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    periphery of the tub member to enhance the visibility of the products displayed therein and to facilitate easy access and removal thereof.



    Robert Aliesch, Karl Germann, Gibswil, Swit- zerland assigned to Nestec S A

    A machine, for the automatic preparation of a beverage which is extracted from a product con- tained in a cartridge, has at least one extraction mechanism and at least one assembly having a plurality of magazines for housing cartridges containing product to be extracted and for sup- plying those cartridges to a conveyor which sup- plies the cartridges from a magazine to a distributor which then supplies the cartridges to the extraction mechanism and which also removes cartridges from the extraction mechanism for discarding the used cartridge.


    W R A P - A R O U N D H A N D L E F O R B O T T L E S

    Jerry W Henline

    A handle for use with a bottle of the type having a flange extending circumferentially around the neck of the bottle typically used, but not limited to, for the marketing of soft drink beverages. The handle comprises three distinct integral por- tions, a first ring-shaped holdeer slips over and around the body of the bottle, a second ring- shaped holder fits over the flange of the bottle when properly positioned and will be secured to the bottom surface of the flange, and the grip- ping portion extending from the first to the second ring-shaped holder. The gripping portion forms an arc for easy grasping due to the pre- ssure that occurs on the resilient substrate from the engagement of both rings and is integral with each ring.


    D I S P E N S I N G C O N T A I N E R F O R D R I N K I N G S T R A W S A N D T H E

    L I K E

    Ellen M Marqua, John T Marqua assigned to Expressions in Wood Inc


    The dispensing container is a box-like structure made of wood and having an opening at its up- per and forward corner to enable drinking straws to be pulled upwardly out of the container. A spring-loaded plunger within the container pre- sses the straws forwardly toward the dispensing opening. The top wall of the container may be slid rearwardly to an open position to enable straws to be loaded into the container and, to facilitate such loading, the plunger is adapted to be latched releasably in a rearwardly retracted position by a pin and groove latching arrange- ment.


    B E V E R A G E R E C E P T A C L E H O L D E R F O R U S E I N V E H I C L E S

    William L Kahn assigned to Unique Products Inc

    A beverage receptacle holder for mounting in the interior of a passenger vehicle and which ser- ves to securely hold a beverage receptacle such as a coffee cup, soft drink can, or the like within convenient reach of the vehicle driver or pas- senger. The holder includes a receptacle receiver having a plurality of spaced-apart, flexible, receptacle-engaging fingers which extend in- wardly from the receiver sidewall; a positioning member adjustably coupled to the receiver and adapted for coupling to the vehicles's cigarette lighter socket; and a threaded, stabilizing ele- ment coupled to the receiver normal to the axis thereof and adapted for contact with the vehicle dashboard.


    H O L O G R A M S E M B O S S E D I N T O M E T A L S U R F A C E S

    Edward H Weitzen, Salvatore F D'Amato as- signed to American Bank Note Holographics Inc

    A process for embossing diffraction patterns and holograms directly onto surfaces of metal material, such as aluminum, and products made thereby. Temperature ranges for optimizing the embossing are disclosed, being related to the yield strength of the material being embossed. End products include household aluminum foil with embossed holograms, and aluminum beverage cans with an embossed hologram on its outside.