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  • [Oh Yes Oh No]Author(s): Judith CopithorneSource: boundary 2, Vol. 3, No. 1, A Canadian Issue (Autumn, 1974), p. 131Published by: Duke University PressStable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/302439 .Accessed: 25/06/2014 09:30

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  • Judith Copithorne


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    Article Contentsp. 131

    Issue Table of Contentsboundary 2, Vol. 3, No. 1, A Canadian Issue (Autumn, 1974), pp. 1-249Front Matter [pp. 3-91][Introduction] [pp. 1-2]PoetryContemporary Canadian PoetryDigging [pp. 4-5]There Is Only One of Everything [p. 6]Thaw [p. 7]The Literal Nature [p. 8]After a Canto of Ezra Pound [pp. 9-10]America [pp. 11-12]Incisions [pp. 13-14][Snow, This Snow] [p. 15]Considerations [p. 16]Buses [p. 17]Tornado [p. 18]A Love Poem [p. 19]Emile X, Student Revolutionary City Hospital Morgue [p. 20]Passing Into Storm [p. 21]Thirty Below [p. 22]400: Coming Home [p. 23]Night [p. 24]To a Woman Who Died of 34 Stab Wounds [p. 25]Kitchen Murder [p. 26]Hynos [p. 27]Jewellery [p. 28]My Dream of Maoism [pp. 29-30]Tongue to Tongue [p. 31]Exposure: An Elegy [p. 32]Pale Girls with Heart-Shaped Faces [p. 33]Coyote's Feast [p. 34]Liturgy for a Dead Fuel Pump [p. 35]Affair [pp. 36-37]Burial of the Dog [p. 38][Awoke This Moment for the First Time] [p. 39][All in a Night I am Taken] [pp. 40-41]Letters & Other Worlds [pp. 42-43]Philoctetes on the Island [p. 44]Scholar [p. 45]Columbus [p. 46]The Ant Trap [p. 46]Cat [p. 47]Fish [p. 47]Ewe's Skull on the Aboideau at Carter's Brook [p. 48]The Onion [pp. 48-49]Opening the Family [pp. 50-51]Picketing Supermarkets [p. 52]Father [pp. 53-54]The Hunters of the Deer [pp. 54-56]

    Wonder Merchants: Modernist Poetry in Vancouver during the 1960's [pp. 57-90]Poets of the Sixties: VancouverRadio Jazz [p. 92]Circus Maximus [pp. 92-93]Giant Steps [p. 94]Chapter 14: Composition [p. 95]A Former Dream [p. 96]East from the Mountains [pp. 96-97]Don't Cut Me Down [p. 98][This Is a Hard Language to Work Out] [p. 99][Tree of Colored Textured Brain] [p. 100]Poem for Turning [p. 101]Interlude [p. 102]The World [p. 103]I Do Not Write Poems [p. 104]Go on [pp. 105-107]Being a Body [p. 108]Some Tight Corners no Sequence Is Intended [p. 109]The Cave [pp. 110-111]Waki's Dream [pp. 111-113]Family [pp. 114-115]Measure [pp. 116-117]University [p. 118][I Close the Door Softly and Run in the Darkness] [pp. 119-120][The Women Say What I Like] [p. 121][Oh Lady] [p. 121]The Dog [p. 122]Friend (for doug) [p. 123]The Morning [p. 124]Words [p. 125]An Eskimo Line [p. 126]Circles in the Sun [pp. 127-130][Oh Yes Oh No] [p. 131]Red Letter [p. 132][Her White Face Where] [p. 133][Bee-People, the Earth Is So Weary] [p. 134]Yu Send Sense [pp. 134-135]For Your King I Will Feats of Strength and Courage [p. 136]The Collectors at the Gardens [p. 137]The Third Part of a Poem [p. 138]Pome [p. 139]Letter Fourteen [p. 140][The Manner of His Death There] [p. 141]Journal Entry/February [pp. 142-143]My House [p. 143](To Claudia) [p. 144]The Vine [p. 145]The Mist [p. 146]A Simple Solution [p. 147]Image-Nation 13 (The Telephone [pp. 148-149]As Canadian as Flying

    TestamentCadence, Country, Silence: Writing in Colonial Space [pp. 151-168]Ecrire en franais [pp. 169-176]Poetics 18-23 [pp. 177-184]

    ContextDiana's Priest in the Bush Garden [pp. 185-196]Marshall McLuhan and Multi-Consciousness: The Place Marie Dialogues [pp. 197-212]I Dreamed I Saw Hugo Ball: bpNichol, Dada, and Sound Poetry [pp. 213-226]In Search of America [pp. 227-246]

    Back Matter [pp. 247-249]