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Digital Marketing Strategy here is an update version of last year's tutorial at the AMA marketing symposium for higher education. More emphasis this year on "Big Data" but still a major concentration on various forms of online advertising, from display ads to retargeting... and special notes on the value of landing pages


Digital Marketing Strategy:

Digital Marketing Strategy: Building Brand Strength & EnrollmentsRobert E. Johnson, Ph.D. 2013Bob Johnson, Ph.D.AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education Boston, MANovember 10 - November 13, 2013Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing1Who is Bob Johnson?Website reviews from a marketing perspectiveTop Task research partner w/Gerry McGovern at Customer Carewords, Ltd, Dublin, Ireland71 higher education clients since 2006Your Higher Education Marketing Newsletter 3,600 subscribers@highedmarketing 6,400+ Twitter followersHigher Education Marketing blogSymposium for the Marketing of Higher Education chair, 1994 to 2003

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing2This was real, but silly Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing3

Not just a play on wordsWe don't believe in digital marketing. We believe in marketing in a digital world, and there's a huge difference." Clive Sirken, CMO, Kimberly-Clark, March 2012Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing4Marketers & digital in 2013

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing5Digital marketing is Insanely complicated

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing6So are mobile marketing options

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing7The good newsFacebook & Google in constant competition to allow better targetingGuest Post: Facebook Is Now The Best Ad Targeting Platform Around March 2013

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing8A Big Data solution Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing9

important strategy pointsA definitionAnd 6 points to craft a planBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing10Todays marketing strategy definitionMarketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing116 important strategy points#1Social media Marketing and PR cant control the message anymoreFacebook still dominatesYouTube is second#2MobilePeople are connected everywhere, all the timeEasy to share opinionsDifferent tasks on different devices?Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing12Two more really big things#3Big DataBig data = the capacity to know more about people than ever beforeWe can use it for more precise advertising#4EngagementMore people will like and follow than will actively engageNot everybody wants to engage

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing13And two more#5New technologyNo need to be first in everything, especially if you dont know how the shiny object fits in your marketing planRelax#6ROIDifficult to measure the individual impact of every step in a marketing campaignBut can measure advertising responseBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing14Marketing online forBrand awarenessWe want people to know who we are today so that tomorrow if they need what we offer they will include us in their choice.Does not require call to action and landing page.Institution focused (often).Clicks on links optional.Direct responseWe want people who are ready (or nearly ready) to make a purchase to start today.Requires a call to action and a landing page.Academic program focusClicks on links mandatory.Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing15A (Very) little backgroundHow we got started and where we are todayBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing16Smartphones enabled the revolution Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing17

Tablets are expanding itBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing18

And technology keeps moving

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing19New format for admissions interviews?

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing20Reasonable expectations for social mediaPew Internet and American LifeForresterNoel-Levitz E-expectationsBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing21Social media experts often insistA two-way conversation between marketers and consumers is the whole point of socialAnything less is a reflection of outdated broadcast-style thinking.Consider an alternate realityMost people follow and friend brands to listen, not to engage in a conversation.Numbers do count the more listening the better.Reality makes ROI extremely challenging to measureWhat are all those followers and friends actually doing?When will they take a desired action?Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing22Top 10 social media sites, 10/6/12 Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing23

Top 10 social media sites, 9/28/13

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing24What do people do on social media? Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing25

Social media influence level for teensNoel-Levitz E-expectations survey, 2013

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing262 important points re social mediaLifespan of a new item on Facebook, Twitter is very short just a few minutes.Not everyone visits social media every day even teens.

If something is important, post it more than once.On more than one day if timing permits. Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing27Advertising in the Digital World Where are your dollars going now?Targeting for Facebook and all elseBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing28Evolution of digital advertising

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing29Google & high speed access in 2004

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing30Rapid evolution continues

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing31Desktop vs. mobile to 2017 Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing32

Major players in mobile by revenue Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing33

Social media ad increase Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing34

Big DataFriend, Foe or Marketing Fantasy?Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing35Where does Big Data come from? Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing36

Big data a contrarian viewFrom The Guardian at"Big data is in danger of being hijacked by the people who hijacked terms like one-to-one marketing, and customer relationship management [CRM]. tech companies who sold huge bits of kit that became an enormous project and then just ground to a halt. Scott Logie, Direct Marketing Association chairBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing37Big data = Customer intelligenceFact: few people object to ads that interest themOpportunity: reduce mass advertising, focus lead generation marketing to people who might have an interestConversion: with permission to speak, keep content relevant to top tasks of people receiving itPenalty: to much brand speak and people will withdraw permission to speak or just ignore youReward: people will like your brandBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing38Intelligent is the key word here

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing39Relevant = Knowing top tasks

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing40Select where we put display ads

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing41Facebook AdvertisingThe Facebook exampleBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing42Facebook is todays mass mediaAbout 1% of people who follow major brands actively engage with them almost everyone just listens. Thats OK.People need to understand what Facebook can do for a brand and what it cant do. It doesnt really differ from mass media. Its great to get decent reach, but to change the way people interact with a brand overnight is just unrealistic.Karen Nelson-Field, (Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Australia), based on FB metrics People Talking About ThisBob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing43Facebook on mobile

Bob Johnson Consulting, LLC ... @HighEdMarketing44Facebook is simplifying ad options and Fall of 2013 from 27 to