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4th Grade Math

4th Grade MathAlgebraSolve for an unknown number represented by a letter

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Use letters, boxes, or other symbols to stand for any number in simple expressions or equations (e.g., demonstrate an understanding and the use of the concept of a variable).

Which number is symbolized by n?6 x n = 48A. 6B. 7C. 8D. 9

How to solveUnderstand how to solve for the unknown.6 x n = 48 Both sides must be treated the sameDivide both sides by 6 to get the n alone on one side(6 x n) 6 = 48 6n = 48 6n = 8Choice C has the correct answer***You understand it when you can explain itE-books only $2.99We have 4th and 6th grade eBooks available on; Amazon (Click Link)6th grade eBook on Nook (click Link)6th grade eBook on iBooks (click link)