2016 Special Events Permits for Burl’s Creek Event Documents/BCreek/SEP Presentation to...2016 Special Events Permits for Burl’s Creek Event Grounds ... Background for Burl’s Creek Event Grounds 2016 Special Events ... Special Event Management Process

Download 2016 Special Events Permits for Burl’s Creek Event   Documents/BCreek/SEP Presentation to...2016 Special Events Permits for Burl’s Creek Event Grounds ... Background for Burl’s Creek Event Grounds 2016 Special Events ... Special Event Management Process

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  • 2016 Special Events Permits

    for Burls Creek Event Grounds

    Special Council Meeting

    July 6, 2016

  • Large-scale Special Events Throughout Oro-Medonte


    Tourism boost to local communities

    Local employment

    Partnerships with post-secondary programs

    Social and cultural opportunities


    Operational planning and coordination to ensure public health and safety

    Special events management process to manage financial and legal risks

    Mitigation for potential quality-of-life impacts

    July 6, 2016 2

  • Townships Special Events Risk Management Goals

    Protect public health and safety

    Minimize financial and legal risk

    Minimize unnecessary disruptions in community

    Enhance quality of life for residents

    July 6, 2016 3

  • Development of Special Event Management Process

    Township initiated special events consultation process in 2011

    Goal: Manage large-scale special events for community

    Consulted with: Residents, business owners, venue owners, event organizers, promoters and event hosts

    Process: 1. Conducted a best practices review 2. Consulted with stakeholders (including two open houses) 3. Reviewed the municipalitys risk exposure 4. Identified mitigation strategies 5. Legal consultation

    July 6, 2016 4

  • Background for Burls Creek Event Grounds 2016 Special Events Permits

    Special Event Operational Planning process initiated in 2015 by BCEG Inc. for 2016 WayHome, and Boots and Hearts festivals

    Complex task to evaluate submission. Three issues not typically involved with special events management and permitting:

    1. Special event zoning land use applies to 92 out of 526 acres 2. OMB appeals process extending beyond festival dates 3. Archaeological matters unresolved

    Council considers needs of all residents, community groups, youth sports organizations, government agencies, other levels of government, and Oro-Medontes other tourism businesses

    July 6, 2016 5

  • Zoning By-law Matters Adding Complexity to Special Event Management Process

    For Temporary Use By-law, Council is unable to render decision due to missing substantiating information from BCEG Inc.

    For Permanent Use By-law, Council is unable to render decision as currently in review with commenting agencies such as Simcoe County and Ministries of Transportation, Municipal Affairs and Housing, and Tourism, Culture and Sport

    Given no Council decision, BCEG Inc. in a position to appeal to OMB as of June 17, 2016

    Any Council decision regarding the PUB may be appealed to OMB

    July 6, 2016 6

  • Burls Creek Event Grounds Footprint

    Current footprint for Burls Creek Event Grounds is 526 acres 92 acres are zoned Private Recreational Exception 30 and 31

    for Special Events

    Remaining 434 acres are zoned: o Agricultural / Rural

    o Agricultural / Rural Exception 32

    o Rural Residential 2

    o Environmental Protection

    Footprint increased over time via a number of property acquisitions by a series of owners

    July 6, 2016 7

  • Burls Creek Event Grounds Land Use Since 1965

    Burls Creek Event Grounds used for farming, recreational sports, automotive racing, and special and community events

    July 6, 2016 8

    Year(s) Special Event

    1965 to 2015 Barrie Speedway open

    (Operated multiple evenings per week and on weekends)

    1983 Barrie Automotive Flea Market opens

    1997 Open-air concert held on property

    2008 First large-scale concert was held with Jack Johnson

  • Evolution of Special Events at Burls Creek

    July 6, 2016 9



    opens (1965)

    1965 1975 1985 1995 2005 2015







    Township Begins

    Special Event


    Consultations (2011)

    Council Adopts

    First Special

    Events By-law



    Don Hanney sells

    property to BCEG Inc.


    Tragically Hip


    Portion of Burls Creek

    Event Grounds Zoned

    for Special Events






    Burls Creek Event

    Grounds (BCEG) opens


    Council Adopts

    Enhanced Special

    Events By-law



    BCEG Inc. buys

    Barrie Speedway plus

    102 acres. Now 526

    acres (01/2015)



    Township Special Event Management Milestones Burls Creek Event Grounds Milestones

  • Council Direction: Amend 2015 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

    Council unanimously directed senior staff to amend existing 2015 MOU with BCEG Inc. regarding 2016 festivals

    After consultation with BCEG Inc., the recommendation is for Council to execute an amended MOU to:

    1. Adopt risk management amendments including: increased financial security; traffic monitoring conditions; and a road repair plan

    2. Establish allowable sound limits and times for the 2016 festivals and with penalties

    3. Create a comprehensive Sound Monitoring Program including extensive sound level monitoring

    July 6, 2016 10

  • Council Consideration

    After considering senior staff analysis, confidential legal advice and amended MOU, Council is asked to consider whether to:

    Amend Townships Special Event By-law 2015-123

    Amend Townships Fees and Charges By-law 2015-115

    Grant Special Event Permits (SEPs) with conditions for 2016 WayHome, and Boots and Hearts festivals

    July 6, 2016 11

  • Why Should Council Consider Amending Special Event By-law 2015-123?

    With amendments, Township can:

    Enforce by-law through tighter controls, fines and prosecution

    Ensure operational plans are in place

    Require financial security that would cover certain operational costs (e.g. OPP calls for service)

    Minimize community impact by establishing sound level and duration limits

    July 6, 2016 12

  • Why Should Council Consider Amending Special Event By-law 2015-123? (contd)

    Therefore, with amendments, Township can:

    Manage public health and safety risk

    Mitigate financial and legal risk for Township and taxpayers

    Act in Oro-Medontes best interests

    July 6, 2016 13

  • Sound Monitoring Program

    Recommended amendment to 2015 MOU includes provision to collect ambient and festival sound level data (July 18 to Aug. 12, 2016)

    Townships acoustical engineering consultant would peer review ambient and festival sound data collected by BCEG Inc.

    Council would then evaluate suitability of 2016 sound level limits

    Information would be used to establish future plan for sound level regulation at Burls Creek Event Grounds

    July 6, 2016 14

  • Sound Level Management Changes

    2015 WayHome sound level results too high

    2015 Boots and Hearts sound levels and controls used as new benchmark

    For 2016 WayHome, and Boots and Hearts festivals: MOU includes limits to align with 2015 Boots and Hearts festival

    sound level results

    Sound measurement to include: o Boundaries (as for WayHome in 2015)

    o At sound board (new for 2016)

    o Complaint sites through mobile monitoring (new for 2016)

    15 July 6, 2016

  • Archaeological Matters

    Several archaeological matters are outside the Townships control: TUB appeal to OMB

    o Diverging opinions from archaeological experts regarding review

    o Conflicting positions from First Nations stakeholders

    o Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is a commenting agency

    SEP process on 434 acres dependent on resolution of these zoning issues

    July 6, 2016 16

  • Special Event Permits Considerations

    17 July 6, 2016

    Total Number of Potential 2016 Special Event Permits for BCEG Inc. = 4 permits

    Burls Creek Event Grounds

    Permits 92 acres 434 acres

    WayHome 2016 1 permit 1 permit

    Boots and Hearts 2016 1 permit 1 permit

    Total Number of Permits 2 permits 2 permits

  • Special Event Permits For 434 Acre Parcels

    Council not in a position to grant permits for the 434 acre parcels because:

    They are not zoned for special events

    OMB appeal process timing conflicts with SEP considerations

    Archaeological matters unresolved

    18 July 6, 2016


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