5-Time Management Skills To Help You Become More Productive In Your Online Business

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I was recently asked to share some insights on taking the "Right Actions" in your business on the Empower Network's Empower Hour Call this past Monday evening. You may or may not have had the opportunity to be on that call live with us, so just in case you weren't, you can still gain the benefits of the teachings. And if you were on the call, this can serve as a review to help you stay on track and remember exactly the 5-step, time management skills I instructed on.


  • 1. December 27th, 2012 Published by: traceywalker etc. The reason is because you are not totally clear on what it5-Time Management Skills is you need to do to make money, directly.To Help You Become MoreSo in order to to help alleviate those issues, identify the thingsProductive In Your Onlinethat are directly tied to your income versus other things you just need to do and begin to understand how these timeBusiness management skills can assist you.By Tracey Walker on December 27th, 2012For example, in my business, an IPA would be the syndicationOver the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to and promotion of my blog posts and lead capture pages. Ahave mastered some critical time management skills thatnecessary thing to get done would be the actual writing of thehave helped me to attain "above-average" results in my onlineblog post itself.business. And when I say "above-average" I am speakingabout generating over $300,000 in income, over a 13 monthperiod of time, ALL online. Time Management Skills #2: Select A 2-hr Block Of Time Where You Work Optimally December 27th, 2012 Yep, you heard it! 2 hrs is all you really need.Likewise, I was recently asked to share some insights ontaking the "Right Actions" in your business on the Empower See heres the reality. Most people have not been taught timeNetworks Empower Hour Call this past Monday evening.management skills for themselves in business. Instead, we were taught to go to work every day for 8-10 hours, then fit theYou may or may not have had the opportunity to be on that rest of their life into the time that is left over. We are trainedcall live with us, so just in case you werent, you can still gain on how to do that routine starting from our elementary schoolthe benefits of the teachings. And if you were on the call, this years.can serve as a review to help you stay on track and rememberexactly the 5-step, time management skills I instructed on.So, it may seem a bit unrealistic to you, in THAT frame of mind, that you can actually work less and make more. What makes this possible is the fact that your income is no longer tied to the time you spend doing "stuff". At our jobs,Time Management Skills #1: we go to work for 8 hrs lets just say, and we are paid for beingIdentify IPAs and Separatethere those 8 hours. Whether we ride the clock, spend time on the phone or actually do the job assigned, you are paid for theThem From "Necessary time you are present. If you take off, generally you are not paidThings" To Be Done for that time unless it is accumulated sick days or something like that.December 27th, 2012 In THIS world, your money isnt tied to the time it takes youIn business, we all have "a lot" to do or get done. Howeverto get the job done. It is ONLY tied to the effectiveness ofthere are those entrepreneurs that seem to get it all done, be you reaching your ideal customer and demonstrating to themhappy, and still have time for fun, family or whatever theywhy they should buy from you. If that takes you 1 hour, thenwant!great! If it takes you 3, thats okay too. But to take 8 hrs toHeres what they have learned to do. They have learned tocomplete your IPAs in your business means you are cloudingidentify those specific activities that are Income Producing your activities with non-IPAs and those need to be removed.Activities (IPAs) and do those no matter what! See, you can So, select the 2-hr window during the day where you will haveeasily spend a bunch of time doing "stuff" that isnt directly no interruptions, no distractions and can work focused andrelated to generating sales or income. And when that habit isdiligently for the entire time block.formed, you usually feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused,1

2. December 27th, 2012 Published by: traceywalkerMy Production time is between 1pm -3pm, Monday-Friday, the list of things you wrote down the night before andunless I have something cool Im working on. In those cases Inothing else.will also work on weekend days!2. Once the stopwatch goes off and those 60 min are up,STOP working. You remember when you were in schoolTime Management Skills #3:taking a test and the time was over? The teacher said"pencils down, heads up!" Right? Well its the sameCreate Your To-Do List Each concept here. Of course theres no teacher or bossNight looking over your shoulder to make sure its right, so youwill have to be accountable to your own time!December 27th, 2012 3. Rest the timer now for 10 min and start. During these 10After you have identified the few IPAs in your business, and minutes, this is a debriefing phase for you to take a break.selected the 2-hr productivity block thats best for you, the nextDo whatever you like here. Grab a snack, meditate,thing you must do is to write your IPAs down as part of your return a phone call, check email, whatever. Just so longactions for the next day. as you are not "working". Once that 10-min break timergoes off..STOP. Its time to get back to work! 4. Set the stopwatch one last time for another 60 min andstart. Continue to work through your list of IPAs overthis time and remember to stay focused. No phone, noFacebook, no email, no nothing! Only IPAs are to bedone here! Once the stopwatch goes off this time, guesswhat, you are done working or the day!Why do I recommend writing this list each night before goingto bed?Time Management Skills #5:Well, if you take the time the night before to consider what Rinse and Repeatneeds to be done the next business day and get it sorted out December 27th, 2012then, the next morning you are able to jump on the horse So you have now concluded a days work in your business. Youimmediately and start riding! There is nothing to think about, have also done it maybe for the first time using these types ofnothing to ponder. You know what you need to do, so simply time management skills. How does it feel to have only workeddo it! Thats a time management skills class I would call 101! 2 hours but still have all your income producing activities doneIn addition, this helps to build the habit of planning. As you for a change?may have heard before, You should now feel a sense of completion, accomplishmentFailing to plan, is planning to fail and happiness.As you continue to build on the right habits, you form patternsNow all you have to do is repeat steps 3 and 4 over and over andthat are successful patterns as opposed to unsuccessful ones,over again, making adjustments in your IPAs where required.like procrastination.So take a few minutes, plan out the next day of IPAs and giveyourself a shot at being as productive and effective as you can Having Time Managementin the time you have allotted to work your business. Skills Can Change Your Life! December 27th, 2012Time Management Skills #4: Once you really get good at performing your IPAs in short spurts of time, youll realize that life is so much moreHow To Use The 2-Hr Blockrewarding. Youll have more time to spend with your husbandand Be Productiveor wife, your children or even more time to simply chill if thats what you choose to do.December 27th, 2012 As part of the leadership team inside Empower Network, ISo now that we have our IPAs identified, our 2-hr time window am always assisting members on my team with these timeblocked off and our to-do list completed, it is time to get to management skills and concept and have never really taughtwork and use the time management skills we have talked it outside the community until now.about already. And heres how you are going to do it...followalong precisely. If you are ready to ramp things up a notch in your business, learn how to leverage the tools I have used to make over $300k1. Take any stopwatch (I use the one on my iPhone) and set in the last 13 months, and do it in 2-3 hours a day, then be sure it to 60 min. Hit the start button. During this 60 minto click here now! block, you are going to blow through your list of IPAs, getting them done, efficiently. You are to focus only on2 3. December 27th, 2012 Published by: traceywalkerHowever, as with anything else, I cannotguarantee that youll be productiveenough with the time management skillsI shared with you to get the same resultsof some of our members.I hate that I even have to say that butsome people just dont have a solid work-ethic bone in their body, yet want to earnmillions of dollars!You deserve to have access to the information that has helpedus to help 60 people go from ZERO to the equivalent of a6-figure income in just 12 months. And using these sametime management skills I have taught you here, Im sure theirincomes AND their time freedom can more than double in thenext 12 months.Watch the full video here, and Ill see you on the inside!To your success,~Tracey Walker3