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A3 Angels, the entrepreneurial club of EPFL alumni http://wwww.epfl/a3/angels


<ul><li> 1. Who are A3 Angels ?28.03.2009 Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 15 </li></ul> <p> 2. Who are A3 Angels ? MembersA3 Senior AngelA3 Micro Angel Profile&lt; 20 Successful&gt;30 members entrepreneurs 40+ years old Senior managers Active professionals&gt; active or retired Contribution Mentoring &gt; 20 CHF x 3 yearIndividualpooled seedinvestmentsReserve employees&gt; 50KCHF Active businessSweatdevelopment network Motivation Mentoring Sharing expertiseRelationships Long-term money TechnologiesEntrepreneurs interest Interest in region Interest in technology28.03.2009Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch16 3. Contribute pieces to the coaching and financing programs28.03.2009 Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 18 4. A3 Angels decision process NoBusiness25 Yes15planScreening A3 officePresentation 2nd WedBusinessplan No Due YesNo AdviseScreeningdiligence Yes Individual Yesdecision 5 5Yes Report Vote Term sheetMentoring( objective 2009-10)&gt; 500000No 28.03.2009Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch19 5. A3 Angels decision processScientific board PartnersEntrepreneur Employees Team RegulationsCompetition Technology ICT, web MedTech, biotechContext Economy CleanTech, environment Nano, Microtech Energy InvestmentOpportunityStructure Price Market Customers TimingBusiness model Source : William Sahlman, Harvard Business School 28.03.2009Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 20 6. 100 good questions1. Business model ? 2. Why would customers buy ? 3. Are gross margins sufficient ? 4. Market size ? 5. Key challenges ? 6. Unique points : cost, technology, productfeatures, marketing, financing, team 7. Key bets ? Source : The start-up process, HBS, case 394-067 John van Slyke et al. 28.03.2009Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 21 7. A3 Angels mentors : early-stage focus ProductCustomerCustomer developmentacquisition developmentMarket research Value proposalField operationsStandardsCompetitive position Customer service Engineering talentLead generationCustomer satisfaction Alpha, Beta, GA Pipeline Lifetime valueQA Sales &amp; channels Team buildingFinance &amp; AdminInterview Business modelsRecruit ControlsManage FinancingCompensate Plans and budgetsEvaluateCash managementDevelop Monitor and reportIntegrateProspective Source : Valhalla Partners 28.03.2009Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch22 8. A3 Angels mentors : work with CTI coaches&gt; 40 CTI professional coacheswith entrepreneurial experience Check EvaluationCoaching Arms length CTI High-Tech? Market Business plancoaching Innovative? Technology B-Development Contracts In right area? Management Training Funding AdviseAdvise Support Mentor A3 Idea Idea Seed funding Business Business Business Network Network3 weeks4-6 weeks6-18 months &gt;24 mo. A3 volunteer mentors withprofessional experience Source : CTI + A328.03.2009Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch23 9. How did we start A3 Angels at EPFL ?28.03.2009 Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 24 10. Project history June 6, 2008 : proposal during A3 alumni event August September : market research A3 , startups, CH, UK &amp; USA. Encouragements from EPFL, CTI, IMD, PSE. November 12, 2008 : project approved by A3 GA December 17, 2008 : 1st monthly meeting January-March 2009 : ~ 60 A3 attendees, 9 start-ups June 5, 2009 : group meeting Lemoptix28.03.2009 Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 25 11. A3 Angels and EPFL collaboration Source : Prof. Jean Micol, MoT A3 Angels members and EPFLstudents support each other28.03.2009 Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 29 12. A3 Angels calendar Monthly A3 Angels dinner Target 2009 &gt;1MF &gt; 5 start-ups PhD alumni 0% interest loans by A3 foundation Monthly meeting Mentoring brokering lunch Advisory committee Annual Alumni day Young entrepreneurial alumni award A3 Angels training Launched November 2008 28.03.2009 Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 30 13. How can we finance projects ?28.03.2009 Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 31 14. A3 Angels investment and mentoring valueFunding Financing Know-How NetworkIndustryResearchEPFL grantsA3 Angels +other AngelsCTI start-up,+coachingentrepreneurship +seed fundingPolytech Ventures+ network + investmentSource : PSE - 10-30 + 3 (years) 28.03.2009Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch32 15. Lets team-up to win together28.03.2009 Photo credit: Th.Martinez, Alinghi Claude Florin (EL82) claude.florin@a3.epfl.ch 48 </p>