70.04.08 n.o.w. (news of the week) weymouth high school

70.04.08 N.O.W. (News of the Week) Weymouth High School
70.04.08 N.O.W. (News of the Week) Weymouth High School
70.04.08 N.O.W. (News of the Week) Weymouth High School
70.04.08 N.O.W. (News of the Week) Weymouth High School
70.04.08 N.O.W. (News of the Week) Weymouth High School
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Weymouth High School (Massachusetts) N.O.W. issue of April 8, 1970


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    ISSUE 25 APRIL B, 1g7o PRICE 5+

    HOCKSY GAMEas reported by

    ' Frank NllesWed.nesday night, April 1, a

    near capacity crowd. at the trfleymouthSkating Club witnessed a elassicalhockey battle. This ga:je pitted.the youth and speed of the \{I{S KeyClub against the experience, &8erand wlsd.om of the IIHS ments faculty.

    For over seven minutes of thefirst period the gaje was scoreless.Then at 7:27 of the period Mr. But-lert * E gtish teacher at Central'Junior High School, scorecl thefirst goal .and the teachers were i.nthe lead. However, the Key Clubwould not give up. led by sone ex-cellent d.efensive plays by thelikes of Gerry l{eKermar $teve Har-try, Chubba Noble, and Marty Ma-honey (to narne only a few) the KeyClubbers hung in there.

    Wlth a fantastic stroke ofluck -

    Mr. .. Butler broke through the

    Key Club d.efense and scored again,late in the first peri-od". Then at1O:56 Mr, George Player of the fac-ulty v,ras called for a tripping pen-alty, and the Key Club called uponits porver play unit consisting ofDlon, MeKenna, Hartry, Alabiso, andPorter. It semr'led sure that withthese five on the ice the Key Clubwould seo?tr.and the momentr.m wouldchange. Ild{rever, after sitting outonly 30 seconds of his penalty, Mr.Player, with the trickiest play ofthe year, eseaped from the penaltybox un-noticed and the teachersscored again. Ionovan (assistanthoekey coach) scored unassisted. at10:48. One mj-nute ]atei;'rrith.o*-]y l'LZ second.s remaining in the firstperiod, Donovan scored once againand. the faculty led 4-0.In the second. period the teach-ers scored seven more goals, most ofwhich were scored from in close(Cont'd, next page)

    J.M. S. V. C.

    Ma,ny of our ltrelmouth HighSchool- pupiLs had a very reward.-ing extrlerience on Saturday vrhenthey particlpated 1n a ttget to-gethertt with pupils from thePerlcins School for the Bfind,.Forty three Perkins pupilswere transported by members ofthe We;rnouth lions Club to theUnion Congregational Church ofBraintree and llleymouth. Theprogran was sponsored by theJr. Moral and $plr1tual YalueeCommittee.

    The prograln was a.vari-ed.one consisting of 'dance musicby John McCannt s banii, huuor-ous solos done by Terry }oyle,gui.tar golos by Perki.ns and.trr'ieymouth pupils, general danc-ing, and group dancing followedby home cooked refreshmentscontributed by ;IMSVC nenbersr'whieh vrere greatly enjoyed..

    .[he similaritJ' of lnter-ests betrveen blind arid sightedi,fas very apparent as rtteen-agerstr hud.dled together ingroups d.lscussing recprds,slngers, sports, school, TV pro.gfams, etc. The usual commentof the sighted. Person is, rrlreceived much more enjo;naentfrom the rrget-togetherrr thanI gave ! rlyr)ttf ttt(JTieie *:*l(t(iF++l+t$*te**)trFtC)EJ+tt'*te**tt


    Did you buy a Reflectoryet? If you didntt, you canstill buy one in Rnr, 114 before

    -br after school or during allJ lunehes. ?rice is 501 anAthe nagazine contains severalfull page coLored. illustrationsas well as pages and. pages ofpoetry. GET ONE NOW...

  • HOCKEY GAME CONT'}where goaltender Ken Atkinson hadno cha:rce at making saves. The KeyClub scored two of their own ln thisperiod, both being scored by CharlieDion with Steve Hartry and Martyl/Iahoney assis'bing. So the scoreafter two periods of play was 1.I-2.

    Early in the third period itappeared that the Key Club was firedup. Apparently Coach Daley flnallyhad his bombers moving. CharlieDion scored his third goal giv-ing him a tthat trickrr (3 goals 1none game). From the stands ca;ne adownpour of hats of every shpa,slae, and color.

    Somehor,v the teachers bouncedback, f or they scored eight moregoals before Key Club coach Xalywent to his strategy moves. Trav-eling 19-32 laley made a daringmove he removed his goaltenderKen Atkinson in favor of the sixthskater. ITo sooner than the sixthskater got on the 1ce did the KeyClub narrou/ the lead to 15. TomleCoste scored with assists fromlave Begley and Doctor t?FesterrrBalcom. !\Iith on13r 238 secondsnow remaining in the game this lvon-derful servlce orgsrLLzation (theKey Club) from Weymouth High Schoolfinally gave up and the teachersr,von 1t L9-4.

    The three stars of the gaJoewere announeed. Number one star:the Facultyrs 1,,1r. lonovan lvith 5goals and J assists. Number tv'tostar: The f aeulty t s I1r. Ericks on.Number three star: The Key Clubtssecretary Charlie lion. Pat Demp-seyr a student at the Voeatiana"l?:l"?il"n13m"?*?""'* sane in goal)eJ(i(-x-+(-x'")(J+ t({-{- x)r *-x- -*x )+)Tt(.J+*-i(^*'x-J(t&ri-i(+(***-)e


    Lovely, mature girlr with herown ear and money is interested inmeeting intelligent young man nfthe Senior elass, lvilling to be herguest at the Senlor Pron. InquireRoom 209 before April 10.,(JCX J(*r(-*-)+X-K J()tt$( iCi4i(t++t)+)t'/.t(+f *)+i()Cj(J( t(.}l *t($/hy is suow r,vhite? i,fouldnrt it begreat if i-t were rnulti-eolored.


    Censorship is a necessaryev1l in our society. It is em-ployed to protect the ?iimageirof a rnagazine or television sta-tion.In the ease of magazinestthe degree of censorb.hip de-pends upon the periodical it-sel-f. From Erop*ryLs_ to the 1_{SgYorker, one can find his ovrrrTa}-TeS and llkes on the news-stands, If an lndividual reallYdeslres to get dolvn to thenitty gritty, various I'undes-irable channelsrr nraY be used.If , hoi,vever, & decent Tfr.agaztnelov/ers itself to this polnt,then doesntt that publicatioir. l--,itsel-f become unde sirable?

    Censorship is stronglYused i-n te l-evision because,number one, this f orm c'ornmunl-ca.tion carr not control who itsprograms are reaching' Numbertwo, a stationts image must beone of rnorality a:rd decencY forthc reason that it 1s the noraland decent people if businesswho rrish to have thelr Productsadvertised.i

    The censors the'rtsel-ves area board of executives chosen bYthe heads of the broadcastingstation. The purpose df thisgroup, is to exercise good tasteand a sense of quallty in enter-tairalent. This censorshiP is agroup effort. Personal Pre-judices and radical-isrir in anYdire ction rarcl-y are the resultof a group effort.

    Censprship is also norestrigently employed in enter-tainment. As a ruJee Progralrsbroadeasted for infornatlon oredueational purposes rarelyused eensorship. Censorshlp mat-erial is not needed in enter-tai-ner, author, or ieagazfue hasever nade itself lnto an Aner*ican lnstltution by flauntingcensors. Entertaiment is atits best when in good taste.ndueation need not be censoredbecause inforn.r"tion material isnot" explolting any trsacred cows.r:(Contd next page

  • In theony, censorshlp ls un- on the mornlng of Aprll tliiill;r3l: *1,?":3:*:'1"31!i,ii, Iffia"r;#fifit";*::"ffi";;",ilil::ff ":i:{";;iiriluilllllffii*sn,, iml*i;:i .*i,;in:"::;:"1;;l(**tslilE:E*leltxx**til&t6*'s16lt****l(t wes assailed by hllarlous


    LETTER TO THE EDITORSDear Slrs:I uras surprlsed and dlsappolnt-ed to dlscover that 1n your cover-age of "An Evenlne of Conservatlon,you fa11ed to mentlon Mlchelle Gar-barczuk, chalrman of the hlHS Con-servatlon Club.Michelle, desplte a cold and asore throat, bravely ran the entlreprogram, and dld a grand Job. Shetook a large part of the tremendouspreparatlon for the show on her ownshoulders, greatly asslsted by MlssToomey. I thlnk that thls ratesmore notlce than you gave her lnyour artlcle: that 1s, none.So, f must offer up a hearty,?i!,Ie11 done ! I' to l{tlss Garbarczuk,and, alas, a stern t'Naughty, naugh*.tv " to the

    "t+:ff: ;lrlo? 'o''A eoncerned pupl1

    The edltors of NOl^,r would l1ke toapologlze for the unfortunate over-sight. We do reallze that Mlchellehas put a grea-t deal of wonk lntothe Conservatlon Club and that theclub has proflted by her partlcl-patlon.Ir * * * * * tE * tt * * * tt tF t( tt tt * t( 16 lt * t& tt ti L t3 tF * t6 x tg * tt 16

    SADIE HAWKTNS WEEKGirls I Pgllsh your track

    shoes. The femalnde,r of this weelc1s Sadle Hawklns lr,leek. Durlng thlsweek, &DV boy not already asked.,ls el1glb1e for the taklne. Anygtrl who i,vlshes to ask a boy to theprom

    - just run up to one ln the

    corrldor and catch h1rn. Itrs analmost unlimlted fle1d. So hurryuFr get ln shape, and get ready toye11, "Gotch ye I t'Editors I Note; Many men vrould l1kelt to be knovrn that they are slowrunners, eas11y catchable, e119-1ble, and LOVABLB.,.


    laughter. Some vlllalnous foehad substltuted a tape of thettBag of Laughs" for the morn-Lng announcements. Thls lmmedlatelbrought a qulet ln the cafeterla

    ,-that has never been experiencedbefcr"e ! ! IWhoever perpetrated such a plot,whlch caused such calm for sosolemn t1me, should be punlshedseverly. People, you are theJudges. You should declde whatpunlshrnent thls person shouldundergo.Edltors' Note; This ls a satireon what actually happened lastweek. Tool.br{.d people canrtlauEh any more...* tE tt * tF * * * t& tt tg t3 tt l tf * t9 * * tt rf * * tf * * * tt * * * * *.x


    1. The happlness of your lifedepends upon the quallty ofyour thoughts.

    2. Werve got to bu1ld a betterman before we bu1ld abetter soclety,

    3. The only way to settle aClsagreement 1s on the ba-sis of what I s rlght

    -- not

    whc f s rlght.4. Character ls property

    --"lt 1s the noblest ofpossesslons,5. l'Je are a.L] ma"nufaeturers .--

    maklng qoods, maklng trouble,or maklng exeusesA college educatlon seldomhurts a nan 1f he I s vri111ngto learn a llttIe somethlng


    a:[!gr he graduates.


  • 'gRoounALL GAME

    Edltors t Note; -Specla1 thanks toKathy Dempsey who gave us all the