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<p>Westfalia Separator Environmental SystemsMechanical Separation Division</p> <p>Take the Best Separate the Rest</p> <p>All About Us</p> <p>Environmental Technology Clear Separation for a Better Life Style</p> <p>Clear Separation High Economy</p> <p>Environmental Technology for a Better Life Style</p> <p>Westfalia Separator Umwelttechnik is a world-wide leading supplier of decanters and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Westfalia Separator AG, Oelde. The fields of application in environmental technology in municipalities and industry are the treatment of drinking water, the dewatering and thickening of sewage sludge and the recovery of valuable materials from production streams as a contribution to resource-minimised production. More than 3000 plants world-wide demonstrate our competence and capability.</p> <p>Heinrich Weweler, Managing Director</p> <p>Westfalia Separator | 2 |</p> <p>Marine + Energy + Oilfield + Industry + Environmental Technology + Engineering + Second Hand Machinery + Service</p> <p>High Quality Always and EverywhereThe customers of Westfalia Separator are at home in all regions of the world, but the high quality of Westfalia Separator is the same everywhere. This is documented by our world-wide certification. This distinction sets the high standards of quality not only for the parent company, but also includes all of our subsidiaries. Top Performance World-Wide World-Wide Quality</p> <p>Diverse applicationsI Dewatering of sewage sludge I Thickening of sewage sludge I Drinking water treatment I Treatment of municipal and industrial waste water I Recovery of valuable substances from production streams I Stationary and mobile solutions</p> <p>Worldwide + Separation Technology + Beverage Technology + Dairy Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemicals</p> <p>| 3 | Westfalia Separator</p> <p>Optimum Dewatering</p> <p>Clean Conditions High Benefit</p> <p>The objectives of water protection policies make constantly increasing requirements on more thorough waste water purification. Therefore, a further increase in the volume of sewage sludge produced world-wide is anticipated in the future. Both municipalities and industry are obliged to dispose of the growing quantities of sewage sludge in an environmentally safe and economical manner. The disposal of sewage sludge must be</p> <p>secured in the future, employing the latest standards of technology to ensure that valuable materials are recycled. The optimum and economical dewatering of sewage sludge is a central step for all recycling possibilities.</p> <p>Concentrating on the EssentialsThe method of disposal and the associated requirements on the degree of dewatering determine the economy of a dewatering unit. Any increase in the concentration of solids is beneficial in terms of reducing landfill and transport costs.</p> <p>Westfalia Separator | 4 |</p> <p>Oilfield + Industry + Environmental Technology + Engineering + Second Hand Machinery + Service Worldwide +</p> <p>The Less the BetterTo allow the sewage sludge to be recycled or disposed of in line with the correspond-ing requirements, optimum dewatering is necessary before drying, incineration or dumping. The decanters from Westfalia Separator fulfil these requirements by a high g-force (separation efficiency) and optimum torque control. A high degree of dewatering guarantees a substantially reduced sludge volume and thereby significant cost reductions for: Transport Landfill Energy consumption during drying or incinerationSeparation Technology + Beverage Technology + Dairy Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals,| 5 | Westfalia Separator</p> <p>Optimum Thickening Reliable Operation</p> <p>VariPond Ensures a Constant Solids Concentration</p> <p>Statutory regulations for phosphorous and nitrogen elimination and changes in the process engineering of waste water treatment make the mechanical thickening of sewage sludge unavoidable. For example, the controlled thickening with decanters can reduce the volume of the surplus activated sludge by 90% under normal circumstances. The patented VariPond-system from Westfalia Separator ensures constant dry substance values in the discharge even when the feed concentrations fluctuate.</p> <p>Small Box Big ImpactVariPond stands for Variable Pond Depth in the running machine. In the past, it was necessary to stop and modify decanters used to thicken sludge in order to achieve a constant discharge concentration. VariPond now makes it possible to make the optimum adjustment simply and reliably when the machine is running. The machine adapts automatically to the changing feed conditions. This is an enormous advantage which ensures optimum thickening, thereby saving a great deal of time and money.</p> <p>Online Measurement for Reliable OperationBy the use of optical sensors, which operate by the backscatter light principle, the dry substance content of the sludge can be measured online. This achieves an accuracy of 0.3 % dry substance under</p> <p>Westfalia Separator | 6 |</p> <p>Biotechnology + Oils and Fats Recovery + Starch Technology + Industrial Biotechnology + Marine + Energy + Oilfield +</p> <p>operating conditions, allowing reliable and unsupervised operation during the night and at weekends. The constant concentration means that the design of the digestion tower can be optimised and it can be operated economically. The sludge digests more efficiently and the quality is enhanced.</p> <p>Regardless How Thick and FastRegardless how thick and fast, VariPond will not desert you. All decanters with a throughput up to 350m3/h can now be equipped with VariPond . The fields of application extend from the thickening of primary sludge and surplus activated sludge in waste water treatment plants to the controlled concentration of liquid streams in the starch and beverage industries.</p> <p>Industry + Environmental Technology + Engineering + Second Hand Machinery + Service Worldwide + Separation</p> <p>| 7 | Westfalia Separator</p> <p>Industrial Waste Water Versatile Application</p> <p>Clear Solutions for Many Applications</p> <p>Waste water technology integrated in production processes for resource-minimised production is a broad spectrum of applications for Westfalia Separator. Recycling, making a material useful in a circulatory production system by separation, is a task for special decanter centrifuges in diverse industrial applications.</p> <p>The use of high-alloy stainless steels for all components in contact with the product ensures a high degree of durability and a long service life. Innovative features such as high g-forces, large clarifying surfaces, optimised feed systems, special drives and a degree of dewatering which can be adjusted externally during operation ensure optimum clarifying performance and highly economic operation.</p> <p>Clear Solutions from A to ZThe fields of application are as diverse as the industries themselves. Whether in the food industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the computer industry, energy management, the paper industry or agriculture separating technology with decanters and separators provides clearcut solutions in all fields of application. The fields of application extend from the treatment of atomic power plant wash water through glass powder recovery to the purification of waste water from cellulose production. The smallest particles of slag producedWestfalia Separator | 8 |</p> <p>Dairy Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biot echnology + Oils and Fats Recovery +</p> <p>during degassing in the melting of iron ore are returned to the process by decanters. In the automotive industry, decanters recover lacquer residues from the lacquering shop waste water.</p> <p>Separating Technology from A to Z A B C Asbestos sludge Brewery waste water Chemical industry waste water D De-inking wash water E Electrocoagulation F Feacal sludge G Galvanic sludge H Hydroxide sludge I Industrial waste water J Juice waste water K Kaolin waste water L Lacquering sludge M Manure N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Nuclear waste water Oil refinery waste water Pigment recovery Quartz sludge Refinery residues Starch waste water Tannery waste water Uranium waste water Vegetable waste water Wash water Xylase Yeast waste water Zinc oxide waste water</p> <p>A Clean DealThe applications in the food industry are also diverse. Whether in the treatment of wash water in the starch industry or in the treatment of waste water from dairies, the edible oil industry or the beverage industry separators and decanters always provide a clean solution.</p> <p>Starch Technology + Industrial Biotechnology + Marine + Energy + Oilfield + Industry + Environmental Technology +</p> <p>| 9 | Westfalia Separator</p> <p>Drinking Water A Valuable Resource</p> <p>Its Time for Some Treatment</p> <p>Drinking water is a valuable resource. The average world-wide per capita water consumption is estimated at 150 cubic metres each year. Only a very small proportion of this is actually consumed. Drinking water is gained either from the ground water or from surface water. With growing populations and increasing levels of pollution, the employment of surface water is increasing constantly. Surface water is treated by centrifugal separating technology to remove the undesired constituents.</p> <p>Westfalia Separator | 10 |</p> <p>Industrial Biotechnology + Marine + Energy + Oilfield + Industry + Environmental Technology + Engineering + Second</p> <p>It Has to be CleanHeavily polluted surface water is treated by various chemical processes. Decanters are used to dewater the sludge produced in this process. The proportion of mineral pollutants in the raw water and the types of chemicals used for precipitation are highly significant for the dewatering process.</p> <p>Fast and EfficientClarifying decanters are employed to dewater the sludge in drinking water treatment plants. These were developed for high-performance clarification and the highest possible dewatering of the solids. Amongst other features, this is ensured by the high bowl speed and a high scroll torque in conjunction with a differential speed regulation operating proportionally to the solids loading. The closed design of the machines in conjunction with an enclosed installation prevents the escape of aerosols, protecting people and the environment. Many advantages your benefit</p> <p>Hand Machinery + Service Worldwide + Separation Technology + Beverage Technology + Dairy Technology + Oils and</p> <p>| 11 | Westfalia Separator</p> <p>Mobile Systems Unlimited Flexibility</p> <p>High-Performance Systems for Flexible Application</p> <p>Protection of the environment and responsible handling of the available resources require innovative technology. For decades, Westfalia Separator has developed and constructed mobile systems for flexible application.</p> <p>All major process steps with the associated equipment are consolidated as a single unit in a truck trailer or in a container for even more flexibility. The entire piping is installed and the system is automated and ready for immediate use. High-performance systems which provide substantial improvements. The advantages are obvious. Mobile systems equipped with innovative, high-performance decanters ensure a high degree of economy through their continuous operation, high throughput capacities, optimum dewatering and flexibility. This is supplemented by modern control technology and simple process integration. The optimum conditions for reduced volumes of sludge and low-cost, economical disposal.</p> <p>Unlimited BenefitThe advantages of mobile systems become apparent wherever rapid action or flexible applications are required.Westfalia Separator | 12 |</p> <p>Biotechnology + Oils and Fats Recovery + Starch Technology + Industrial Biotechnology + Marine + Energy + Oilfield +</p> <p>Whether from municipal waste water treatment plants for handling peak loads to the various fields of industry for fast action in tight situations. Here the requirements are different from municipal sludge dewatering or thickening. A lower throughput is often required. This applies both to the transport and to the space required by the unit in the plant.</p> <p>separating technology, cost-optimised designs and simple process integration. A simple and fast solution. All from a single source, tested and ready for immediate use</p> <p>Container Systems the Smaller the BetterWestfalia Separator has developed the mobile concept further with the new plant systems in container construction. Simpler logistics world-wide. Any truck can take and transport the standard container module. Production has also been economically optimised by standard components. With these new, compact systems, Westfalia Separator has met the current demands of the market. Maximum flexibility, fast and reliableIndustry + Environmental Technology + Engineering + Second Hand Machinery + Service Worldwide + Separation| 13 | Westfalia Separator</p> <p>Many Locations One Standpoint</p> <p>The Whole is More than the Sum of its Parts</p> <p>When you are choosing a business partner, not only the quality of the product is important. The parameters associated with the machine must also be right. This is the Westfalia Separator philosophy for an optimum life cycle benefit. This includes individual solutions tailored to your requirements as well as intelligent service packages, the availability of genuine spare parts and economical operation throughout the entire service life of the machine.Headquarters of Westfalia Separator in Oelde, Germany</p> <p>Comprehensive service starts with the first discussions. In close co-operation with you, qualified specialists from Westfalia Separator will demonstrate solutions customised specifically for your requirements. This starts with the project planning and extends to the production and installation of the machines.</p> <p>Optimum Customer Service GuaranteedYour employees will be familiarised with the handling of the machines in training programmes and training on site or in the modern Westfalia Separator training centre. If rapid aid should unexpectedly become neces-</p> <p>Decanter production plant in Niederahr, Germany</p> <p>Westfalia Separator | 14 |</p> <p>Environmental Technology + Beverage Technology + Dairy Technology + Oils and Fats Processing + Chemicals, Phar</p> <p>sary or if a spare part is needed at short notice, Westfalia Separator is at your service immediately. This is ensured by the global presence of around 50 service and sales companies in over 60 countries. Your satisfaction is our objective.</p> <p>Subsidiaries and service companies are present in the following countries:</p> <p>EuropeAustria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia The Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Great Britain Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Lithuania The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia (CIS) Serbia Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey</p> <p>North AmericaUSA Canada</p> <p>Quality is Our ProgrammeOf course, separators and decanters have many fields of application other than environmental engineering. As the world-wide leading company in mechanical separation technology, Westfalia Separator is active in many other bran...</p>