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  1. 1. ChrisRole: Detective JonesWhy use Chris for the role?Chris is appropriate for this role ashe can portray a very seriouscharacter well which is the typeof personality and communicationwe need the role to have. Chriscan easily make the charactersdetective persona realistic whichmakes the film more believable tothe audience.
  2. 2. HarrisonRole: Detective AdamsWhy use Harrison for the Role?Harrison is also able to portray themood and presence of a detectivewell. He can easily present himself asthe part of a modern day youngdetective which also helps thedialogue and film seem more realisticand dramatic to the viewer.
  3. 3. AlexRole: Police OfficerWhy use Alex for the role?Alex has performed in previousschool productions so acting is astrong point for him.Alex has a rather dry sense ofhumor which helps him portray therole of an arrogant police officerwith ease.
  4. 4. JackRole: Deceased Character XWhy use Jack for the Role?Jack can easily play a differentcharacter type you ask of him soHe will fit this part with ease. He isalways willing to put in a lot of effortwhich works well as an actor in ourfilm
  5. 5. KatieRole: Relative of Deceased character XWhy use Katie for the Role?Katie is very interested in the Arts.She has been in the previousschool production and alsoattends LAMDA, meaning she willbe able to portray a characterwith ease and will easily fit into hercharacters persona.
  6. 6. SeanRole: Back up CharacterDeceased Character XDetective AdamsWhy use Sean for this Role?Sean will be able to play any role with easeso the back up character is well suited forhim. He is able to fit into different charactertypes so if in need, he is able and willing forthe job.