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Twenty-First Century Psychotherapies. Chapter 7 – Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. History of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Sigmund Freud and his contributions The structure and process of the unconscious Key role of early childhood experiences in shaping personality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • History of Psychoanalytic PsychotherapySigmund Freud and his contributionsThe structure and process of the unconsciousKey role of early childhood experiences in shaping personalityCreation of a distinctive methodology for psychological treatment of mental disordersThe recognition that the patients character is central to understanding psychic symptomatology

  • Variations of PsychoanalysisHarry Stack Sullivan Interpersonal Theory of PsychiatryHeinz Kohut Self PsychologyHabib Davanloo and David Malian Short-Term PsychodynamicsOtto Kernberg Transference-Focused TherapyAnna Freud and Melanie Klein Child Therapists

  • Key Aspects of Personality DevelopmentFree associationTopographical contoursUnconscious, preconscious, consciousTripartite model of the human psycheId, ego, superego

  • Therapeutic ElementsTransference: tendency to utilize internal relational schematic representations to orient our interactions with othersInterpretations are made regarding the unconscious based on free associations Countertransference: feelings aroused in the analyst as his or her unconscious takes in and responds to the patients transference

  • Theory of PsychotherapyMain goal: to overcome developmental obstacles and personality patterns that interfere with a persons ability to function at their highest levelAssessment of ego-functionsProcessPsychoanalysis: 4 to 5 weekly sessions over 3 to 5 yearsShort-term psychodynamic psychotherapy: 4 to 80 weekly session

  • Most Popular Currently Practiced Psychoanalytic VariantsStructural-Drive TheoryUnconscious drivesDefense mechanismsRelational Psychoanalysis Object relationsInterpersonal theoryAttachment theorySelf-Psychological TheoryMultiperspective Approach

  • Strategies and InterventionsRestructuring methodsFocus attention on the interpersonal therapy processEngage in activities that directly disrupt what has been procedurally learned


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