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Introducing our Alternative Investment Portfolio for experienced investors.


  • 1.Introducing anAlternative Investment Portfolio

2. Investment PortfolioCapital-Investments introduce you to our diverse investment portfolio offering a range of funds enabling you to join other like-minded investors andpurchase assets that would normally be out of reach to all but the wealthiest of private investors.Who this plan suits? Experienced investors that want access to various investment opportunities through a Fund or Fund of Funds (FoF) Individuals with underperforming pension plans interested in transferring investment through Self Invested Pension Plans (SIPPs) Groups of Investors or BusinessesFund OptionsThis document sets out the existing funds available for investment. For full terms & conditions of each of these features and for eligibility pleasearrange an appointment with one of our Independent Financial Advisors who will explain the features, terms and conditions in full.Balancing risk and rewardCapital-Investments introduces a strategy to choose what funds are of interest dependent on your financial objectives and attitude to risk. Thisway you can enjoy a diverse portfolio that is not reliant on the performance of one investment.All investments are verified by Independent, FSA regulated Financial Advisors.If you would like to be considered for any of these funds then please arrange an appointment through your introducer. 3. Futures & OptionsReturns through small variationsEven in turbulent economic times the right market strategy can produce healthy returns especially as part of a mixed portfolio of investments.We work with experienced traders in the City who have shown high yielding returns whatever is happening in the markets. With the ability to tradeshort and long for small percentages each day they can achieve a return of between 15-30% per annum. 4. Overseas PropertyInvesting on Koh SamuiLarge-scale investments over the last few years led to a residential property boom that saw land and house prices increase tenfold in some cases.This created something of a gold rush and led to huge short-term investment based on fast, high returns.The recent market slow down can be attributed to a number of factors, but many long-term investors feel the island is simply entering a period ofconsolidation following the boom. This will allow for a more legitimate, secure market to develop with trusted players offering quality and security totheir investors.The interim period will certainly present certain difficulties for investors as a solid legal framework establishes itself on the island and prices settle.With professional assistance and a realistic long-term approach, Samui still represents an attractive investment opportunity that is sure to growand diversify furthermoreWe have access to a plot of land that could accommodate 10 x 1,000 foot 5 Bedroom houses that will be worth an estimated 700k on completion. 5. Tele-communicationsInvestment opportunities through VATA new investment has been established to fund the VAT requirements of a telecommunications trading company thus creating a robust, highyielding, tax efficient investment opportunity for experienced investors.Investment highlights 1.6666% targeted monthly return (20% per annum) Quarterly Income Available Compounding Option (21.93% per annum) Arranged through an FSA regulated IFA Available to Trusts, Corporate Entities, SIPPs and Individual Experienced Investors. 6. Carbon CreditsAn Environmental MarketTrading in carbon credits is the safest way to invest in carbon emissions trading schemes.The easiest way for a company or government to reduce its carbon footprint is to invest in Carbon credits ensuringdemand will increase.Carbon credits are a finite resource so as an investment their value can only increase. The value of the carbon market has grown from 6.2m in2005 to over 110b in 2009.By investing in carbon credits right now you can expect realistic returns of over 300% when you sell on in 3 to 5 years time. Our information packwill advise you how to maximise your profits when selling your investment.Capital-Investments only introduce opportunities with officially registered and verified carbon credits traded on the European Climate Exchange. 7. Fine WineSimple supply and demandFew opportunities can offer the potential capital and cultural growth that fine wines can."What makes fine wine such a good investment is that production of the worlds top vintages is strictly controlled. As supply of the very best winesdries up, the prices of the very best vintages invariably rocket." - a portfolio of fine wine is becoming increasingly attractive to many people, offering a combination of stability, low risk, high yields andedification. Demand has increased enormously over the past decades, resulting in some astonishing returns when purchased prior to bottling atthe En Primeur stage.For instance, in the last year alone, prices of 100 different wines on the Liv-ex, the equivalent of the FTSE 100 for wines, jumped by 42 per cent,outperforming other asset classes such as oil, copper and gold.Factors Driving PricesAs a wine matures, more bottles are consumed, and like all things rare and desirable, its valuation will rise. Being produced in small quantities,wine has often outperformed the stock market and even property and yet offers low volatility. *A consumable asset with longevity gains, fine wine is a strong defensive asset in times of uncertainty, being able to recover from drops invaluation. With consumption and age, more upward pressure is put on prices.We have built a relationship with one of Britains oldest wine and spirit merchant, having traded from the same shop for over 300 years. Thisrelationship offers investors higher returns through bulk buying discounts. 8. GoldObtaining a commodity from the sourceA healthy portfolio will include a wide range of assets including a 10-15% allocation to gold related investments and gold bullion.Following the success of a previous Gold trading scheme we have now established a joint venture partnership with a consulting company toprovide investors with a robust, high yielding, tax efficient, gold trading investment opportunity.The opportunity involves buying gold at an agreed spot price securing the product whilst current shipments are being processed, refined andultimately shipped. Available through a Protected Cell Company (PCC), the Investment Fund grows our order value increases allowing for ourbuying discount to increase and this saving is passed on to you the investor.Projected returns over 12 months:Based on a 10,000, 30,000 & 50,000 initial investment and assuming leaving funds to compound are as follows: 10,000 investment based on 60 day pay out frequency creates 2,193.00 tax free net annual profit 30,000 investment based on 60 day pay out frequency creates 6,581.00 tax free net annual profit 50,000 investment based on 60 day pay out frequency creates 10,969.00 tax free net annual profitInvestment Criteria: Minimum Investment (new investors) ~ 5,000 Maximum Investment ~ 250,000 Documents required ~ copy of passport and proof of address (dated within 3 months) Maximum of 2 people per contract unless a company investment (details available on request) 9. Arts & EntertainmentNew British Film ProductionOur extensive network gives us access to investment opportunities in British Films produced directed and starring some of the Industrys leadingnames.An Example - 50/50 Film Ltd is aiming to raise 1,200,000 of private investment to finance their feature film 50/50 produced by Terry Stone,directed by Elliot Hegarty and starring Tamer Hassan.Minimum InvestmentApplications must be for a minimum of 500 shares (5,000) and thereafter in multiples of 100 shares (1,000).Tax IncentivesIncome Tax ReliefIncome tax relief is available to individuals in respect of the amount subscribed for eligible shares in the company, up to a maximum of 30% of500,000 in any one tax year. Where income is insufficient to obtain the relief at this rate, it will be given to the extent it reduces the income taxliability to nil.Example Initial Investment 50,000 Less EIS Relief (15,000) Net cost of Investment 35,000Example Initial Investment 50,000 Income Tax Relief (15,000) Capital Gains Deferral at 18% (9,000) Net cost of Investment 26,000Example Realised value of Investment After 3 years 100,000 Less initial Investment (50,000) Tax free gain 50,000 10. Club & Bar AwardsA unique opportunity presents itself through a new Global Awards Event. On the back of the success of the London Club & Bar Awards, plans arenow underway to launch the Global Club & Bar Awards hosted in a different venue each year including Ibiza, Miami, New York and even LasVegas.Previous Sponsors have included Remy Martin, Moet & Chandon, Redbull, Lamborghini, Range Rover and Bentley.For more information visit 11. The Next StepThe investment opportunities outlined in this document are for experienced investors only. If you would like to be considered for any of theseopportunities then please ask your introducer to make an appointment with our Independent Financial Advisors.Capital-Investments are an introducer for Financial Management Services and investment Opportunities. Capital-Investments do not give anyadvice whatsoever. All advice will be given via an experienced and FSA regulated Independent Financial Advisor (IFA).Alternatively contact Capital-Investments on 01732 424050, email or visit


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