5 apps for creating images you can't miss

Download 5 apps for creating images you can't miss

Post on 07-Apr-2017




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  • VISUAL CONTENT WINS!Why should your lack of creativity stop you from postingupdates and creating content? If this is your, or someone inyour teams, favourite excuse then WordSwag is going to ruin

    their day forever!

    Truth is that confidence is the main thing that stops peoplefrom creating content. Up until recently the technical

    knowledge required to use tools such as Photoshop reallywere a barrier. When Microsoft Paint was the only other

    option then the opportunity between those two was too bigto stay empty forever. Microsoft Paint seriously, what was

    that for?!!

  • WORDSWAGProbably my favourite app. You can use your own images orsearch for one from Pixbay right inside the app. Copy and

    paste (or type) in your text. If you are short of inspiration it hasa built in quote generator not that unique of course.

    5/5 so simple with excellent creative results.

  • OVERThis was my first app for overlaying text on images. You havemore freedom to create your own styles and design in thisapp. I love how creative you can be with this app but I mustadmit my quote pictures come out better on WordSwag.

    4/5 great functionality, better for more creative people.

  • MOLDIVThe best part about Moldiv is that it is a collage app. Thatmeans you can group together a whole load of your own

    images into a variety of layouts. The text overlay option meansyou can give it titles and add some narrative to bring it to life.

    4/5 simple to use and great results.

  • ROOKIEIf you like the functionality of these tools but want to accessthem as you take your pictures then Rookie is a really nicecamera app. Suffice to say the camera app is high spec withoptions around filters, white balance, shutter speed and lotsof other things. Simple to use though and huge array of

    features. Great if you are at events or want to be creative themoment you take the picture.

    4/5 high spec camera app with complete set of designfeatures built in.

  • TYPORAMAThis is WordSwags most direct competitor. It is a really

    powerful app and if you explore all the features think there isactually more you can do with your images e.g. the 3D rotate.

    So the likelihood is that Typorama is a step up.

    5/5 rich feature set and amazing results.

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