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  • 42 | February 2009Irish Dentist | www.IrishDentist.ie

    21st century practice

    Trends in 21st century dental restoration favour a more conservative approach. This type of treatment can be more beneficial for both the patient and the dentist.

    Well-established techniques using composite materials allow the clinician to mimic natural tooth structure. A logical sequence of reproducible steps gives rise to greater predictability.

    The evolution of modern resin composites has led to significant improvements in their physiochemical properties, aesthetic qualities and colour stability. Additionally, simplified layering techniques have been developed, using opaque dentine colours with enamel shades and effect materials. The direct restoration treatment option has therefore become more widely accepted.

    Venus Diamond (Heraeus Kulzer) The dental restoration market already offers many composite materials, so the introduction of another new resin has to provide significant benefits for users to be willing to accept the steep learning curve required to master it.

    Venus Diamond has a firm consistency, which allows for ease of placement and adaptability. This provides for precise anatomy to be recreated without the material slumping. For restorations in the anterior zone, the final layer of composite can be warmed prior to placement, if desired, to allow for easy spreading and finishing with a soft bristle brush.

    The material offers the following specific advantages: • Improved biocompatibility, free of Bisphenol A • Special urethane monomer-based nano hybrid with improved cross linking

    • Easy-to-handle material with a stiff consistency similar to Venus micro hybrid composite, making it simpler to pack, adapt and shape without slumping • Optimal wear resistance and mechanical load capacity • Very low shrinkage, of approximately 1.5% • Very low shrinkage force, which is paramount during the setting phase of the material • Easy to polish to a high lustre, which is important for the aesthetic zone • Shading concept for natural aesthetics, with a choice of four opaque dentine shades, 15 enamel shades and four incisal opalescent shades • Longer working time – over two minutes in ambient light, thus giving ample time to place each increment with precision.

    In addition to the above, the material offers significant radiopacity.

    The colours of the material are easily understood and applied. Usually, only one enamel shade is required for posterior teeth restorations. However, to optimise the aesthetics further, in the author’s opinion a final surface layer of one of the incisal shades can be used.

    The Venus Diamond shade guide provides a good starting point for shade selection. However, in the author’s opinion, it is always best to assess the shade further, by placing some of the material, unbonded, onto the tooth directly and light curing it. This enables a more accurate analysis of the shade of the selected composite in vivo.

    The following case reports demonstrate the aesthetic potential of Venus Diamond. It is the author’s opinion that Venus Diamond’s new chemistry illustrates these clinical advantages, while still meeting the high-aesthetic prerequisites.

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    Twenty-first century restorative aesthetics with low shrinkage composite

    By Sanjay Sethi Posterior case reportThe posterior case presented illustrates the restoration of the lower right first molar occlusal-buccal composite. The restoration could have been completed using one enamel shade. However, by using a final layer of clear composite the aesthetics are further enhanced.

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    For more information about Heraeus Kulzer Venus Diamond, contact Ryan Maguire: telephone: +44 (0) 7825 343920; email: ryan.maguire@heraeus.com

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  • | 43February 2009 | Irish Dentistwww.IrishDentist.ie

    Anterior case report The anterior case presented illustrates the restoration of two very heavily restored upper central incisor teeth. The patient requested composite direct restorations to improve their aesthetics. Due to the extent of the cavities, the patient was informed that indirect restorations such as crowns would be more appropriate. The challenge in this case was to increase the dominance of the central incisors while maintaining symmetry of form using a freehand bonding technique.

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    Dr Sanjay Sethi owns a private practice in London and has special interests in the re


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