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A picture f charm, beauty, elegance, nd grace, Audrey Hepburn s true icon f th twentieth century bth n Hollywood s well s th wrld f fashion.

h captured th hearts f moviegoers n films lk Breakfast t Tiffanys, Fair Lady, nd Sabrina, nd sh gv nw meaning t femininity n fashions frm Givenchy nd Salvatore Ferragamo. Yt thrs s muh mr t ths stunning, t extremely humble beauty.

Here r sm interesting Audrey Hepburn facts u m r m nt knw.

She was deathly afraid of waterIn the above shot for the movie Two for the Road with Albert Finney, Audrey had to be thrown into the pool. Audrey was extremely scared of drowning so outside of the shot, part of the film crew was in the pool ready to grab Audrey for her comfort if something were to happen. This was the only way she would do the scene! When you watch the scene, the fear that you see on her face is 100% genuine!

She was an IntrovertUnlike most celebrities, Audrey did not crave the spotlight or being surrounded by groups of fans and entourages. She even labeled herself an introvert. She was once quoted saying, I have to be alone very often. Id be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. Thats how I refuel.

She's in the EGOT clubHepburn is one of only 12 people in the world who have won 4 major awards, being: an Emmy (host of Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn), a Grammy (spoken word album Audrey Hepburns Enchanted Tales), an Oscar (best actress for Roman Holiday) and a Tony (best actress in Ondine).

Her favorite color is cyanAudrey Hepburn's favorite color was thought by some to be White (which is really not a color anyways) but according to her son Luca Dotti in a Vanity Fair article, her favorite color is actually cyan.

She was trained as a dental assistant before becoming an actress.Audrey was training as a dental assistant right before she was found by a talent scout who wanted her on the Broadway play Gigi which was her big break.

Survived Nazi invasion and occupationThe Nazis over took Audreys town and thousands had died as a result including some of Audreys relatives. Whoever was suspected of being a part of the resistance, they were rounded up and killed. Most people starved to death because they could not freely move about. In one instance, she was suspect and rounded up by truck. She barely escaped when the Nazis pulled over to the side of the road.

She was an agent of the Dutch resistanceAudrey worked for the Dutch resistance and would carry secret messages in her ballet slippers. In one instance, she was suspected and rounded up by truck. She barely escaped when the Nazis pulled over to the side of the road. As an agent for the Dutch Resistance, she performed in a series of secret ballets to help raise money for the rebels These performances would be called black performances to raise money for the rebels and their underground war against Hitler.

She was a volunteer nurse in WWII16-year-old Audrey Hepburn was a volunteer nurse during World War II in a Dutch hospital. During the battle of Arnhem, Hepburns hospital received many wounded Allied soldiers. One of the wounded soldiers Audrey helped nurse back to health was a young British paratrooper. Little did she know, the young man would be a future director named Terence Young and within 20 years would later direct Hepburn in Wait Until Dark.

She ate Tulip bulbs - almost starving to deathDuring World War II, Audreys town had been taken over by German soldiers. People were not allowed to freely come and go. Food was very scarce, in fact just to survive, Audrey and her family would grind tulip bulbs to eat and attempt to bake grass into bread. This lead to her being extremely malnourished and would lead to complications in her life down the road. Undernourishment, acute anemia, nd respiratory problems durng th war, whh contributed t hr lifelong waif-like figure.

She suffered 4 miscarriagesAudrey Hepburn was determined that she was going to have kids. Miscarriage after miscarriage she kept trying. Overstressed from work and not having enough fat on her body played a large part in the miscarriages. She was so determined and focused that she took time off her work to prepare to give birth. She eventually hd tw sons, Sean Hepburn Ferrer nd Luca Dotti.

French designer Givency was her personal stylist and long time friend.Givenchy and Audrey met when Audrey was looking for dresses for her upcoming movie Sabrina.

Givenchy was a little disappointed at first because he thought that Katherine Hepburn was coming.

Despite the mix up, they instantly liked each other and became great friends.

She was 1 of 2 people to wear the Breakfast at Tiffany's necklace.Only two women have ever worn the Tiffany Diamond. Mrs. Mary Whitehouse and Audrey Hepburn. She wore a Jean Schlumberger necklace of diamond ribbons surrounding the diamond in publicity photographs for the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffanys.

She had her own EXCLUSIVE perfumeHubert de Givenchy created a one of a kind perfume exclusively for her, named L'Interdit which means forbidden. This Audrey Hepburn perfume has a delicate, floral, powdery aroma. It contains notes of rose, jasmine, violet and, at the heart, a blend of woods and grasses. Audrey had this perfume for a couple of years before Givenchy decided to make it available to everyone else in 1957.

She never felt that she was beautiful.According to her son, Lucca Dotti, he stated that his mother didnt know why people thought she was beautiful. Lucca says, She thought she had a big nose and big feet, and she was too skinny and not enough breast. She would look in the mirror and say, I dont understand why people see me as beautiful.

Audrey Hepburn had BIG feetFor one of Hollywoods great beauties, Audrey Hepburn was rather critical of her looks. Id like to be not so flat-chested, Audrey once said about her looks. Id like not to have such angular shoulders, such big feet, such a big nose. Despite looking down on her feet, the 57 Hepburn did nothing to diminish them. She famously wore ballet flats and reportedly bought her shoes a half size larger (10) so her feet would not look too squeezed.

She always preferred wearing flats over heelsShe was a ballet dancer so naturally ballet flats is what she was most comfortable in. Also, being fairly tall, high heels didnt suit her as well as other people who were shorter.

She had a pet deer.Audrey was known as an animal lover. She had a pet named Mr. Famous but her most unusual pet was a Fawn which she named Pippin. When she was making her 1959 film Green Mansions, the animal trainer recommended that Audrey take home the baby deer so that it would learn to follow her when she was on set during the movie. Audrey fell in love with the deer so much that she decided to keep him.

Audrey Hepburn is NOT her real name.Born Audrey Kathleen Ruston n 4, 1929 n Ixelles, Belgium. Audrey adtd th pseudonym Edda van Heemstra n 1940 t evade capture b th Germans n English sounding nm ws considered dangerous durng th German occupation.

A species of Tulip, Daylilly and Rose were named after her.The above three flowers were named after her in her honor.

She felt she was miscast as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.Marilyn Monroe was originally intended to play the lead in Breakfast at Tiffanysinstead of Audrey. Although it was one of Hepburns most popular films, the author, Truman Capote, was disappointed that they didnt hire Marilyn.

She smoked three packs a day.Audrey was an avid smoker. Sometimes she smoked more and some days less. However, its been said that she smoked about 3 packs every day.

She loved to garden

She was outraged when she found out her vocals were replaced in My Fair Lady.When Audrey was first informed that her voice wasnt strong enough and that she would have to be dubbed by Marion Nixon, she was so furious that she stormed out of the set. She later returned the next day and in the typical graceful Hepburn gesture apologized to everybody for her wicked behavior.

She sang Happy Birthday to JFKI know what youre thinking Wait a second, Audrey didnt sing happy birthday to JFK, Marilyn did! Much to your surprise, you are sadly mistaken! Marilyn Monroe sang happy birthday to JFK in 1962, while Audrey sang happy birthday to JFK in 1963 the year later. Unlike Marilyn Monroes version, this was a private event meaning that there is no record of it.

She was very involved with UNICEFAudrey, being generous, had donated ll th salaries sh earned fr hr final movies t UNICEF. She hd contributed t UNICEF sn 1954. Ws appointed Goodwill Ambassador f UNICEF n 1988. UNICEF was the foundation that actually helped thousands like Audrey during WWII, she is quoted saying I can testify to what UNICEF means to children, because I was among those who received food and medical relief right after World War II, I have a long-lasting gratitude and trust for what UNICEF does.

She didn't think of herself as a style icon.She once said, I never think of myself as an icon. What is in other peoples minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing. She also considered her style to be quite accessible. My appearance is accessible to everyone. With hair tied in a bun, big sunglasses and black dress, every woman can look like me, she said.

A street was named after her.In 1959, Doorn Holland, a street was dedicated and named after Audrey Hepburn. She was the first star to