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about a family going on a trip to sea world in paris


<ul><li><p>One hot summer day the Johnson family decided to take a voyager to Paris. The kids Billy and Kasie were so excited. That same day the Johnsons went to go pick up tante Rosa and set off on a flight to Paris</p></li><li><p>Once they arrived Billy and Kasie asked if they could go visit Grand-pre and Grand-mre. Mre and Pre said oui , so on their way they went</p></li><li><p>Grand-mre and Grand-pre was so excited to see everyone. Then Grand-mre Beatrice came up with a brillant idea to go to Sea World. Everyone was elated. Billy and Kasies faces filled with amazment and excitment when they arrived at Sea World</p></li><li><p>The first thing the Johnson family went to see was the dauphins. The dauphins did plenty of flips and tricks everyone was amazed!</p></li><li><p>After they watched the dauphins they went to see a requin, Billy liked the big poisson, but Kasie didnt like it so much</p></li><li><p>Next, they went to a ride called The Requin Adventure . It was a ride where you go down a slide with a clear tube and you are surrounded by sharks. Grandmere and Grandpere didnt go because they were too scared . </p></li><li><p>After they rode The Requin Adventure, they went to the caf to eat lunch. They all ate the pouple, and it was delicious </p></li><li><p>After a long , fun jour at Sea World in Paris, the Johnson Family went back to Grandmere and Grandperes masion to enjoy the rest of their time in Paris </p></li><li><p>By: Kendall Bledsoe, Syerriah Rosenbalm, Parker Deck, Taylor Spencer, Zenobia Pool</p></li></ul>