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An examination of different ways of thinking about grace and the role it plays in our lives and how we seen church. Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Oxford, OH, May 2009. PDF format of a Keynote original.


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2. cheapfreeamazinghabitualGraceprevenientindefectible subsequent sanctifyingabounding irresistible efcaciousunmeriteduncreated 3. amazingGrace 4. LORD we pray thee that thy grace maye always prevente and foloweus, and make us continuallye to be geven to all goode workesthorough Jesus Christe our Lorde.Thomas Cranmer, 1549 5. GRACE: the supernatural assistance of God bestowed upon a rationalbeing with a view to his sanctication.Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church 6. St. Augustine, 354-430 7. I have no hope at all, but in your great mercy. Grant what youcommand and commandwhat you will. St. Augustine, Confessions X.40 8. Cupiditas v. Caritas 9. Thou knowst, the rsttime that we smell the air, We wawl and cry.Lear to Edgar, King Lear, IV.6 10. Pelagius, c. 354 - 420/440 11. Everything good andeverything evil, for whichwe are worthy of praise or blame, is done by us,not born with us.attributed to Pelagius 12. May one be pardonedand retain thoffense?Claudius at prayer, Hamlet, III.3 13. John Calvin, 1509-1564 14. Original sin is seen to be an hereditary depravityand corruption of ournature diffused into allparts of the soul.Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, II.i 15. Use every man after his desert, and who shall scape whipping? Hamlet to Polonius, II.2 16. Jacobus Arminius, 1560-1609 17. The free will of man towards the true goodis ... lost. And its powersare ... useless unless they be assisted by grace. Arminius 18. Haiti, 2010 19. Flight 1549, 2009 20. Twere to consider toocuriously, to consider so.Horatio to Hamlet, V.1 21. God our Savior ... desires everyone to be saved.1 Timothy 2:3-4, NRSV