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Agenda for 2/25/14. Permission Slips Introduction to The Bean Trees Studyguide Definitions Questionnaire Essential Questions Poetry Background Info on Kingsolver - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Agenda for 2/25/14Permission SlipsIntroduction to The Bean TreesStudyguideDefinitionsQuestionnaire Essential Questions PoetryBackground Info on KingsolverHOMEWORK: GET PERMISSION SLIP SIGNED; READ CH. 1-3 FOR TUES.; READ SECTION II IN IR BOOK FOR MON. AND COMPLETE 2 DJS IN JOURNAL

Permission Slips and Agenda 5 min.Discussing the Studyguide and having students come up with their own definitions 10 minQuestionnaire (fill out and share) 15-20 minEssential Questions and Poetry 35-40 minBackground Info: 10 min

2The Bean TreesBefore we get started, I would like you to consider the following words and think about what they mean to you. I will ask that you write down either a definition of the word or a sentence in which you use it in context. Please do this in your Quickwrite section of your journal.Words, Words, WordsFair


The American Dream



Now that you have had the chance to think about what these words mean to you, I would like you to turn to your elbow partner and share what you wrote. Tell your partner why you defined the word the way you did, or explain the sentence you came up with. QuestionnaireNow that youve had the chance to consider the meaning of these specific words, please complete the Opinion Survey that has been given to you. Keep in mind the definitions or sentences you came up with, using them to help you answer these questions honestly.Once everyone has completed the survey, we will discuss the questions as a class.

After they complete the survey, number the students off from numbers 1-8 (should put them into groups of 3-4)Once students are numbered, have them move into their groups and bring their studyguides with them in order to take notes and do the poetry6The United States is a fair, compassionate place populated with generally kind Americans.Everybody has equal access to the American Dream in this country and that the system is set up to ensure that this dream is possible for all people.Beyond my family and close friends, I have no responsibility to anyone else or anything else in society.I think the law is more important than morality (right vs. wrong).In general, differences or otherness in people are tolerated and accepted in American society.When it comes to the idea of family, true and stable families consist of a father, mother, and their children.

7Essential QuestionsDo we have any responsibilities toward other people outside of our personal world? If not, why not? If so, what responsibilities do we have?

Is the law more or less important than morality? How do we make that decision?

Describe what you think it means to be an outsider. How do groups, i.e., society, treat outsiders? Why? What does it take to be an insider?

What is family? What are the qualities of a successful family? What are the qualities of an unsuccessful one? On a related note, what does it mean to be a friend? Can relationships between friends be as strong as family bonds?

Walking Away : TPCASTTTitlepredictions?Paraphraseline by line, surface level.Connotationdiction, imagery, symbolism, rhyme, rhythm, punctuation, sound devices, personification, allusions, etc.Attitudeauthors toneShiftsin tone, action, rhythmand their effects.Title-re-evaluate the title as it pertains to the poem. Thememessage of the poem?

Read through poem with the classTake a moment to circle, underline, annotate things you notice (5 min)Do #1 and Share out initial questions, observations (5 min)Do TPCASTT and questions in groups (20 min.)Share out as whole class (15)

9Lullaby for 17Now you will work with your groups to answer the questions provided in the studyguide with regard to Linda Pastans poem Lullaby for 17

After students have had about 10 minutes to discuss questions, share out with the class and have students return to their seats10February 27, 2014AgendaCollect Permission Slips and GoldenrodsPass back IR book quizzesPass out calendarsIntroduce research projectLullaby for 17 Background info on novel

HW: READ SECTION 2 OF IR BOOK AND COMPLETE 2 DJS FOR MON.; READ CH. 1-3 IN TBT FOR TUES.; COMPLETE GRAMMAR 65-66 FOR MON.Collect/Pass Back Papers 5-10 minLullaby for 17 15-20 minIntroduce Research Paper 5-10 min.Background info on novel 10 min.12Class BusinessCollect permission slipsCollect goldenrodsPass back workPass out calendarsGet ready heres the research project!!

Lullaby for 17Lets start by reading it out loud.The first time I read it, dont write anything, just listenThe second time I read it, highlight words or phrases that grab you, or that you dont understand Once weve done these, I will ask you to visit some of the questions on the handout and discuss them with your group. We will be sharing as a whole class so make sure everyone is participating in the discussion.Group students by putting them together with the 3-4 classmates around themStart out by reading it out loudHave students highlight words/phrases they are grabbed by or dont understand while reading it a second timeAsk them to discuss these with the whole class Ask them each question on the handout, asking that they discuss first in groups and then with the whole class 14Social Issues researchChoose a topic that interests you and become an expert on it through research, using academic sources.Write a thesis, a research outline, a Works Cited.Present findings to the class in a formal presentation.Write an essay from your outline and presentation.

Research project deadlinesTopic choice ranking: Tues 3/4Articles: 2 saved to folder 3/6; 5 by 3/13Notecards: 10 by 3/13; 20 by 3/25Outline RD: Mon 3/31Outline FD: Thu 4/3Presentations: Tues 4/15Essay RD: Thurs 4/17Essay FD: Mon 4/21March 3, 2014AgendaReview Grammar Lessons 65-66Meet with LC groups Complete quizComplete tasks

HW: READ CH. 1-3 IN TBT; COMPLETE RESEARCH PROJECT SURVEY; READ LAST SECTION OF IR BOOK BY NEXT MON.Grammar Lesson 65Use a before words that begin with a consonant and before words that begin with a yew sound. Use an before words that begin with a vowel or an unsounded h.A basketball, a heart, a unitAn article, an hour, an umbrellaTry to avoid using the expression a lot; replace it with much, many, or a specific number.The expression a while is formed by the article a and the noun while. It is used after a preposition. Awhile is one word and is an adverb.We went to the arcade for a while. We played awhile before we went to the movie.Grammar Lesson 65Accept is a verb that means to receive or to agree to. Except is usually a preposition and means but or other than.Will he accept the assignment?Everything is finished except the paperwork.Affect is a verb that means to cause a change in; to influence. Effect is usually a noun and means a result; that which has been brought about. Less often, effect can be a verb meaning to bring about or accomplish.The referees call will affect the score.The referees call has an effect on the score.The referees call will effect a change in the score.Avoid using aint. Grammar Lesson 65: Ex. 1My little brother rode (a, an) elephant at the zoo.We ate (a lot, a lot) of candy.Let me rest (a while, awhile) before we walk farther.Please (accept, except) charges for the phone call.Did yesterdays rain (affect, effect) the traffic?Pedro (isnt, aint) going to attend the orientation.Janice will probably attend (a, an) university in her home state.I finished my science report (except, accept) for the bibliography.The (affect, effect) of the rain was to erode our garden.Well have lunch after (a while, awhile).Grammar Lesson 65All ready means completely ready Already is an adverb meaning before or by this timeAll right is always two wordsUse as far as and as fast as instead of all the farther and all the fasterAll together means in a group. Altogether is an adverb meaning completely or on the whole.Grammar Lesson 65: Ex. 2Please file the computer chips all together.Kai was so excited about the trip that she was all ready by ten oclock.Alfonso jogged two miles, but that was as far as he could go.The speech was altogether too long.My audition went all right, but I dont know if Ill get a part.Julie walked as fast as she could around the track.The hedge clippers we bought were altogether useless.Is it all right to feed a cat ice cream?The choir members were all ready (or already) in their robes when the director arrived.The basketball team rode all together on one bus.

Grammar Lesson 66Use number when referring to nouns that can be counted, and use amount when referring to nouns that cannot be counted.A small amount of rain fell yesterday.A number of raindrops dotted the patio.Avoid being as and being that in your formal writing and speaking. Replace them with because or since.We were late to the concert because we had a flat tire.Since Mark made the team, we seldom see him.Beside is a preposition meaning located at the side of. Besides is usually an adverb meaning in addition to.We spent several days beside the ocean.Besides the two pencils, you will need a pen.

Grammar Lesson 66Between shows the relationship of one person or thing to another. Among shows the relationship of more than two persons or things.A friendship developed between Buzz and William.Friendship among team members usually improves performance.Lesson 66: Ex. 1There was little difference among the ten proposals submitted.The amount of fat in your diet can be important to your health.Since the movie started at three oclock, we decided not to go.There are four years between Marcus and his younger brother.Did you buy anything besides a new shirt?A large number of people enrolled in the new computer course.The body builder ate five chicken breasts for dinner because he had a competition the next day.Gina put her new sweater beside the skirt to see if they would match.No amount of encourag