4503154 Anaerobic digestion of organic waste for biogas production

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<ul><li><p>148 PATENT ABSTRACTS </p><p>i ~/rzn~ 20 </p><p>A self-contained sewage treatment system and method includes a first waterless treating tank operable to separate feculent solids from raw sewage influent in a suspended bio-mass for ef- fective aerobic bacterial digestion in this tank with the outlet of the waterless tank connected to the inlet of a septic tank where sedimentation of the smaller entrained organic particles in the li- quor leaving the waterless tank can occur and undergo anaerobic bacterial digestion. The sys- tem can include pipe means for distributing the clear liquor from the septic tank in a leach field where it can be disposed of in a safe, pollution- free and environmentally acceptable manner without deleterious effects. Because the method of treatment effectively removes all of the or- ganic solids from the raw sewage influent by using aerobic digestion followed by anaerobic digestion in sequential steps, the clear liquor leaving the septic tank will be environmentally safe and free of all entrained organic matter. </p><p>4 5 0 3 1 5 4 </p><p>A N A E R O B I C D I G E S T I O N O F O R G A N I C W A S T E F O R B I O G A S </p><p>P R O D U C T I O N </p><p>Robert Paton assigned to Biorganic Energy Inc </p><p>A low solids aqueous suspension of organic waste is treated in at least four, e.g., six serial anaerobic zones at a temperature of less than 40 degrees C. and under quiescent conditions to provide methane, fertilizer and a clean liquid ef- fluent. </p><p>4 5 0 4 3 9 3 </p><p>M E T H O D A N D A P P A R A T U S F O R C O N T R O L L I N G A R O T A T I N G </p><p>B I O L O G I C A L C O N T A C T O R </p><p>Bryan Davies assigned to Chevron Research Company </p><p>fPEAfg~ I f F l a i l </p><p>A method and apparatus for controlling a rotating biological contactor. The weight of the biomass on the rotating members is monitored so that in the event that materials which are toxic to the biological slime is present in the waste water, the rate of weight loss from the rotating members can be determined and the flow of waste water to the rotating biological contactor can be controlled. To prevent back-up of the sys- tem, the waste water may be diverted to a diver- sion basin. </p><p>4 5 0 4 3 9 4 </p><p>P R O C E S S F O R T H E T R E A T M E N T O F O R G A N I C F A L L - O U T </p><p>P R O D U C T S </p><p>Han Breuer, Fran Rindelaub, Gerhar Velebil, Biel, Switzerland assigned to BRV Technologie- Systeme AG </p><p>A process for the treatment of organic fall-out products with separation of noxious matter, in particular heavy metals, wherein the organic fall- out products are submitted to an aerobic pre- treatment, subsequently to a treatment for disintegrating the cells and wherein the valuable and noxious substances contained in said cells, </p><p>I__ ~..~L2.~Z _ _ ;.-.:%I.~L;~.,:=: ~ </p><p>____J </p></li></ul>