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A note from our friend: Hailey Gee is a special part of my life now and I will do anything in my power to make her life as fulfilling and pain free as possible. Her mom is a single mom who barely has enough time to work as she takes care of Hailey mostly by herself. Hailey is an astonishingly bright little girl who needs our help. She stole my heart the minute I met her. Please help however you may be able too. If nothing else please FWD to all your contacts and ask that it be sent along further. Even a few dollars makes all the difference in the world. Martti Silvola


  • How sweet the soundHailey Gee FundAmazing GraceLeft click to cont.

  • Hi, My name is Hailey Geeand Im 5 years old.

  • I have Epidermolysis Bullosa, better known as EB

  • Usually, Im a real trooper and I can deal with the pain.

  • but sometimes its just too much.

  • Sometimes I get flowers to lift my spirits. They are so pretty.

  • I really love my mama and I know she loves me too.

  • She works so hard to ease my pain. I dont know how she does it.

  • I visit hospitals often, but there is no cure for me

  • even Santa cant cure my illness.

  • Maybe someday God will grant me my wish.

  • Please help my mama take good care of me. Even just a little bit helps so much.

  • Thank you for your love and support.There will be a fundraiser event for Hailey Gee in October 2009. All donations made to James One 27 foundation are tax deductible and will go towards the reconstruction of Haileys teeth to help her consume nutritious food normally (currently uses a feeding tube connected to her stomach). If you are interested in knowing more about donating or attending the fundraiser event, please contact Martti Silvola via email at Thank you again for your generous support. This is an ongoing support program as there is no known cure for EB, donations will continue to be accepted long after the fundraiser event. For more info on EB, visit,