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  • Abasyn Transport by Heavy Trucks L.L.C



    Office:F-01 and F-28

    ToufiqY building, Ras Al Khor, Dubai


  • Introduction

    Our Clients

    Trade License

    Main Project & Other Key Projects

    Safety Policy

    Quality Control

    Company Facilities

    Location Map

  • INTRODUCTION Abasyn Transport and Contracting works since 2014, specializes in the field of infrastructural construction and material transport. Our main goal is to ensure customers satisfaction through safety, quality and timely completion of projects, the company is dealing with more than 30 clients. The company implements strict quality management systems (QMS) and HSE policies in the day-to-day activities. The company has achieved a sizeable growth in a short period of 5 years just because of qualified, trained and competent the management conducts weekly/biweekly meetings for the following.

  • Our Transport Activities: Earthwork excavation and sand shifting. Supply of aggregates, subbase, Road base, Wet mix Rubbish transport Gravel / Aggregate transport Stone / Rock transport of all sizes

    Our infrastructural Construction Activities: Site clearance, grading, cutting, filling, and back filling works.

    Deep services (Drainage and Sewerage works)

    Potable water works.

    Irrigation and firefighting works.

    Street lighting work.

  • Gas and Security works. Road works (Subgrade, subbase, road base / wet mix, Asphalt base course and wearing course, laying of paver blocks and kern stones. Construction of Pump Station, substation and pocket substation. Pile breaking trimming and treatment Shoring and dewatering Excavation of trenches, pits and bulk excavation. Nondestructive Road crossing.


    Project: Dubai Water Canal– Package 5 R999/5 Dubai Water Canal– Completion of Business

    Bay works Employer: Road and Transports Authority (RTA)

    Engineer: Parsons– Halcrow Contractor: Belhassa Six Construct LLC

    Scope of work: Excavation and Transporting Materials (1,000,000 cubic meter) from bunds 2,3,5 and Safa Park

    to dumping site at Jumeirah.

    AbasynTransportLLC,105Toufiq Ybuilding, RasulKhor, POB:410824,Dubai 5

  • Other Key Projects

    Current Projects

    S.No. Projects Client Location

    1 Dubai Water canal-Pakage5 R999/5 Belhassa Six Construct LLC Business Bay

    2 Rout 2020 Metro Rail Project Expolink consortium Jabal Ali

    3 Ghantoot Mall Ghantoot Gulf Contracting Jumaira 3

    4 Bellevue Towers (B+G+2P+22/23 Story) Residential Complex SEIDCO Burj Khalifa Dubai

    5 Emaar(MBR-DUBI HILL ESTATE)-ACACIA 2 Al Faraa General Contracting Park Heights (PA 17(17.003))-Dubai

    6 Construction of Belgravia 3(G+P+4+Roof) Reem Capital Contracting LLC Jumaira village (JVC)

    7 Improvement Of Al AWIR Road & International City Accesses R1005/1,UAE Afcon Construction Mideast LLC International City

    8 The Aquila School Building on Plot No:648-9184 Intermass Engineering & Construction LLC Wadi Al Safa -5, Dubai

    9 G+5P+14+HC Deluxe Hotel Apartment,on( Plot No:326-1674) Al Shram Contracting LLC Aljadaff Dubai

    10 Palm Hotel Project B+G+10+Roof+Upper-Roof Atcon Construction LLC Palm Jumaira

    11 007,JVC13J HRS AL Hamad International Cont. LLC Jumaira village (JVC)

    12 Construction of Belgravia 3(G+P+4+Roof)on Plot N0:JVC15EMRP200 Reem Capital Contracting LLC Jumaira village (JVC)

    13 B+G+38 Floor(Plot No:3460255)Multi-Story Car Park (Plot No:3460253) United Engineering const.(UNEC)LLC Business Bay Dubai

    14 R-1081 Ras Al Khor Residential zones 2&3 on Plot 614-283 Al Arif Contracting Co. LLC Ras Al Khor Dubai

    15 Proposed 1B+G+22 Typical Floor Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Mohammad Al Mazroori

    National Pilling(NPC) Jumaira village (JVC)

    16 R 1085 5 Star Hotel La Mer (Development) Cosmos Piling LLC Jumaira First Dubai

    17 G+4P+14Typical+Roof Commercial & Residential Building on Plot No:JVC17TCP004B Becon Construction Jumaira village (JVC)

    18 B+G+1+Gym Private Villa Plot No:6150561 Al Shram Contracting Nadd Al Shiba Second,Dubai

    19 Park Inn Hotel B+G+4P+25 Floors + Roof Acton Construction LLC JVT 03HHRA001

    20 Proposed Building B+P+G+7 Cosmos Piling LLC Wadhi Al Safa,Dubai

    21 G+7 Residential Building Plot No:IC3-E3639 Sun Engineering Contracting Co. LLC Warsan Fourth

    (624-1087) Dubai

    22 Silver Tower (B+G+4F+Roof) Atcon Construction LLC Jumaira village (JVC)

    23 The One Hotel Plot No:346-152 Stromek Emirates Foundations LLC Business Bay Dubai

    24 Dubai Creek Harbour Development -Marine Works Phase-I Overseas AST Company LLC Ras Al Khor Dubai

    25 R1080 - Ras Al Khor Phase 1 Plot No:614-283 Stromek Emirates Foundations LLC Ras Al Khor Dubai

    26 Construction Of Belgravavia 3 (G+P+3+Roof) Reem Capital Contracting LLC Plot No:JVC15EMRP500,Jumaira Village Circle, Dubai

    27 Proposed 2B+G+6Typ+Gym Buildinng Plot No:373-434 Stromek Emirates Foundations LLC Al Barsha First in Dubai

    28 Amina Residence -II Building(G+4P+15Typpical+Roof) Cast Construction LLC Plot# JVC 17TCP002B,Jumaira Village Circle

    29 Basement +G+7+ Type for Mohammed Awad Mohammed Al Manhali(IC3-G-30) AL Hamad International Cont. LLC Al Warsan 4 Dubai

    30 Residential Building (B+G+4+Roof) Plot No:JVC 10CMRA006 Atlas Foundations Co. LLC Albarsha South Four, Dubai

    31 Dubai Creek Harbour Development -Marine Works Phase-I Overseas AST Company LLC Ras Al Khor Dubai

    32 Proposed 132/11kv Rashid Port Substation Plot No:MRSSS13201 National Pilling(NPC) Mina Rashid Dubai

    33 Damac Hill -Ventura 2B+G+1P+27 Floors + Office + Residential Tower Plot No:676-5409 National Pilling(NPC) Hbiah Third Dubai

    34 Proposed 5 Villas & Ancillary Buildings ALPA Precision Contracting LLC Al Safouh

    35 Jabal Ali Power Station K-3(Earth Work)(DF Energy) Tanveer Ahmed Road Contracting LLC Jabal Ali

    36 Proposed Residential Buildings on Plot No:8884631,8884633,8884634,8884635,8884643,8884645 Progress Construction Maidan

    37 Proposed Residential Buildings on Plot No:8884632,8884642,8884644 Progress Construction Maidan

    38 Dubai Water Canal Development-Safa-A Mixed Use Development on Plot No:1,(343 5338)and Plot 2,(343 5336) Dutch Foundation & Concrete Pross.Co.LLC Dubai

    39 Enabling Works-Proposed Park Height I, II & Commercial Plot No:6311119 Dutch Foundation & Concrete Pross.Co.LLC MBR-DHE, DUBAI

    40 Proposed Residential Project - 7 Towers Plot No:IMPZ.H.06-H.12 Gulf Asia contracting Co. LLC Dubai Production City

    S.N Project Client Location

    1 Komatsu Ware house and Training Centre

    Mc Laren Group Expo Jafza, Dubai

    2 Expo 2020 AL Wasl Tunnel and parcel G

    Al Futtaim Carillion LLC

    Expo site Dubai

    3 Jafza Pipe Repairing including Sheet piling HLG

    HLG Jafza Dubai

    4 Expo 2020 Al Wasl Plaza Laing O’ Rourke Expo 2020 site Dubai

    5 Al-Mutina Tower construction Global Dewatering Daira Al Ashram

    6 Creek Harbour AST Ras al khor, Dubai

    7 Labour camp Al Naumi Jabal Ali Ind.

    8 Damac properties Al Arif Al Qudra

    9 Al Zahra Al Zahra Jabalali Gate 4

    10 Expolink zone 6 Dutch foundations Jabal Ali

    11 Commercial Buildiing Dutch foundation Safa Park

    12 Residential Building Tiger contracting Al Nahda, Dubai

    13 Labour Accommodation Al-Qandeel Jabal Ali

    14 Expo 2020 Expo China State Jabal Ali


    The primary objective of Abasyn is to ensure safety for working personnel, visitors, passersby on construction sites right from inception to completion of

    the project. The primary responsibility of safety is shouldered by the safety officer and

    overall responsibility is by the site manager / Project Manager deployed on site for working hours.

    Safety on site is achieved through safety induction, effective implementation of PPE on site, organizing periodic safety awareness programs and conducting

    safety training, through regular calibration and inspection of plants and equipment, through risk assessments for every activity and safety audits. The primary objective of this Safety instruction is to minimize injuries and

    losses on construction site. The Management will designate Safety officer to Plan, Coordinate and Control

    accident prevention activities during execution of the work. The safety officer identifies weak areas that may lead to near miss, minor and

    major accidents.


    Implement strict quality assurance procedures at all levels to ensure compliance with project specifications, GCC authorities and international standards and

    adhering to quality management. Systems (QMS) such as ISO9001-2015.

    Acquire material from reputed manufactures/suppliers with required levels of quality along with test and warranty certificates.

    Employ highly qualified/skilled and competent employees, motivate and train them continuously to ensure adequate knowledge and competence.

    Arrange biweekly quality meetings and rewarding the better performers. Getting feedback and sorting out site quality issues.

    Periodic calibration of plants and machineries. Arrange monthly quality audits.

    Overall quality is achieved through continual improvement.


    Human Resources Management 5

    Civil Engineers 15


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