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PL10 is the prettiest, slimmest digital camera with various Smart functions that Samsung Digital Imaging has released in 2009. PL10 has many features that can appeal to women; it is an ultra-slim auto digital camera with splendid color, pretty body, small size, multimedia functions, and smart beauty functions.


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    Would you like to adopt PL10 as your cute pet ?

    Cute and pretty digital camera PL10 for women

    Young women or students usually care most about design, fast operation, features, and convenience. They usually dont care much about zoom, high resolution, or advanced functions. Whats important to them are how good the camera looks, how easy to use it, and how good their portrait shot looks with help of diverse functions.

    PL10 is the prettiest, slimmest digital camera with various Smart functions that Samsung Digital Imaging has released in 2009. PL10 has many features that can appeal to women; it is an ultra-slim auto digital camera with splendid color, pretty body, small size, multimedia functions, and smart beauty functions.

    Slim, Smart, Simple

    PL10 has all the Smart functions that Samsung has. - Various Scene detections, Smart Auto mode that takes a clear shot under any circumstance, Samsungs exclusive Smart Face detection that can register faces, Smile shot/ Blink detection/

  • Self Guide/ Frame Guide,


    Expensive digital camera with manual mode and high zoom is not always the best choice. PL10 is best for young people who used to enjoy taking pictures with a cell phone. With its 120g slim body and beautiful design will make it a diary that you can carry around everywhere like cell phone, make-up, or wallet. When you register faces, the camera takes pictures based on those, and it can also work as a MP3 player and PMP. It is the most reasonable NO.1 digital camera.

  • Beautiful five-color coordinator

    Its rounded appearance and unique front side may not stand out on the photo, but it looks a lot prettier in real. It provides five colors- Titan Silver/ Black/ Arty Red/ Candy Pinky/ Purple. Black and silver will look good on men, and red, purple, and candy pink for women. PL10s main theme is a variety of colors and ultra-slim design that appeal to your people. PL10 becomes a part of your fashion. Would you like to adopt this camera as your cute


  • Its metallic body looks luxurious and smooth. Its glittering body and rounded edges look feminine and cute. Arty Red in this review is not a normal red but strong one with wine color. It appears in two-tone color according to lights.

  • Almost unnoticeable

    19.4mm slim body of 92.859.7 fits right into one hand. You can carry it in the pocket of skinny jeans on summer days. It is that slim, like a


  • Its power button with blue ring lamp and shutter button are easy to operate. Mike and speaker are located on the top. Dark grey metallic line seems like it would protect its beautiful body with its strength.

    Elegant flame, La Fleur patter

    Some patterns make cameras look bad, but its fierce flame engraved pattern looks very tasteful. It looks magnificent rather than looking antique. The grip part, which gracefully protrudes like womens lips, supports the middles finger, and flash is on the center of the top so a finger never blocks the flash. AF assist light helps AF in darkness and is placed next to it. The surface material looks somewhat fragile, so youd better be careful with coins or metals. When carrying PL10, youd better

    protect it with a pouch.

  • 3x inner zoom lens

    The lens has auto cover which is in the same color as the body color. When you turn the power on, it operates very fast. So it protects the lens when you carry it around, and helps comfy shot. It has 3x optical zoom, 38-114mm in 35mm film equivalent, and F3.5-F4.5- fairly ok as an inner zoom


    Smart 2.7 inch LCD

    The LCD part is 2.7 inch and made with 230,000 pixels. It looks very clear without noise. It displays colors vividly and expresses in detail. It detects dark or bright places and automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD. Its LCD quality is as good as high-end products. Its left-right viewing angle is great, and low angles good in high-low angle. A panel protecting the LCD makes a level with the whole back side, harmonizing with overall design.

    Simple operation

    The buttons are quite ideal. Options for 4-directional buttons and upper-downward direction buttons can be widely used, very instinctive and simple. You can quickly set basic functions using Fn key, and set shooting mode using a separate Mode switch button. Zoom button is moved upward or downward, and this button also works as a volume controller for playing

  • MP3.

    1. Zoom out/ Volume control 2. MODE button 3. MENU button 4. Select button 5. 4-directional button (DISP/timer/close-up/flash) 6.Play button 7.Fn button

    Mode menu

    Full battery

    Battery is stronger than expected. Its capacity is 3.7v 900mAh, but its performance is better. In CIPA standard, it can take 280 pictures, and play MP3 for 330 minutes and PMP for 250 minutes. Both PC USB charging and AC adapter charging are available. The battery capacity and charging is good, but the charging time is a bit long, 180 minutes. The charging jack is 24pin terminal on the side, and AV cable can also be

  • used. Battery memory cover is on the bottom


    Smart Face detection function that prioritizes the registered faces

    Smart Face detection function is not just a simple face detection function. You can register faces using this function, and the camera sets AF and exposure according to these faces. When shooting with Smart Face detection, priority appears in three-color-graph next to a square box.

  • when the model is registered

    brightens the face of model

  • When the doll is registered

    brightens the white doll face, so the model looks darker

    This function is useful because it always focus on you and your friends. This can be used only when the external memory is inserted, and you can register up to 10 faces. FYI, face detection graph may show up even when theres no registered face, if face detection rate is high.

    OK in one shutter! Smart Auto

    Smart auto mode is becoming one of the essential features in Samsung Digital Imaging. When you use Smart auto, it provides smarter functions than the separate

  • Auto mode, so you can take satisfying pictures under any


    When you take a shot with Smart Auto mode, it automatically detects shooting circumstances and select an optical scene; therere 11 scenes like Landscape, White, Night Scene, Night Portrait, Backlight, Backlight portrait, Macro, Macro text, Tripod, and Action. In Smart auto mode, Menu option becomes simple and green Smart icon appears on the upper side, and this icon changes according to shooting scenes.

  • The basic theme of Smart auto mode is allowing all the photos without a tripod. It just automatically applies tripod mode when you shoot at night. In this case, the sensitivity is set to ISO160, and the shutter speed is adjusted for optimal exposure. If you want to shoot with long-time exposure, you can use Night scene mode in Scene

  • mode, which automatically sets longest exposure of 16 seconds. Night scene mode in Smart auto is taken by short shutter in high sensitivity.

    Therere few things that can be set in Smart auto mode. Therere only image size and flash setting. Besides, therere only two options- Smart auto and off. Especially, if youre indoors with lots of people, youd better turn the flash auto off because it may disturb people next to you. I think it would have been better if it automatically turns on and off the flash in Night portrait or Night


    Smart Album which enables convenient image sorting

    Smart Album sorts photos under various categories, and you may enjoy looking at them through this system. Images and video clips can be categorized into file type (photo, video, voice), date (day), date (week) or color. Categorizing by colors is

  • pretty unique. Sometimes Smart Album takes some time. So when therere too many image files, youd better turn off the Smart Album function for fast operation.

    Play categories

    Play according to dates

    Play 9 shots in colors

  • Play 20 shots in colors

    Categorizes according to registered faces

    Play according to colors

  • Restore files, deleted by accident, from recycle bin.

    When you turn on the recycle bin function, deleted files are temporarily stored in internal memory. That is a recycle bin. You may restore deleted photos through this menu. But you cant use it when the internal memory is full or when youve formatted internal memory. Itll be useful when you have to bring back your precious images.

  • Beauty shot, looking better than real

    The most natural photo must be the most realistic one, but women are usually afraid of let their skin exposed as it is. Most of women, even with good skin, ask for editing. Especially, if youre accustomed to cell phone camera which produces blur pictures, you really need Beauty shot. Now Beauty shot is included as a basic function like face detection. PL10 also has Beauty shot function, which can adjust face brightness and retouch in three

    levels. AUTO mode Beauty shot (Retouch+1,Brightness+1)

    Beauty shot (Retouch+2,Brightness+2) Beauty shotRetouch+3,Brightness+3)

  • Beauty shot expresses clear skin like a doll without using Photoshop. In PL10, it is the first one on Scene mode, and its level can be set by Fn button. Especially, you can also use Smile shot or Self guide in beauty shot, so you can automatically capture smiley face and edit skin condition at the same time.

    Beauty ME