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Experienced article marketers know how to profit with articles by promoting affiliate offers as well as their own products and services by setting up a system that practically automates article marketing for you year round.


<ul><li> 1. 3 Ways To Increase Article Trafficand Profits Without Writing A MillionArticles Yourself By Nando Morales</li></ul> <p> 2. Experienced article marketers know how toprofit with articles by promoting affiliateoffers as well as their own products andservices by setting up a system thatpractically automates article marketing foryou year round. 3. If youre looking for a cost effective wayto promote your internet business thatis virtually limitless, article marketing isthe way to go. 4. But the very thought of articlemarketing for many conjures up animage of being shackled to a pc forhours at a time in a dark placesomewhere with no chance of parole. 5. The truth is that article marketing doesnot have to be anything like that andcan actually be quite enjoyable onceyou know how to leverage yourcontent effectively. 6. The rest of this article is going tooutline three very effective ways thatyou can virtually automate your articlemarketing and generate more traffic,leads and income without writingarticles until your blue in the face. 7. As a matter of fact you can cash in onyour articles by promoting affiliateoffers as well as your own products andservices by setting up a system thatpractically automates your articlemarketing for you year round.Sound good?Lets get started 8. 1. Outsource It The first way that you can automate your article marketing is to simply outsource the writing of your articles to a qualified freelance writer. 9. All you have to do is find one thatprovides quality work at a price you canafford and you can let them churn outarticles for you promoting yourwebsites without ever having to writeany yourself. 10. 2. Autoresponder Drip Feed The second way you can automate your article marketing is to drip feed content to your audience by using an autoresponder. 11. To do this you will need to find a qualityautoresponder service that has a recordof providing good deliverability ratesensuring that a large portion of youremails reach your subscribers on adaily, weekly or monthly basis. 12. To make this article automation tacticwork for you all you have to do is createa free viral report yourself by tyingtogether existing articles related toyour topic and setting up a simple webpage that requires visitors to optin toget it. 13. Once they optin, you can simply loadyour personally written articles intoyour follow up series along with a linkto an affiliate product or your ownproduct or service at the end of thearticle to generate hands-free income. 14. 3. Drip Feed Posts To A Wordpress Blog The third way you can automate your article traffic and profits is to create a self-hosted wordpress blog. To do this youre going to need a domain name and a hosting account. 15. Inside the Cpanel of your hostingaccount you should be able to find abutton labeled fantastico which willallow you to literally install your blogwith just a few clicks. 16. Once your new blog is set up you candrip feed...a. Articles youve written yourself or paid forb. Articles other people have written 17. There are many article directories thatwill allow you to reprint articles writtenby other authors on your blog so longas you do not edit the links in theirarticles pointing back to their site. 18. For best results with reprint articles, tryto write an introduction and aconclusion the same way you would inan email. 19. To make this article automationtechnique work best for you, simplyschedule a few articles at a time to postdaily or every other day in advance sothat your blog will continually updateitself without you having to post to iteveryday to keep it fresh. 20. Search engines favor wordpress blogsand the more your site continues toupdate itself with a mixture of yourown fresh new content as well asreprint articles from article directories,the more your site will be indexed andcrawled. 21. Article marketing does not have to be adull drab experience that requires youto be shackled to your keyboard withno time off for good behavior. 22. As a matter of fact, by letting someoneelse handle the workload and settingup a system that continues postingthroughout the year, you can takesome time off to go play or you canfocus your time and energy intoincorporating other forms ofadvertising for even more traffic andprofits.</p>