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A case study elaborating the implementation of model comparison functionality for an inspection application along with part to part comparison and cloud data to part comparison by ProtoTech Solutions


<ul><li> 1. A Case Study ProtoTech Solutions 3D Model comparison and visualization </li></ul> <p> 2. To develop 3D model comparison functionality for an inspection application. To support part to part comparison To support point cloud to part comparison 3. Intelligent sampling technique: Mechanism to detect high fidelity regions for the input geometry Variable point sampling in high fidelity regions. Color interpolation: Mechanism to show the deviation using color interpolation Legends to map color and deviations Visualization: Point and arrow markers for denoting the deviations 4. Fig 1. Point representation of deviations 5. Fig 2. Color Interpolation of deviated points 6. Fig 3. Point Representation Fig 4. Point cloud to Part comparison Fig 5. comparison result closer look 7. ProtoTech Solutions From Intention to Visualization, -we are your Reliable Development Partner Corporate Profile 8. Who are we?? We have been developing custom software/iOS applications for over a decade. We have knack in 3D visualization and engineering applications ProtoTech Solutions What we do Help agile companies accelerate their technology and evolve their products to the next level by expediting time to market and providing our dynamic resource pool Where we expertise We expertise in 3D graphics, Data Exchange (interoperability), Solid Modelers, Plugins, native mobile apps, User Interface,etc.. 9. Our Advantages : ProtoTech Solutions Experience! Our understanding of engineering software development, component technologies and decades of man years of experience with it. Extended Team! We act like an extended development team. We adopt the tools and practices of our partners/clients. Scalability! Our Managed Projects services provide immense team scaling proposition and protect you from fluctuations in the requirement of technical resources due to seasonality in business. . Quality! We take pride in the quality we deliver. Our teams are like special ops team, reliable and effective. We deliver the same quality software as the local team without additional overhead . On-time delivery! On time delivery, quick time-to- market ,cost effective and extended warranty support. End to end Solution! We work closely with you to provide end to end development &amp; testing expertise and consulting on technology. Your team can easily adapt to our development 10. Some Projects' highlights: Application development, Plugins and R &amp; D for TransMagic. Development of Agricultural earthworks application and maintenance (land surface design and optimization) for an Australian firm. Data import and export modules for TechSoft3D. Custom software development, prototyping, evaluation support for many of TechSoft3D's clients/prospects. .NET based 3D publishing and documentation application for an Irish company. Browser based engineering application for a Korean company. iPad &amp; iPhone 3D viewer and CAD plugins for Sunglass (www.Sunglass.io) 3D Graphics development for a Houston based piping design software company. ProtoTech Solutions 11. ProtoTech Solutions Adopt tools, technologies, platforms, processes, practices and standards Complete Participation in development cycle Take responsibility and initiative Minimal management overhead Daily progress reports of Actions and TODOs - Agile(?) 12. iOS, OpenGL/ ES Mobile HOOPS OpenGL Direct3D Silverlight 3D Eyeshot WebGL Graphics ACIS Parasolid Granite Solid ++ Geometry DGN (Microstation) DWF /DWG/DXF IV (Open Inventor) HSF (HOOPS) JT (UGS) OBJ (Wavefront) SKP (Google) U3D/3D PDF VRML Custom file formats InterOp HOOPS/Exchange Data Exchange DGNDirect(ODA) MDL(Microstation) RealDWG (ObjectARX) U3D SDK Rapidform.DLL GdPicture SDKs MFC Qt .NET/C# Javascript Swing/AWT UI Our SKILLS Inventor Solidworks Rhino Maya ProE 3D Studio Max SpaceClaim PlugIns Server side Client side Cloud application ProtoTech Solutions Unity3D Games CAD, CAM, CAI, PLM, PDM, 13. With ProtoTech Solutions as our development partner, we have been able to significantly expand our development capabilities. They were instrumental in helping us develop an entirely new product. The product was shipped in an incredibly short time and has won great reviews from our user community. ProtoTech's team measures up to our high standards of development and is a great fit for us. David Little Intergraph First of all let me say again, amazing work guys. I have been consistently impressed with your solutions, your speed at implementation and ability to improvise with our product and schedules. Robin Willis Sunglass (www.sunglass.io) ProtoTech Solutions 14. ProtoTech Solutions Thank You!! </p>