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  • ------- A Conversation with Audrey Hepburn: Brett Weber: Ms. Hepburn, I don't think Sarah McLachlan could have possibly known about the discovery of Abraham Lincoln's poem "The Suicide's Soliloquy" in 1997 when she released her hit single "Building A Mystery," but I literally just stumbled across Lincoln's poem while listening to her song's lyrics today ??? Sarah mentions a suicide poem in her song! Audrey Hepburn: And, that surprises you ??? Brett Weber: Well, yes actually, it does ??? I mean I was just reading about Abe's poem now as the music was playing ??? * Brett looks at Audrey a little bewildered. * Brett Weber: Apparently, Abe's suicide poem was found in the August 25, 1838 issue of the Sangamo Journal of Springfield, Illinois by Richard Lawrence Miller... but Richard discovered the poem in 1997. The same year Sarah McLachlan released her hit single ??? Isn't that just weird ???



    Audrey Hepburn: But, Abraham Lincoln did not commit suicide, Sir Brett. He went on to carry out God's purpose for his life, even if he was at times depressed about that purpose, or lost site of his purpose all together. He was more than a hit single! I do not think your coincidence is weird at all.

    * Brett casts another bewildered stare at Audrey. *

    Brett Weber: Clearly.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AFDHia51Do&feature=related Audrey Hepburn: Sir Brett, the angels are God's messengers. Brett Weber: They are ??? Audrey Hepburn: They bring God's inspiration to the prophets. Brett Weber: They do ??? Audrey Hepburn: You were just touched by an angel. Brett Weber: I was ??? Audrey Hepburn: Yes, and she is probably still close by... * Audrey pushes her shoulder up against Sir Brett. *

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    Brett Weber: Well, I don't know about that, Ms. Hepburn... Audrey Hepburn: You don't ??? Brett Weber: Well no, actually I don't, but Sarah McLachlan's song "Building A Mystery" was the last song I e-mailed to everyone in my address book this week... Audrey Hepburn: Yes, it was. Brett Weber: ...in regard to that sad African Grey Parrot burglary. Eight African Grey Parrots were apparently stolen from that woman in Connecticut, Ms. Hepburn. On the same day that her father passed away! That is really sad...

  • Audrey Hepburn: Hm. * Audrey sighs a little, puzzled over Sir Brett's lack of returned affection. * Brett Weber: Some of the birds separated had been life long partners too. Audrey Hepburn: One day, they will all be together again, Sir Brett. Brett Weber: Yeah right, in Heaven maybe! * Brett scoffs. * Audrey Hepburn: Who is that with you, Sir Brett ??? Brett Weber: What ??? Who ??? Oh... I don't know.. Audrey Hepburn: You know. Brett Weber: Hey, oh my goodness... it's "Chief" Audrey! My old African Grey Parrot ???

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    Chief: Hello. * Brett smiles and laughs. * Brett Weber: What the heck ??? Audrey Hepburn: Chief really likes you, Sir Brett. Brett Weber: Well, she is a pretty bird... like you Ms. Hepburn. * Brett hides a half-way smile, and softens a bit. * Chief: Pretty bird... Pretty bird... cluck, cluck, cluck.

  • Brett Weber: Chatty thing too... * ...gazing at Audrey. * Audrey Hepburn: She enjoys your company. Brett Weber: What is she doing here, Ms. Hepburn ??? My family and I had to find a new home for Chief, and her bad influence "Gabe" ...our other African Grey Parrot, years ago because of my declining health. My multiple sclerosis was making a complete mess of my life, and I could no longer clean their huge cage, or maintain for their care anymore. I am delighted to see her again, though... She looks good! Why is she here, Ms. Hepburn ??? Audrey Hepburn: I do not know why she is here, Sir Brett. This is your dream... Brett Weber: Dream ??? Oh right... Audrey Hepburn: ...but Chief does seem to be a very wise lady bird ??? Perhaps, God wants to compare her to Abraham Lincoln... the Commander in Chief. * Audrey giggles as Chief nibble on her finger tip. * Brett Weber: Oops... * Chief takes flight around the room. *

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkOQPovPU2A Audrey Hepburn: Is that how you win the hearts of your ladies birds, Sir Brett ??? Through your kindness and gentleness to animals ??? Brett Weber: Hm. Oh, um what ??? I am... sorry... Come back here Chief! Audrey Hepburn: Never mind her. Leave her go. Brett Weber: Where did she go ??? * Brett walks around the room looking for Chief, but eventually gives up and sits down next to Audrey. * Audrey Hepburn: Your other lady bird friend... Sarah McLachlan... She parrots Abe's poem in that song you say?

  • Brett Weber: Well yes, not verbatim, but yes. She does mention a suicide poem, and strangely, I do wear sandals in the snow ??? For many, many years now, because they are easier to take on and off than my boots. Well, when I was still able to take sandals and boots on and off by myself, anyway ??? It is still easier for my mom and dad who help me though... My feet never touch the snow... being in a powerchair, ya see ??? Audrey Hepburn: Yes, your life in a powerchair, Sir Brett. Brett Weber: Very humbling, but I don't need it here, Ms. Hepburn! Audrey Hepburn: No, you don't. Brett Weber: Why is that ??? Audrey Hepburn: Because in your dreams you are as free as Chief, Sir Brett. Brett Weber: My dreams ??? Audrey Hepburn: Reading your signs will become easier for you. Brett Weber: What ??? Um. * Audrey smiles. * Audrey Hepburn: Abraham Lincoln brought freedom to others, Sir Brett. Brett Weber: Well, yes... he did. Audrey Hepburn: That is what prophets do, Sir Brett. * Ignoring Audrey's comment. * Brett Weber: Anyhow, I have been reading about Abraham Lincoln this week, Ms. Hepburn... Since hearing Harold Holzer speak at the Heritage Museum here in Allentown, Pa. Harold is one of the most eminent Lincoln scholars in the world. * Brett stares at the floor. * Brett Weber: He was very interesting!!!!!!! Audrey Hepburn: Of course he was. * Audrey smiles again. * Brett Weber: This is not original Lincoln, but perhaps I can parrot some of Abe's

  • often parroted words to you ??? * Brett looks up at Audrey. * Brett Weber: Okay ??? Audrey Hepburn: By all means, parrot them to me, Sir Brett! * Chief lands on Audrey's hand. * Brett Weber: Surely, we must all do our best to obey ''the better angels of our nature." * Audrey raises one eyebrow at Brett. * Audrey Hepburn: In deed, we all must, Sir Brett. * Audrey kisses Chief on the beak. *

  • v=ZyLx0qc_gKc&feature=related Brett Weber: Lincoln said those words at some point ??? I can't remember when though... An angel must have stolen my thoughts ??? Audrey Hepburn: Very mysterious. Brett Weber: What ??? Angels ??? Audrey Hepburn: No, that Abraham Lincoln's poem "The Suicide's Soliloquy" was discovered in the same year as Sarah McLachlan hit single "Building A Mystery?" Brett Weber: Oh yes, it is mysterious. Mysterious too that I would notice both events almost simultaneously, and that they occurred in the same year! A little unsettling to me personally since I am chronically ill, and may decide that I have a reason to commit suicide one day. What is God trying to say to me, Ms. Hepburn ??? Audrey Hepburn: Exactly what He has said to you, Sir Brett. Brett Weber: What did He say ??? Audrey Hepburn: You heard Him as well as I did. Brett Weber: Then, apparently, you don't understand Him either. Audrey Hepburn: Oh, I understand Him. Brett Weber: Tell me then... Audrey Hepburn: Sir Brett, the angels record the actions of men. They receive their souls when they die, and appear as witnesses for them at the Last Judgment. Brett Weber: So, you are my angel, Ms. Hepburn ???

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZHrbjhwKik&feature=related Audrey Hepburn: An angel is simply a messenger, Sir Brett. If you accept my message, then I am your angel. Abraham Lincoln's poem was discovered in 1997, and Sarah McLachlan 's hit single was released that same year. Do you understand God's message to you, Sir Brett ??? Brett Weber: No, not at all. * Brett hesitates. * Chief: Hello. Hello. Brett Weber: Good grief... Well, God is making reference to dark events! Audrey Hepburn: Perhaps He is, but you have not listened carefully enough to His entire message my would be beginner prophet friend. In giving you free will, God has also given you the ability to interpret and make sense of extraordinary events and signs. Brett Weber: What ??? What do you mean ???

  • Audrey Hepburn: Abraham and Sarah, Sir Brett. Brett Weber: Abraham and Sarah... So what ??? Chief: Hello. Audrey Hepburn: How many Abraham and Sarah's do you know of ??? Brett Weber: Oh, my goodness ??? Abraham and Sarah... The Biblical Story ??? Audrey Hepburn: Of course... Brett Weber: Well, you gave me that one... Audrey Hepburn: I did not. Brett Weber: I am not a prophet, Ms.Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn: I simply repeated the names to you. Brett Weber: I am not listening to you. Chief: Hello. Audrey Hepburn: Abraham was a prophet. Brett Weber: You're crazy! Audrey Hepburn: If you are not a prop