2015 cunard 175th anniversary cruises on sale from friday ... 2015 cunard 175th anniversary cruises

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  • Cruises 175 years in the making 2

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    1.1 Three Queens in Liverpool 3 1.2 The original Transatlantic Crossing 5 1.3 Commemorating the sinking of the Lusitania 6 1.4 Other anniversary cruises 6

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    On sale from Friday 14 March 2014, 9am aest 2015 Cunard 175th Anniversary Cruises

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    Cruises 175 yeArs in the MAking Cunard will proudly celebrate its 175th anniversary in 2015 with some remarkable anniversary cruises and events. A selection of special cruises are available and these will be available for sale ahead of the main program to reflect the exceptional demand they are likely to receive.

    To start these momentous celebrations, all three Queens will meet in Southampton on 3 May 2015 in a spectacular end to their World Cruises. This will be followed by the unprecedented sight of all three Cunard ships together at our spiritual home of Liverpool on 25 May – the first time ever the entire fleet has been on the Mersey. Liverpool is Cunard’s birthplace and was home to Cunard’s Head Office from 1839 to 1967 – the Cunard Building on the Pierhead remains one of the most significant buildings in the city and part of a World Heritage site. The people of Liverpool still have a great affection for all things Cunard, and the event promises to be hugely popular with residents and passengers alike.

    In addition, Queen Victoria will call at Cobh to commemorate the sinking of the Lusitania on 7 May – a poignant journey that will involve ceremonies at the town’s memorial to mark this significant date in Cunard’s history. At the same time tribute will be paid to the 22 ships, and Cunard men, that were lost in the War.

    The celebrations will continue in true Cunard style with Queen Mary 2 recreating the very first transatlantic crossing. She will leave Liverpool on 4 July – 175 years to the day that Britannia began her journey and will follow in her wake. After a westbound crossing, Halifax and then Boston will enthusiastically welcome the Cunard flagship – just as they did 175 years ago.

    The Cunard 175th Anniversary Cruises will go on sale for all passengers on Friday 14 March 2014 at 9am.

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    1.0 itinerAries In 2015 Cunard will celebrate its 175th anniversary and the new program features a selection of special events cruises:

    • Three Queens in Liverpool – Join Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 or Queen Elizabeth to witness this chance of a lifetime event

    • The Original Transatlantic Crossing – re enacted by Queen Mary 2

    • Commemorating the sinking of the Lusitania by sailing on board Queen Victoria

    All three events will offer our passengers unforgettable experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

    1.1 three Queens in LiverPOOL Cunard will celebrate its historic anniversary in style with all three Queens meeting in Cunard’s spiritual home of Liverpool on 25 May 2015. It will be the first ever three Queens meeting on the river Mersey. On 24 May 2015 QUEEN MARY 2 will arrive in Liverpool and will stay overnight. The next morning her sister ships will arrive on the river Mersey creating an unprecedented three Queens spectacle in Liverpool.

    Queen Mary 2

    LiverpooL SaLute 10-night British isles M506

    Date Port

    17 May 15 Southampton 18 May 15 At Sea 19 May 15 Cork (tours from Cobh) 20 May 15 Dublin (tours from Dun Laoghaire) 21 May 15 Glasgow (tours from Greenock) 22 May 15 Oban 23 May 15 At Sea 24 May 15 Liverpool 25 May 15 Liverpool 26 May 15 St Peter Port, Guernsey 27 May 15 Southampton

    Queen Elizabeth

    LiverpooL SaLute 16-night Baltic Q507

    Date Port

    11 May 15 Southampton 12 May 15 At Sea 13 May 15 Oslo 14 May 15 Copenhagen 15 May 15 At Sea 16 May 15 Stockholm 17 May 15 Tallinn 18 May 15 St Petersburg 19 May 15 St Petersburg 20 May 15 At Sea 21 May 15 Warnemunde 22 May 15 At Sea 23 May 15 Kirkwall, Orkney Islands 24 May 15 At Sea 25 May 15 Liverpool 26 May 15 At Sea 27 May 15 Southampton

    Queen Victoria

    LiverpooL SaLute 6-night Western europe Cruise Break v512

    Date Port

    22 May 15 Southampton 23 May 15 St Peter Port, Guernsey 24 May 15 At Sea 25 May 15 Liverpool 26 May 15 Liverpool 27 May 15 At Sea 28 May 15 Southampton

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    Queen Mary 2 Liverpool Salute • 10-night British Isles M506  This cruise visits some of the most popular destinations in the British Isles as well as major cities Including Dublin, an overnight stay in Liverpool and Glasgow (tours from Greenock).

    Port highlights

    • Oban - The Seafood capital of Scotland and arguably Europe with exceptional local whisky. Ideal for great British scenery and wildlife like grey seals, otters and puffins.

    • Edinburgh (tours from South Queensferry) - Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and a City of Literature, the capital of Scotland boasts a thriving arts scene, many historic buildings, museums and galleries that will keep visitors enthralled.

    Queen Elizabeth Liverpool Salute • 16-night Baltic Q507 Visiting 8 ports in 16 nights including 5 capital cities, this spectacular cruise picks out the highlights from this ever-popular cruise region. Includes calls to St Petersburg, Copenhagen, Tallinn and Warnemunde.

    Port highlights

    • Oslo - Oslo is beautifully situated at the very head of the spectacular Oslo Fjord. The proximity of the great and vastly unspoiled nature lends a special atmosphere to the city.

    • St Petersburg - Steeped in cultural tradition and has plenty to offer in terms of music and dance, from world famous theatres to atmospheric jazz halls.

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    Queen Victoria Liverpool Salute • 6-night Western Europe Cruise Break V512 This special cruise calls at St Peter Port in the Channel Islands before taking part in the spectacular 3 Queens event in Liverpool. An overnight stay in this vibrant city filled with history allows you to fully take in the sights and sounds on offer.

    Port highlights

    • Liverpool - The spiritual home of Cunard Line and former European Capital of Culture, Liverpool is steeped in history from the historic waterfront and docks to the Cavern Club.

    • St Peter Port, Guernsey - With a subtropical feel, the highly picturesque capital of Guernsey has narrow cobblestone streets winding up and down steep hills to the water’s edge, where rafts of colourful yachts pack the harbours.

    1.2 the OriginaL transatLantiC CrOssing On 4 July 2015, 175 years to the day when Britannia departed on her maiden transatlantic voyage, QUEEN MARY 2 will re-enact the original transatlantic crossing. She will depart Southampton and call at Liverpool, Halifax, Boston and New York.

    As part of this cruise event we will be offering embarkations or disembarkations in Liverpool. Passengers will have the opportunity to Sail from Southampton on 2 July to Liverpool on 4 July on a short cruise break, or cross the Atlantic from Liverpool on 4 July (M511C) to New York on 14 July (M511F).

    Port highlights

    • New York - The number one city in the world has enough to see and do for an entire lifetime so whatever you are into, no matter how obscure, you can definitely find it here and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

    • Halifax, Nova Scotia - Birthplace of Cunard Line’s founder, Sir Samuel Cunard, this historic maritime city has become a major cultural centre on the Canadian Atlantic coast. Away from the city centre, the iconic fishing port of Peggy’s Cove with its landmark lighthouse attracts visitors from across the world.

    St Peter Port

    Queen Mary 2

    Spirit of Sir SaMueL 12-night transatlantic M511D

    Date Port

    2 July 2015 Southampton 3 July 2015 At Sea 4 July 2015 Liverpool 5 July 2015 At Sea 6 July 2015 At Sea 7 July 2015 At Sea 8 July 2015 At Sea 9 July 2015 At Sea 10 July 2015 Halifax 11 July 2015 At Sea 12 July 2015 Boston 13 July 2015 At Sea 14 July 2015 New York

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    1.3 COmmemOrating the sinking OF the Lusitania QUEEN VICTORIA will call at Cobh on 7 May 2015 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Lusitania off the coast of Cobh on 7 May 1915. Passengers will be invited to attend ceremonies and events at the large town memorial and cathedral. As well as marking the last moments of one of Cunard’s most famous “floating palaces”, this cruise takes you to Le Havre and Guernsey before calling at Ireland’s cultural capitals.

    Port highlights

    • Cobh - Cobh is one of three islands that fill Cork Harbour. From Cobh you can visit Cork and its compact city centre is surrounded by interesting waterways and is filled great restaurants fed by arguably the best foodie scene in the country.

    • Dublin - History and modern life collide in stupendous fashion to create one of the most remarkable capitals offering fun for all and culture to match.

    Queen Victoria

    LuSitania reMeMBereD 7-night Western europe Cruise Break v510

    Date Port

    3 May 2015 Southampton 4 May 2015 St Peter Port, Guernsey 5 May 2015 Le Havre 6 May 2015 At Sea 7 May 2015 Cork (tours from Cobh) 8 May 2015