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Acupressure at home


  • Acupressure Points (as done during skills lab)

    By: Zahra S. Al-Mussawi, D. C.

  • Large Intestine Meridian (LI) LI 4 upper extremity pain including headache; good point for

    large intestine; contraindicated during pregnancy; to locate point have palm facing down and palpate along lateral aspect of index finger to metacarpal and find groove just before carpals; it should be tender.

  • Large Intestine Meridian (LI) LI 11 good point for detoxification of large intestine;

    point can be found at the beginning of the elbow crease on the lateral side while elbow is slightly bent; point can be tender.

  • Kidney Meridian (KI) KI 1 at bottom of foot; may help to find point while

    dorsi flexing toes; point is usually tender; can help for calming; anxiety; insomnia; blood pressure

  • Kidney Meridian (KI) KI 27 point to help balance major organs; neurological

    point; usually tender; Go an inch down from clavicle and an inch out; soft spot

    between clavicle and rib See KI 27 in picture below

  • Spleen Meridian (SP) SP 6 good point for female gender issues for

    example premenstrual syndrome; approx. 3 inches above medial malleolus; will feel grove along tibia; usually tender; contraindicated for pregnancy.

  • Sinus Congestion Points First place fingers under zygomatic bone Second place tip of index fingers as shown in picture

    below next to nose. Last, place fingers on center of eyebrows.

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    Headache Relief Points Bladder one on both sides

  • Headache Relief Points cont. Medial to mastoid process on both sides

  • Governing Vessel Meridian (GV)

    GV 20 on top of head where a babys soft spot is; usually warm; good for mental acuity to hemorrhoids; 100 acupuncture points meet here;

  • Acupressure through the ears Good points to do are the zero point and shen men; zero point balances all

    points and shen men releases endorphins and helps to relief pain and just

    an overall good feel point.

  • Acupressure through the ears For neck pain, low back pain, shoulder or knee pain see picture

    below; find and hold point.

  • Acupressure Points

    Gently hold points and take deep breaths Feel for pulse or relaxation of tissues Continue as needed If pain persists, please see your health