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Features. Configuration. Software. Diagnose. FAQ. AD-1 Auto Scanner. Features. 1.Universal. 2.Wireless. 3. Remote diagnosing. Home. Features. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • AD-1 Auto Scanner

  • FeaturesHome1.Universal2.Wireless3.Remote diagnosing

  • Features4.Platform: Operates on either XP or Vista operating systems. 5. Interface: USB "plug-and-play" technology and high baud transceiver for faster data transfer. 6. Report: Results can be saved and printed for later reference. 7. Upgrading: Software can be upgraded anywhere via internet. 8. Hardware: Anti-shock rubber guards for stronger, more durable usage.Home

  • ConfigurationAD-1 MultiplexerTransceiverMain CableUSB LineBattery ClipsIgnition Lighter CableAdaptorStorage CaseHome

  • Software DownloadDownload Page: Client Software AD-1 USB Driver Home

  • Software SetupInstall the AD-1 client software.Home

  • Main InterfaceIf use the software at first time, please click the SETTING button and set COM port..Home

  • Check COM PortCheck the CP210XUSB COM port from Device Manager.And then set the same com port in the AD-1 software as above.Home

  • Wireless ConnectionWireless communication can reach from 20 to 50 meters. Home

  • Connection with wireYou may operate the device based on any laptop or desktop. The diagnostic connectors would be different due to the vary vehicle.Home

  • DiagnoseSelect the model of the car you want to diagnose ( JAPAN TOYOTA )Home

  • Select Connector type [ OBDII-16A ] DiagnoseHome

  • DiagnoseSelect the system ( ENGINE )Home

  • DiagnoseDIAGNOSE ITEM: Diagnostic Trouble Codes Information; Data Stream List; Active Test.Home

  • DiagnoseTest result: No fault codeHome

  • DiagnoseData stream list (Simulation Testing result )Home

  • DiagnoseRead ECU Memory (Audi/VW Testing result )Home

  • FAQWhat can we do if the system still in wait state?Home

  • FAQClick RESET back to initial state. Home

  • FAQIt is due to the software com port setting failed. Go back to the software main page, click button SETTING, and then select the correct com port. ( You may refer to the USB driver installation in this manual). If still same problem, re-plug the USB line and try it again.Home