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  • Jose Von Gerald Snow Bells (C. Noona)

    Etta Thompson Big Fat Frog (C. Noona)

    In the Winter Two frogs sit on a log and dream of snowy blanket to fall asleep!

    Nicole Litmanovich Snowfall (O. Getalova)

    Mathilda Hummel Hand-Bells (W. Palmer)

    Mateo Cerriteno-Vega Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star (W. Mozart, arr. by L. Bastien)

    At the frosty winter night Mom Star sings a lullaby to the Little Baby Star. It becomes a bit foggy Daddy Star sings it in a big voice; echo replies to him very softly. Mom picks it up to help the Little Baby Star fall asleep.

    Jack Thompson Jingle Bells (J. Pierpont, arr. by C. Matz)

    Ismael Hannachi Christmas is Coming (K. Olson)

    Andre Nwapa Up on the Housetop (B.Hanby)

  • Andy and Katie Irimagawa Romance (W. Mozart)

    It's very peaceful and quiet in the snowy forest in the winter. But one snow angel doesnt' sleep. She is tip toeing to a log cabin. Everyone is sleeping at the cabin. The angel brings a big snow pile and gets back to the forest before they noticed it.

    Braydon Louie Jolly Old St. Nicholas (Traditional, arr. by C. Matz)

    Mason Kim Lullaby for Jesus (Traditional Polish, arr. by E. Gurierrez)

    Matthew Louie Pinata Song (Traditional Mexican, arr.by E. Gurierrez)

    Lev Litmanovich The Barber of Seville (G. Rossini, arr.by. C. Matz)

    It was a Christmas morning. A barberof Seville woke up early, and he was so excited to see that it was snowing outside. He wnt slowly to his salon, enjoying the beautiful streets all covered with snow. He worked all day long humming the Christmas songs. Finally, in the evening he dressed up and hurried to a Christmas party withall his friends.

  • Abhinav Ramana The Clock Shop

    On Christmas Eve all the clocks count down at the clock shop to make sure everything is ready for Christmas. The Biggest clock starts first, the Small clock joins it. Then the Big cuckoo counts down, the Small cuckoo replies to it. The Big cuckoo keeps going, then the Biggest clock takes turn. The Small clock is finishing, so everything is ready for Christmas!

    Aditi Nambiar Good King (Traditional, arr. by. C. Matz)

    Eason Chen The Cuckoo (Traditional Christmas Czech)

    Alexis Martelino O Tannenbaum (Traditional, arr. by V.Guaraldi)

    Daniel Song Deck the Halls (Traditional, arr. by L.Bastien)

    Aaliyah Wilson Palomino Gallop (M. Bober)

    There is a beautiful palomino horse prancing as she pulls a sleigh in a winter wonderland. She sees a girl and her family standing on the side ofthe road . She slows down for her and her family to get in and they go on a joyous ride. Next they pick up the girls best friend and continue on in laughter and fun!

    Alisa Alonichava The Birch Tree (Russian Folk Song)


  • Sophia Birnbach Minuet (J. Clarke)

    Once there was a lady-in-waiting named Nora. She wanted to be a princess but her father told her she would have to marry a prince. He alsotold her she had an invitation to the ball at the castle.Nora accepted the invitation for the ball, which was to be the next day. She got ready for the ball early so that she would not be late. A carriagefrom the castle picked her up and whisked her away. When she arrived at the ball, she looked around at all the people dressed in their best clothes. The chandelier was bright and sparkly. She saw a handsome manwalking by and asked him to dance. He said yes and told her his name wasHans and he was a prince. They danced the night away.

    Vincent Phung Faraway Waltz (J. Vogt)

    In the middle of the night a swan swam in a lake. The swan gracefully swam through the lake while the moonmade the splashes look like sparkles. A kid looked outside and saw this swan. He got his jacket on and went outside to see the swan closely.

    Katie Irimagawa Cranky Cat (T. Richert)

    Once upon a time, there were 3 cranky cats. When they saw the snowcrystals outside the windows, they jumped outside and played hide-and-seek. These playful cats can't wait for more snow!

  • Alissa Lau Carol of the Bells (Traditional Ukrainian, arr. by C. Matz)

    Alexander Dimov Burlesque (Anonymous)

    A little girl is skipping around when it starts snowing, but her mom calls her back to put on a jacket and gloves. When she goes back out though, her friends surprise her! They play around, but soon it's time to start going back, but the fun continues at her house!

    Ava Gaddis Tender Moment (V. Labenske)

    It's a nice quiet snowy town. An alleypuppy is walking on the streets lookingfor a home, warmth and food. He finds a nice house and lies by the front door hoping for a friend. He waits forever and falls asleep... Suddenly the door opens and a girl is surprised to see the puppy. She dreamed of a pet and takes him home!It turns into the tender moment and the best Christmas for both of them.

    Natalie Nwapa Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (from the Nutcracker P. Tchaikovsky, arr. by G. Kowalchyk)

    Chloe Chung Arabian Dance (from the Nutcracker P. Tchaikovsky, arr. by G. Kowalchyk)

    Kristin Williams Dance of the Reed Flutes (from the Nutcracker P. Tchaikovsky, arr. by G.Kowalchyk)

  • Stephen Malysh Masquerade (L. Niamath)

    The four performers step on to the stage. The lights go dim and the dancing begins. First, the dancers start to jump a weave between each other with practiced precision. The crowd is cheering and the performers get even more encouraged. After some 5 minutes, The music suddenly goes soft. With the mysterious tune, also came a change in the dancing. The performers were no moving faster, stepping with their toes, barely touching the floor at all! Finallythe tune turns louder and louder then suddenly pauses with an intake ofbreath from the crowd, then softly, the music continues. What a surprise for the audience. Then the dancers slow their pace and hang there for a moment, then the final cords strike asthe dancers bow. The crowd was applauding wildly. The dancers smile with triumph as the left the stage.

    Annie Francis The Fist Noel (Traditional, arr. by E. Rocherolle)

  • Manav Lakhani At a Paris Cafe (K. Olson)

    A lovely couple were at a cafe in Parisafter enjoying the beautiful sights that were bestowed upon them. They loved the food and kept ordering moreand more just to taste the savory flavor. Finally it came to them that they were going to be late to see more of the sights and so they decided to stop eating and start seeing. After they payed, the couple went hand in hand together down the sidewalk and went to see more attractions.

    Joshua Apuya Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella (French Carol, arr. By E. Rocherolle)

    Michael Malysh When Rivers Flowed on Mars (N. Telfer)


  • Ellie Hanson Sweet Friend (M. Bonis)

    I look out the window as the snowflakes fall gently, creating a softblanket of untouched snow. Its Christmas Eve, and Im waiting for Santa to come. I hear jingle bells, but then realize that they are just from the carolers passing by. After watching and waiting for Santa, I finally fall asleep at the window. In my dreams, I imagine my grandmas tree, with presents stacked all around, and all of the delicious foods and desserts we will have. I wake up, to go to sleep in my bed, and just as I drift off, I swear that I see the silhouette of Santa and his reindeer, and hear a quiet Ho Ho Ho in the distance

    Audrey Lin Milonga (A.Piazzolla)

    The couple danced in the fog, highlighted by the brightness of the full moon above them. Each move was full of passion, and each part spoke its own voice.

    Petya Yordanova On the Lake (H. Hofmann)


    Tanya Otto Pavane pour une infante dfunte (M. Ravel; fragment)

    The river is calmly flowing as the snow lightly touches her. As the snowturns to rain the river rises and rises.More and more the snow melts. She israging mad as the rain falls harder and harder. She is roaring as the rain is beating her.

  • Linus and Lucy (V. Guaraldi)


  • Thank you to all the students for their hard workand making beautiful music!

    Congratulations toJose Von Gerald

    Etta and Jack ThompsonNicole LitmanovichMathilda Hummel

    Mateo Cerriteno-VegaEason Chen

    Ismael Hannachi??Abhinav

    Aditi Nambiar??Eric

    on their recital debut in the studio!

    Thank you to all parents and grandparents for their support!

    AndBig Thank you to Bothell United Methodist Church

    for hosting this recital!

  • Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you!Above Piano Lessons Studio

    www.abovepiano.comtanya.otto@abovepiano.comTanya Otto(206) 617-4222


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