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A glimpse into Magazines

A glimpse into Magazines

Introduction to Magazines Magazines? What are they? What comes to your mind hearing the word magazines?Well, magazines are periodical publications containing articles and illustrations often on a particular subject aimed at a particular readership There are many types of magazines such as:-Business Magazines-Literary MagazinesPulp Magazines

History of Magazines Erbauliche Monaths Unterredugan is the first ever example of magazines. It was a literary and philosophy magazine launched in 1663 in Germany.The first general interest magazine was published in London in 1731 known as The Gentlemans Magazine.The first illustrated magazine was found in 1842 called The Illustrated London News.

The distribution and progress of magazinesThe tactic adopted for the distribution of magazines was through : -mail , -through sales bynewsstands ,bookstores, or other vendors-free distribution at selected pick-up locations.

Subscribed MagazinesThesubscribed magazines for distribution fall into three main categoriesPaid circulation refers to the magazines being sold to the readers for a price or by subscription where an annual fee or a monthly price is paid and issues are sent by post to readers. It also allowed for defined readership statistics Non Paid Circulation meant that the magazine had no cover price such as airline inflight magazines and were issued to the general publicControlled Circulation referred to magazines being distributed only to qualified readers often for free.

Impact of magazines on the society Magazines seem like a simple distraction from the noise of everyday life. However, they greatly affect the society in a number of ways.one of the most common effects that magazines have is their impact on how people view their bodies, especially women.They extraordinarily transform an individuals political viewsAdvertising in magazines has an effect on what people buy. Magazines are unique in that the feature stories are often more informative and in depth than a newspaper article. They're also cheaper than a lengthy book.