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  • 1. Adopt A Pet By: Alisha Earp

2. Think Logically Image by Google images V.S The cost of adopting a pet at an animal shelter is usually inexpensive to buying one from a breeder or pet store Representative from American Human, an organization who has been helping animals and children since 1877. (Adopt a Shelter Pet). Online article entitled Adopt a Shelter Pet Images by google images 3. Image by Google images 4. The innocent are beingKILLED! Image by Google images Help the overpopulation issue 5. Why should you? Well

  • Many pets are deposited at animal shelters because their human guardians are unprepared to deal with the responsibilities of raising acompanion (Adopting Pets with a Past).

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society Image by Google images 6. Euthanized

  • Pet overpopulation is a tragic problem. Each year, hundreds of animals in shelters must be euthanized because good homes could not be found for them (Adoption & Pet Care).

American Humane- Protecting Animals and Children since 1877 Image by Google images 7. Rabid Rabies is a fatal animal disease that is naturally communicable to humans (zoonotic). Avoid contact with wildlife - dead or alive. Do not try to take care of injured, sick or abandoned wildlife, (Rabies and Microchip Clinics). The New Hampshire Society for the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Image by Google images 8. = Images by Google images 9. Help Overpopulation Issue Join the fight to keep animals from suffering disease and wanted death like Oprah and Audrina from the hit MTV series The Hills. Images by Google images 10. This is a recession Why wouldnt you want more for less? Image by Google images 11. Didnt know? Now you do (Chart by ) 12. Too broke to raise him? There are thousands of dogs put to sleep every year because the owners no longer want them or cannot afford them. On top of this, there are hundreds of thousands of dogs that live miserable lives devoid ofbasic housing needs because people do not realize the time, commitment, or expense involved in owning and properly caring for a dog (Owning a Pet).-Dr. Foster fromVeterinary & Aquatic Services Departmentin Wisconsin 13. Im an activist

  • (Testimony) I devoted my time to loving animals. All kinds of animals, it doesnt matter to me. I recently saved three kittens. Unfortunately one didnt make it, it died from an incurable disease. Im a first hand witness to people giving up animals because they cant afford it. It really affects the animals.

Pictures by Alisha Earp 14. Investment Comparison We would not dream in investing $10,000 on a car that we know nothing about, had no warranty, we had not driven, and was completely unsuitable for our use. Yet people do this more everyday and they get a puppy without researching its breed characteristics, medical history, and parental history (Owning a Pet). The innocentanimalsthatbecome an inconveniencebecause theirowners assumedthat they can devote themselves to them.Owners pay unexpected expenses and end up giving them up. 15. Why not save your money? Adopting a pet illuminates many expenses so the annual investment in your pet will be much less in comparison to buying a pet. BE SMARTANDSAVE MONEY Image by Google images 16. Beneficial to YOU Image by Google images 17. OPT TO ADOPT Image by Google images