8 Wonderful Rainy Day Activities For Seniors

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<p>8 Wonderful Rainy Day Activities </p> <p>8 Wonderful Rainy Day Activities </p> <p>for Seniors</p> <p>Rainy Day ActivitiesRainy days can prove to be an annoyance for the elderly, keeping them in their homes and they have to miss their time in the garden and their daily stroll, etc. However, it is not necessary to feel annoyed. In fact, there are multiple activities that are just perfect for a rainy day or days. </p> <p>Home care of an elderly wouldnt be so difficult for a family or hired caregiver if you encourage your senior loved to adopt one of the activities listed below.</p> <p>1 Readers RevivalRainy day is a perfect time to grab a book or open an E-book on your tablet, curl up on a couch with a cup of tea, coffee or cocoa and enjoy the whole experience. Most of the elderly are from a generation who grew up with a habit of reading. So, its a good opportunity to catch up on your book-list. Seniors who may find reading difficult due to different eye conditions may opt for an audio-book and still enjoy it, snuggled cozily on the couch.</p> <p>2. Crochet Away the Dismal MoodLadies, you can give your mood a boost. Polish your crocheting skills and create some beautiful pieces for a beloved family member or some doilies for your house. Chatting with a caregiver, friend or a family member over a cup of tea, along with crafting some amazing crocheted pieces can energize and lift up the mood of your senior loved one. </p> <p>3. Get CraftyAnother perfect activity for a rainy day is to craft something. Maybe your elderly loved one can finally make that collage of your family pictures which they had been putting off for some reason. Your seniors can indulge in painting, making a scrapbook with grandchildren, jewelry, upcycle mason jars and many more things. You or a compassionate caregiver hired to provide home care can go online and get some unique DIY crafting ideas. Seniors, who are more tech savvy can even do it on their own. Creating something will definitely enhance the mood and also give the elderly a sense of purpose.</p> <p>4. Socialize on the PhoneWith the arrival of online social platforms, talking to your friends and family members does not very necessary. However, a rainy day is the best opportunity for the elderly to catch up with old and new friends, or family. A surprise phone call will not only refresh a senior but it would be pleasant for the person who has been called as well. So encourage your loved ones to utilize this time to catch up on conversations.</p> <p>5. Chef in ActionAs they age, it becomes difficult for the elderly to cook and bake but this feat can be achieved on a rainy day. Especially, if the grandchildren or younger nieces and nephews are paying a visit. What better way to keep the children and the elderly busy together. Your senior loved one can cook up some delicious meals like, stews, soups, salads, quiches or anything that doesnt require standing for a longer period near the stove.</p> <p>With some assistance, the elderly can also enjoy baking up a batch of cookies, brownies or even some cupcakes and have fun decorating them with the children visiting. Even if theres no one to share the meal, it is the best occasion to invite over someone from the neighbor or a friend and spend some quality time with them.</p> <p>6. Matinee ShowOld age does not mean that the elderly cant have fun. In fact, the golden years are the best years to do all that youve meant to do but never had enough time to do it. On a rainy day, suggest your elderly loved one to invite some friends over. They can pop up some popcorn and grab an oldie or maybe a new movie that they all want to watch. Close the curtain and all the senior adults can enjoy a perfect matinee show. </p> <p>7. Indoor SportsFor those seniors, who do not want to miss out on their fitness routine, playing indoor sports is a good idea. You or a caregiver can even accompany the elderly to an indoor sports facility or a gym. The elderly can sweat it out alone, their better half or with a friend in a game of Ping-Pong or water aerobics or maybe yoga. </p> <p>8. Grab Some GamesWhether it is tech-savvy games like Nintendo or Play Station or the traditional board games like scrabble, Monopoly or Risk, they are a sure shot way to engage your senior loved ones on a rainy day. They can play these games with their life-partner, friends or even a home care companion. In fact, the larger the group, the more interesting is the game.</p> <p>If there are enough members, Pictionary is an excellent game to play away those gloomy hours</p> <p>Thank you for watchingFor further details contact us at</p> <p>Address : 6951 Douglas Blvd. Granite Bay, CA 95746Website : Senior Home Care Roseville </p> <p>Phone Number : 916-226-3737</p>