 minutes for a reply
  • 10. Mobile Optimised Themes This is soooo important guys. Mobile is the new KING and you need to make sure your blog is keeping up!
  • 11. This is how my blog looks on a mobile device..
  • 12. pretty neat right?
  • 13. ..and obviously the price (BUT!)
  • 14. Unfortunately for you; they have just increased their price (My subscribtion is still with the old price)
  • 15. I know it sucks but hold on....
  • 16. It is still pretty reasonable....
  • 17. Following is a graph comparing the prices of most premium theme providers, including Elegant Themes
  • 18. As you can see, most of the other providers cost $200+ per year
  • 19. An Elegant Themes subscribtion only costs
  • 20. $69
  • 21. That is just $0.79 per theme
  • 22. I'd love to sit here and tell you how awesome Elegant Themes are...
  • 23. but in all honesty there are some aws... I could only give them 4 out of 5 stars
  • 24. To nd out what went wrong...
  • 25. sure to check out my full comprehensive review on my blog: quality-wordpress-themes/
  • 26. I hope you enjoyed this quick presentation! My name is Chris Lee Vella & I'm a full time blogger at Please consider following me here on SlideShare, it would mean a lot
  • 27. thank you!


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