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  • A Checklist DIY Car Repair & Maintenance

  • As per Vehicle Dealers, Modern cars require extensive repairs which a motorist can't do it alone.

  • Still, there are certain car repair procedures which can be done by anyone with little effort.

  • Every car is different but they need some common tools for repairing them.

  • :- Adjustable wrench :- Torque wrench

    :- Socket and ratchet set :- Pliers

    :- Philips and flat head screwdriver :- Jack etc

  • Air filter replacement :- The replacement of air filter is the easiest DIY for a motorist. Replacing a new air filter with a

    damaged one increases the power and gas mileage.

  • If the motorist maintains a regular schedule for air filter replacement, it will save him from the extra expense on

    filling up fuel frequency.

  • Oil change :- This is another DIY which is relatively easy than most of other repairs but need precaution at time of


  • Make sure that the vehicle is not driven from couple of hours. And if you have a destination to reach before oil change then make sure to let the vehicle cool off for oil


  • The tools you need for oil change are :- oil filter, wrench, funnel, new oil, etc.

  • Windshield wiper change :- The wiper blade set up differs from car to car and a motorist can follow the owners

    manual to change it easily.

  • When you buy new blades, the packaging also have the instruction how to change the blades properly.

  • The basic tools are screwdriver and new wipers.

  • Spark plugs :- Most of the spark plugs need to be changed in every 30,000miles but as per recent inventions, it differs from

    car to car.

  • When you change it by yourself, you need to have patience as spark plug needs to be replaced in an orderly manner one after


  • When you keep a schedule for changing spark plug, it will deliver better consumption ratings and smooth drive over the


  • Make sure not to over tighten them.

  • Headlight bulbs :- If your car doesn't have sealed beam headlight then its possible to change them by yourself.

  • Also be sure to get the right bulb as per your car and replace by following owner's manual.

  • Battery maintenance :- The timely battery maintenance helps to keep the vehicle running smoothly.

  • Always follow a visual inspection to know whether there is any white residue on the posts which can become hurdle in car


  • If you check regularly the battery, you will get to know when is the right time to change the

    battery or go for servicing.

  • Radiator flush :- The radiator or cooling system helps to control and reduce the vehicle heat which generates from

    running and combustion.

  • A regular radiator flush keeps the system intact which also helps

    saves you money from extra expense.

  • Exhaust pipe :- If you hear excessive noise coming from back of your car then it might be an issue with exhaust system.

  • Make sure to check under the hood to know whether it is damaged pipe holders, structures or the rubber loops.

  • Brake pads :- Brake pads help to keep you safe on road while preventing accidents which can occur due to

    improper brake maintenance .

  • As per study, you need to change the brake pads in every 20,000miles but it differs from car to car so check with the

    owner's manual.