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<ul><li> 1. Presented by Patrix DuffarBerlin, 6th of March 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. Who are we ? Fan Worldwide Limited is a Jersey based hotelbrokerage firm. We specialize in upmarket city and existing hotelstransactions. We are purposely small to better attend to privatebuyers or sellers needs and concerns aboutconfidentiality. We average two to three private hotels deals ayear. I am the senior hotel consultant, financial adviserand partner in the firm. 3. THREE 4 Stars freehold hotels portfolio for sale in: BERLIN, SEVILLA, GRANADAabba is a Spanish based Hotel brand whose assets are owned by its BV holding.abba manages 20 hotels in: Berlin, London, Bratislava, Andorra, Santander,Gijon,Comillas villacarriedo, Bilbao, Formigal, Burgos, Pampola, Huesca, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Sevilla and Granada, Sanluca deBarrameda. 4. abba Grenada Hotel 4* 5. abba Grenada Hotel 4* 6. abba Triana hotel 4*S Sevilla 7. abba Triana hotel 4*S Sevilla 8. abba Berlin Hotel 4* 9. abba Berlin Hotel 4* 10. Exclusive sale options Option #1, with a lease Option #2, vacant possession PURCHASE PROCESS, as laid out 11. Hotel PortfolioOption #1- Lease First option will go to a sale offer with a ten yearslease with abba Based on a yearly flat rent of approx. 4% of the finalsale price abba would retain the management After ten years abba will not extend the lease unlessrequested by the new owner 12. Guide line Price Option#1 The guide line price for option# 1 would be 80M (ornearest offer) Total of 484 rooms Price per room 165 289 Including Fittings, Furniture &amp; Equipment With a 10 year lease 4% (negotiable) of the finalsales price A share sale of each separate BV Holdings owningeach hotel asset only 13. Hotel PortfolioOption#2- Unencombered The three hotel Portfolio without abba Berlin, Seville and Grenada sold together asfreehold and trading rights (business) total of 484 rooms NO lease back by abba hotel Management Share deal sale Vacant possession 14. Guide line PriceOption#2 The guide line price would be 90 M inclusive ofFF&amp;E Nearest offer for the freehold and business (tradingrights) of the three hotels Total of 484 rooms Price per room 185 950 or nearest offer. 15. YT Dec 11 PortfolioConsolidated P&amp;L 10.7M Total revenue 2011 for the three hotels Revpar 46 (room rev only) Goppar 30 (all revenues) 53% cost of sale (of all revenue) 25% F&amp;B to total revenue contribution 46 % GOP (of total revenue) 3.245M NOP 16. HOTEL ABBA BERLIN +SEVILLA + GRANADAPROFIT &amp; LOSS ANALYSISMONTH YEAR 2011YEAR 2010% GROWTHDECEMBER - 2011 MONTHACCUMUL. MONTHACCUMUL.MONTHACCUMUL.INCOMEROOMS 584.263,58 7.518.697,66 489.989,587.213.499,69 19,24% 4,23%FOOD AND BEVERAGE 257.797,40 2.637.155,57 212.823,532.443.127,95 21,13% 7,94%DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS 7.534,0688.796,93-7.012,99 91.907,17 -207,43%-3,38%MEETING AND OTHERS 31.702,49 487.840,9229.034,24439.020,159,19%11,12%TOTAL INCOME881.297,52 10.732.491,07724.834,36 10.187.554,9621,59%5,35% COST OF SALESROOMS 276.540,84 3.038.286,51 263.598,172.809.120,424,91%8,16%FOOD AND BEVERAGE 270.729,95 2.530.278,97 259.543,622.373.009,094,31%6,63%DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS 2.924,3675.874,58-3.420,70 92.581,21 -185,49%-18,05%MEETING AND OTHERS1.474,7364.786,84 -12.167,73 44.466,73 -112,12% 45,70% TOTAL COST OF SALES551.669,88 5.709.226,90 507.553,365.319.177,45 8,69%7,33% PROFITROOMS 307.722,74 4.480.411,15 226.391,414.404.379,57 35,93%1,73%FOOD AND BEVERAGE -12.932,55 106.876,59 -46.720,09 70.118,86-72,32% 52,42%DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS 4.609,7012.922,34-3.592,29 -674,04 -228,32%-2017,16%MEETING AND OTHERS 30.227,76 423.054,0841.201,97394.553,42-26,64%7,22% TOTAL PROFIT PER DEPARMENT 329.627,64 5.023.264,17 217.281,004.868.377,8151,71%3,18%OTHER EXPENSESADMINISTRATION 26.792,00453.973,09 27.095,47 458.253,45-1,12%-0,93%MARKETING43.514,31380.164,29 46.669,14 409.330,35-6,76%-7,13%ENERGY 45.575,24702.740,10 43.949,12 587.821,96 3,70%19,55%REPAIRS-MAINTENANCE43.892,86411.061,68 43.449,67 412.606,59 1,02%-0,37% TOTAL OTHER EXPENSES 159.774,40 1.947.939,15 161.163,401.868.012,35 -0,86% 4,28% PROFIT MARGIN169.853,24 3.075.325,0256.117,603.000.365,46202,67% 2,50% % MARGIN19,27% 28,65%7,74%29,45%BUILDING RENTSOPENING EXPENSES OPERATING PROFIT 169.853,24 3.075.325,0256.117,603.000.365,46202,67% 2,50% 17. A 5 Step Process Step #1, Letter of Intent (LOI) Step #2, Qualification Step #3, Exclusivity &amp; HOT Step #4, Evaluation Step #5, Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) 18. Processstep#1: LOI A Letter Of Intent (LOI) is required on letter head from theultimate and potential buyer Addressed by email attachment to the owners of the abba 3hotels Portfolio c/o Fan-worldwide Limited patrixduffar@fan-worldwide-limited.comContaining The offered acquisition price The due diligence time frame required The non refundable deposit offered against an exclusivityperiod required The proof of funds or a bank comfort letter duly attached 19. Processstep#2: Qualification By March 15th 2012 the seller will review the LOIsreceived Qualification of the one nearest to the asking price Confirmation whether your LOI is retained or not Signature between seller and buyer of aconfidentiality contract drafted by the sellersrepresentatives 20. step#3: Exclusivity &amp; HOT Limited access to the data rooms will be granted tothe selected buyer The buyers lawyer will draft the HOT (Head of Terms)(or MOU) in co-operation with the sellers lawyer A deposit will be required in exchange for theexclusivity period to be granted Signature of the HOT between buyer and seller willtake place and the non refundable deposit will bepaid at same time 21. Processstep#4: Evaluation A full due diligence is carried out for each holdingcompany owning theses assets, within the Heads ofTerms agreed and the exclusivity granted to thebuyer by the seller In the mean time the sellers lawyer in co-operationwith the buyers lawyer drafts the SPA ( Sale andPurchase Agreement) 22. Process step#5: SPA The Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)draft isfinalised It is to be accepted and signed by both parties(unless otherwise agreed) as per the Heads of Termsor the expiration date of the the exclusivity period The signature will take place at the sellers lawyersoffice Full payment of the agreed purchase price of thetransfer of shares of the holdings and all fees mustbe executed on the same day and time than thesignature of the SPA 23. Total Built Up Area (sqm)of the Portfolio abba Berlin 12 236 sqm abba Seville 9 159 sqm abba Granada 8 540 sqm = Total for the three hotels 29 935 sqmOr 2 673 per sqm 24. Total Built Up Area (sqm)of the Portfolio 214 rooms in Berlin 136 rooms in Granada 137 rooms in Seville Average Room area: 25 27 sqm In Berlin we have G+7 and G-1 In Seville we have G+4 and G-2 In Granada we have G+9 and G-1 25. abba Berlin Vertical Plan 26. abba Berlin Areasfloorsuse built surfacePlanta 7 24 rooms1 121,44Planta 6 32 rooms1 273,14Planta 5 32 rooms1 273,14Planta 4 32 rooms1 273,14Planta 3 32 rooms1 273,14Planta 2 32 rooms1 273,14Planta 1 32 rooms1 240,80 meeting lounges 480 m2 restaurant 256 m2Planta baja restaurant - hall- meeting lounges- hotel systems 1 923,95 reception bar 376 m2Planta semistanoparking- hotel systems 1 674,38 23 parking spaces.TOTAL12 326,27 27. abba Sevilla Vertical Plan 28. abba Sevilla Areasfloorsusesbuilt surface top floor8 rooms, building systems438,80 m2.326 rooms 1.061,27 m2.241 rooms 1.430,66 m2.141 rooms 1.430,66 m2. baja 21 rooms, hall-bar, reception, hotel systems 1.430,66 m2.meeting lounges: 363 m2 restaurant: 152semistano restaurant-lounges, building systems1.651,27 m2.m2stano parking, building systems 1.716,32 m2. 44 parking spacesTOTALES HOTEL9.159,64 m2. 29. abba Granada VerticalPlan 30. abba Granada Areas FLOORUSE BUILT SURFACE 2 roof building systems 57,78 m 298 rooms 310,77 m 288 rooms 310,77 m 278 rooms 310,77 m 268 rooms 310,77 m 258 rooms 310,77 m 248 rooms 310,77 m 238 rooms 570,39 m 22 37 rooms 1.475,38 m 21 41 rooms 1.558,42 m 2 bajabar-restaur.-lounges 1.420,53 m meeting lounges 418m2 restaurant 250m2 bar: 185m2hall reception hall 567 m2 2semistanogarage-hotel systems1.593,78 m garage 550 m2 41 parking spaces 2TOTALESHOTEL8.540,90 m</p>