a presentation by drew sherman and devon hickey  before we begin we would like to...

Download A presentation by Drew Sherman and Devon Hickey  Before we begin we would like to say what you will witness  The history of the steam engine.  James

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  • A presentation by Drew Sherman and Devon Hickey

  • Before we begin we would like to say what you will witnessThe history of the steam engine.James Watts financial success through the steam engine.Where steam engines are now.How steam could affect the future.

  • In our current unit we have been learning about the industrial revolution.We have also heard of the steam engine but why is the steam engine so important?Well to understand this you need to understand the history of the steam engine.

  • Ancient Greece was the home of scientific discovery and experimentation.

    A few Greek inventions were the hula hoop and the concept of buoyancy

  • An ancient Greek Inventor, Heron or Hero created the first invention involving steam.

    The Aeolipile

  • In the next 1500 years no advancements in steam technology were made.

    This does not mean steam was not experimented with but there were no Significant discoveries.

  • Now we return to the revolution.

    The time of the steam engine has come.

  • Thomas Savery was born in IrelandHe lived a privileged life and eventually joined the army.

  • Savery created a device known as the Miners Friend.Though not technically an engine it performed it one job exquisitely well.

  • Newcomen Improved upon Saverys invention by reintroducing pistons.This was the first steam engine.

  • James Watt was born in Greenock Scotland in 1736.He married twice and had a total of seven children with four reaching adulthood.

  • James Watt was once called on to repair a Newcomen steam engine.Watt saw ways to improve upon Newcomen's steam engine. He then decidedto create his ownversion of the steamengine.

  • To create his own model Watt needed money and he was by no means wealthy.He needed to find a successful patron so he decided to go to his old friend John Roebuck. Though this partnership did not last long.

  • Now that Roebuck was Bankrupt, Watt decided to head to England to meet a man name Matthew Boulton.Boulton decided to join Watt and together they made a company known as Boulton and Watt. Selling Watts steam engines

  • In 1781 Watt once again improved upon his engine creating a rotary styled engine. This engine could power more machines at one time.It also had a pressure gauge which was a terrific feature as it warned the workers if the steam engine was about to explode.

  • Watt and Boulton sold one of the first new engines to Richard Arkwright.Parliament then established a patent on their engine.For the next twenty five years they had a monopoly on the steam industry and grew very rich.

  • Thanks to Watt, steam engines were every where.They provided many advantages.They also allowed for the first automobiles and steamboats.They would also bring an invention that would revolutionize the U.S., the locomotive.

  • The first automobile was invented by a French engineer named Nicholas Cugnot.Though the steam engine was used to power it, it would not prove so useful in the end.

  • The steam engine would eventually become obsolete to the gasoline engine.An English inventor by the name of Samuel Brown created the first truly functioning gasoline engine.

  • They were more powerfulAt the time they had a more powerful fuel source.Though ironically Brown designed his engine from the original steam engine of Thomas Newcomen.

  • Its true steam engines may seem obsolete in todays society but some still remain.Steam engines today are used to power small operations and simple appliances.They are powered by nearly any form of material that can provided a heat source.

  • Steam engines have a possible place in the future because they can use many fuel supplies they could also use solar energy.They also could be made to use silicon as a fuel source which would let off a CO2 free exhaust.

  • It took many Inventors and lots time to bring the steam engine to perfection.Gasoline engines were eventually used instead of steam.Steam engines are now more or less obsoleteThough steam engines could be possibly be more common in the near future.

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