A Look at the Unique Features Available with GE Refrigerators

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<p>A Look at the Unique Features Available with GE Refrigerators</p> <p>A Look at the Unique Features Available with GE Refrigerators</p> <p>When shopping for appliances at a furniture store, Scarborough home owners will notice that theres a large variety of makes and models available from a variety of different brands, all of which come with their own unique features. GE, or General Electric, is a well-known brand name that offers everything from fridges and freezers to ranges, dishwashers and more.</p> <p>What makes GE the brand of choice for many consumers is that some of their models are available with a couple of unique features that can make it easier, more cost-effective and even enjoyable to get things done at home. Lets have a closer look at the features available with GE refrigerators:</p> <p>Energy Saver Switch: If saving on your household energy bills is your goal, the GE Energy-Saver Switch is a great option for those shopping for a new refrigerator. This automatic moisture control setting allows you to turn heaters off, which is a great option when you consider that the refrigerator is one of the largest consumers of energy in a home.</p> <p>Quiet Refrigerators: If your family likes to congregate in the kitchen, choosing a GE refrigerator allows you to enjoy conversations around the dinner table without hearing the hum of the refrigerators motor. Over the years, GE has refined the design of their refrigerators so that every model runs quietly.</p> <p>Hot Water Dispensers: If you loved when refrigerator manufacturers came out with water dispensers, you will love the GE refrigerators that come equipped with dispensers that allow you to choose either cold or hot water. In fact, you can select the temperature of your water or choose from one of the 4 pre-set temperatures.</p> <p>Add this hot water dispensing option to the auto-fill or precise fill functions that are also available in the line of refrigerators and GE has you covered for all your water dispensing needs. It doesnt get much more convenient than that!</p> <p>FrostGuard: Dont you hate it when your favourite ice cream or the expensive meat you purchased for a special occasion winds up freezer burned? Stop freezer burn before it starts! GEs FrostGuard technology keeps track of how often the freezer door is opened and reduces defrosting to a minimum.</p> <p>If youre looking to buy GE appliances or models from any other brand, stop in to your local Leons. We carry a wide variety of appliances from GE and other top brand names, so finding the fridge, stove, dishwasher or any other appliance you need with the features and functions that you desire is a breeze.</p> <p>Visit our store or check out our selection online. Still not sure which refrigerator or other kitchen appliance is right for you? Our team of experts are ready and waiting to assist you!</p>