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A Perfected Art:. Church Polyphony in the Late Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. Josquin des Prez (ca. 1450–1521 ). “Master of the notes: They must do as he wills” Martin Luther - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


A Perfected Art:

A Perfected Art:Church Polyphony in the Late Fifteenth and Sixteenth CenturiesJosquin des Prez(ca. 14501521)Master of the notes: They must do as he wills Martin LutherCreator of the Ars perfecta to which nothing can be added, after which nothing but decline is to be expectedHenricus Glareanus (14881563)

HumanismRenewed interest in the study of Ancient textsMusic as a branch of poetic eloquence

Dodecachordon(1547)GlareanusRecognition of four additional modesIonian, HypoionianAeolian, Hypoaeolian

Josquins CareerFrom 1475: chapel choir of Ren, King of Sicily and Duke of Anjou, in Aix-en-Provence1489: papal choir in Rome1502: music director for Duke Ercole dEste, in FerraraMissa Hercules Dux FerrariaeSoggetto cavato dalle vocali (theme carved out of vowels)

A Model MasterpieceJosquins Ave maria [Anthology 1-47]Words and melody from the Annunciation sequenceEqual-voice polyphonic settingDeclamation, syntax, and semanticImitationsLudwig Senfl (ca. 14861543), Ave Maria Virgo serena Antoine de Fvin (ca. 14701512), Mass on Ave Maria Virgo serena Imitation MassJosquin, Benedicta es, coelorum [Anthology 1-48]Six-voice motet based on chant sequence for the Feast of the Annunciation of the VirginCantus firmus writing

All Is KnownArs perfectaLe istitutioni harmoniche (1558)Gioseffo Zarlino (15171590)Triad as harmonia perfetta (The Perfect Harmony)

The Post-Josquin GenerationJacobus Clemens (15101556) Clemens non papaSouterliedekens 150 Psalms paraphrased into Dutch verseMetrical psalmscontrafactumThe Post-Josquin GenerationAdrain Willaert (14901562)Benedicta es, coelorum regina (published 1545)[Anthology 1-50]MotetThe New Instrumental Musicricercare Cori spezzati (split choirs)Palestrina and the Ecumenical TraditionGionvanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (15251594)Worked in papal service under 11 successive popes104 complete settings of the OrdinaryApproximately 400 motetsVesper hymns and a complete cycle of Mass OffertoriesTwo books of madrigalsPalestrinas Missa Papae MarcelliFrom second book of Masses (published 1567)[Anthology 1-51a,b,c]Council of TrentPalestrinas Tui sunt coeli [Anthology 1-52]From the book of Offertories (published 1594)Stairway to Parnassusstile antico old styleGradus as Parnassum (1725)Johann Joseph Fux (16601741)Music theory treatise derived from Palestrinas styleAlternatives to PerfectionHenry VIIIAnglican MusicChurch of EnglandJohn Taverner (14901545)Thomas Tallis (15051585)

The Recusant William Byrd(15431623)

Catholic serving in the chapel royalCantiones quae ab argumento sacrae vocanturPublished jointly with Tallis (1575)Motets

The Recusant William Byrd(15431623)

Settings of forbidden liturgical textsMass Ordinary settingsAgnus Dei from Mass in Four Parts [Anthology 1-53a]Agnus Dei from Mass in Five Parts [Anthology 1-53b]

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