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  • 1. A GLIMPSE INTO EUROPEMaiya,Lacie,kaitlin,annie

2. GERMANYBrandenburg Gate in Berlin, GermanyFlag 10% and map 90% 3. GERMANY FACTSIf you are in Florida and want to go to Germany you haveTo fly a long way. 4. ROMEThis is the coliseum 5. COLISEUM FACTSRome has coliseumThe coliseum is famousI love the coliseum! 6. PARIS Arc de triomphe and eiffel tower night and day on both 7. FACTS Paris has more than one special thing so if you go thereyou will see more than I showed you so maby you will gothere and see more stuff you will love it there I can promise 8. GERMANY


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