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This slideshow is an extension activity when learning rhyming words. There are many poems (around the theme of rain) and activities / movies to support their new learning.


  • 1. Rainy DayRhymingWords!A Selection of Poems from Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Youngselected by Jack Prelutsky

2. Watch the movie to review rhyming words.Click the arrow to read Rainy Daypoems! 3. Press the cloudto come back toRaindropsthis pageThe Rain Umbrellas Rainy Day Ducks in the Rain MudShowers 4. Press the cloudto come back to Raindropsthis pageThe RainUmbrellasRainy DayDucks in the RainMudShowersAfter you have read ALL the poems CLICK ON THE STAR 5. I do not like a rainy day. The road is wet, the sky is grey. They dress me up, from head to toes, In lots and lots of rubber clothes.I wish the sun would come and stay.I do not like a rainy day. 6. Watch the movie!!! Click to play thenext movie! 7. How brave a ladybug must be! Each drop of rain is big as she.Can you imagine what youwould do If raindrops fell as big as you? 8. Watch the movie!!! Click to play thenext movie! 9. Rain on the green grass, And rain on the tree, And rain on the housetop. But not on me! 10. Click on the pair of words that rhyme: MudStartHutEndDayRain Gray Wet 11. Umbrellas bloom Along our streetLike flowers on a stem. And almost everyoneI meetIs holding one of them. Under my umbrella-top,Splashing through our town, I wonder why the tulips hold umbrellas Up-side-down! 12. Try again! 13. Ducks are dabbling in the rain, Dibbling, dabbling in the rain. Drops of water from each back Scatter as ducks flap and quack.I can only stand and look From my window at the brook, For I cannot flap and quack And scatter raindrops from my back. 14. Mud is very nice to feel All squishy-squash between the toes! Id rather wade in wiggly mud Than smell a yellow rose.Nobody else but the rosebush knows How nice mud feels between the toes. 15. NICEJOB! You areright! The last question! 16. Way down South where bananas grow, A grasshopper stepped on an elephants t The elephant said with tears in his eyes, Pick on someone your own size! In this poem, which words rhyme? GROW and TOEPICK and OWNWAY and SAIDEYES and SIZE HIS and EYES TEARS and SIZE 17. NICE JOB!You are right!Congratulations! You are finished! Great Job! Go see Miss Housel for your next activity!


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