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  • Alexis Martelino Jolly Old St. Nicholas (Traditional)

    Braydon Louie Music Friend Waltz (G. Kowalchyk)

    Santa is waltzing in a good happy mood on Christmas Eve.Then he sneaks quietly in my house to drop presents...

    Mason Kim Chimes (C. Noona)

    Lev Litmanovich Dancing Frogs (O.Getalova)

    It's supposed to sleep for all the frogs in the Winter... but what if they want to celebrate New Years? The littlefrog wakes up... then his Dad and Mom wake up... and all the family counts down! Hurray!!!

    Matthew Louie Silent Night (F. Gruber)

    Iris and Xin Huang The Cuckoo (Traditional Christmas Czech)

    Alissa Lau Angels We Have Heard on High (Traditional)

  • Natalie Nwapa Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (J. Bach)

    I wake up in the Christmas morning, walk to the window and get excited to see snow! I try not to scream with joy, so i dont wake up my family. I sneak out of my room and tip-toeing to the Christmas tree to find big gift boxes. Even if I eager for gifts I wait for my family to open them and play in the snow.

    Aaliyah Wilson Oh What a Beautiful Morning (R. Rodgers)

    Its a nice late fall morning. I go skating! I see fall leaves going with the wind It starts drizzling stopped for a while heavy rain is coming! All of a sudden - sunshine! and clouds and rain! Here it comes rainbow!! andthe sun is setting.

    Sophia Birnbach April Shower (F. Churchill)

    The rain is drizzling on my window from this gloomy winter sky. I lie there in my bed dreaming about warm spring to come:

    The birds are singing so sweetly. I walk down the street hearing all the sounds of music in my step. When I wake up, there I lie in my bed cozy and warm.

    Alisa Alonichava In the Field (Y. Abelev)

    A little rabbit gets lost in a snowy, vast field. He startsto feel lonely. As the wind picks up, the rabbit searches for his family. The blizzard gets worse. Finally, he finds a burrow to stay in until the blizzard goes out, and sleeps.

  • Diya Sterling Carol of the Bells (Ukrainian Carol)

    Vincent Phung Rise and Shine (American Folk Song)

    Alexander Dimov Ave Maria (F. Schubert)

    Katie Irimagawa Noel (L. Daquin)

    Ava Gaddis The Bell Carol (M. Bober)

    Jacob Copenbarger Imagine (J. Lennon)

    I imagine a little girl alone on Christmas with nothing. I would ask her why she is alone and see if there is anything I could do for her. I would give her a toy she liked and hot chocolate. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

  • Stephen Malysh Music Box Melody (M. Bober)

    Neal just packed up his luggage on to the train. He had bought a special gift for his grand son Joseph. Joseph was waiting in his seat with his Mom and Dad. He was lucky his family was wealthy enough to afford first class seats. Sure enough, the curtains were pulled aside and Neal sat down next to Joseph. They had a conversation about what a great time they were going to spend in NewYork. Finally, he pulled out the gift. Joseph took it in tohis hands and examined it. It was a small box wrapped a red cloth embroidered with golden designs. It was a music box. He opened it and marveled at the beautiful music. He soon fell into a deep sleep.

    Vivian Phung Fast Track Boogie (M. Bober)

    Friends coming over for a big New Year's Party.It's full of surprises.And the biggest one is coming.A huge chocolate cake.Everyone gets a nice slice.Then it's time for games and dancing.Finally countdown. New Year's here!

    Kristin Williams Charlie Brown All Stars (V. Guaraldi)

    It is Christmas Eve and Charlie Brown is excited. He decides to go to bed. He wakes up the next morning and finds a pile of Christmas presents! Charlie Brown says "This is the best Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Ellie Hanson Skating (V. Guaraldi)

    Charlie Brown is watching all of his friends skate. He wishes that he could, but he is too shy. He watches and watches until finally, he decides to try. When he gets onthe ice, he slips at first, but very soon, he is able to skate just like all of his friends! Now, every day, he skates on the pond and the snowflakes dance with him.

    Joshua Apuya Great Dango Family (J. Maeda)

    On Christmas eve, a mother is singing in an empty house,waiting for her family. Finally, little by little, the entire house is filled. The mother is so excited to see everyone. They all get in a big circle around the Christmas tree and sing together. The room is filled withthe joy of being together at last.

    Chloe Chung Miniature Overture (from the Nutcracker P. Tchaikovsky)

    Annie Francis Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (from the Nutcracker P. Tchaikovsky)

    In a dark forest, there was a huge castle made of candy. The castle was covered with snow just like the rest of the forest. Inside the castle was a small fairy...the Sugarplum Fairy. She was dancing on the glass floor that was covered with peppermints,alongside gingerbread men. They danced up and down stairs. Now they are going to perform the dance in front of us.

  • Manav Lakhani Dance of the Reed Flutes (from the Nutcracker P. Tchaikovsky)

    Jerry Gerald Joy to the World (G. Hendel)

    Michael Malysh Jersey Jump(E. Baumgartner)

    Jogging through the street on the way to the October dance. You know that if you dont hurry, you will be late.Finally, you make it, and Hurray! They havent started yet. The band starts to play right as you run in, and youboogie through the crowd like a pro.

    Audrey Lin Winter (A. Vivaldi)

    One crisp winter morning, I saw a sudden blur of white race past the window. Rushing to the frost-covered window, I jump with joy when I see time delicate snowflakes floating down form the sky. Each snowflake looks like little specks of crystals and diamonds, true andpure. The snow fall stays very light, with no blizzard in sight.

    Lance Wilson Cowboy Blues Waltz (C. Rollin)

    This is a Cowboys Christmas song being played early one snowy Christmas morning.

  • Megan Joseph Fiesta de Mexico (M. Bober)When its a cold and rainy winter in here, I would love towarm up in Mexico! I imagine myself sitting in the shadein the hot afternoon eating my favorite ice cream cookiesand creme. Then me and my friends get together to dance on the sandy beach!

    Xin Huang Sonata #8 (fragment of 2nd movement, L.Beethoven)

    High on the mountain is the royal palace museum. Through deep snow shines golden warmth from fireplaces and candles.We are finally at the door of this magnificent structure,that housed the kings of the past, and now home of the crown jewel and countless priceless treasures. Let's startthe tour.

    Petya Yordanova Valse Poeticos #2 (E. Granados)

    It was a calm winter evening, snowflakes were covering the ground, creating a bright white carpet. The Winter Palace was filled with joy and laughter; guests were dancing to the sounds of a passionate Spanish waltz.

  • Tanya Otto How Soon (H. Mancini)

    A baby polar bear opens his eyes for the first time to anamazing snowy world. Day by day he grows and plays. He swims with the fish and plays in the snow. Momma bear watches him with caring eyes wondering how soon hewill grow. Years pass by and one day he leaves his mom.Soon he has a new born son who looks at an amazing snowy world for the first time.

    On Christmas Night (C. Norton)

  • Notes

  • Thank you to all the students for their hard work andmaking beautiful music!

    Congratulations toBraydon Louie, Mason Kim and Jerry Gerald

    on their recital debut in the studio!

    Thank you to all parents and grandparents for their support!

    AndBig Thank you to Bothell United Methodist Church

    for hosting this recital!

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you!

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