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  • 1. Assessment

2. M E C S 3. Editing is how we get from one scene toanother This is completed in post-production Without editing there is no story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCK53Lb4-p 4. cut : one shot is instantaneously replaced on screen byanother. continuity editing: flows smoothly across shots and sceneswithout visual inconsistencies. Establishes a sense of storyfor the viewer. cross cuttingCutting back and forth quickly between two or more lines ofaction, indicating they are happening simultaneously. dissolveA gradual scene transition. The editor overlaps the end ofone shot with the beginning of the next one jump cutA cut that creates a lack of continuity by leaving out parts ofthe action to create mystery or confusion 5. How does the editing in the opening ofSE7EN create tension? Use examples from the film opening. Complete for homework