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Brief delivered by Pete Gillis, USMC IT Community Manager, to the 2012 USMC Cybersecurity Consortium, 27 September, 2012.


<ul><li> 1. Information Technology Management Community of Interest 2012 USMC Cybersecurity Consortium </li> <li> 2. ITM COI Occupational Series 2210 - IT Specialist 0332 - Computer Operator Policy and Planning 0335 - Computer Technician Security 0390 - Telecomm Equipment Operator Systems Analysis 0391 - Telecommunications Specialist Applications Software 0392 - Telecommunications Technician Operating Systems 0394 - Communications Technician Network Services 0854 - Computer Engineer Data Management 1410 - Librarian Internet 1411 - Library Technician Systems Administration 1412 - Technical Information Specialist Customer Support 1420 - Archivist Enterprise Architecture 1421 - Archives Technician 1550 - Computer Scientist </li> <li> 3. A Community:People..who are linked by some unique, shared threadand who interact </li> <li> 4. A Community isnt: </li> <li> 5. A Community is: CooperationPeople Relationships SupportPassion Mission Networking Discussions Purpose Voices Collaboration Groups Connections AND </li> <li> 6. A Community is:COMMUNICATION! </li> <li> 7. Community From the Greek, Communikadis (not really) Meaning: Share your expertise with others for the good of the organization; Seeking answers in a forum that is transparent; Dedication to lifelong learning; Voicing ideas in a receptive forum </li> <li> 8. Whats the Value? Crowd-educatingFrom the CEO of a Fortune 500 company:If I make the decision alone, I use one mind. If I put the decision in front of my employees, I use 1,000. </li> <li> 9. How We Support Facilitate information flow SharePoint https://ehqmc.usmc.mil/org/c4/ITMCOI/default.aspx Social Media www.facebook.com/usmc.itm.coi Twitter: @usmc_itmcoi Jabber Chat usmc itm coi (password 1775) milSuite USMC Information Technology Management Community of Interest </li> <li> 10. How We Support (cont.) Training and Professional Development Program 70K in FY12, obligated over 96% Applications solicited via MARADMIN Variety of opportunities HDI Technical Support Conference Project Management for IT (The Graduate School) Information Dominance Senior Leader Seminar USMC Cybersecurity Consortium American Libraries Association Annual Conference Feedback mechanism FY13 Program </li> <li> 11. How YOU Support Participate </li> <li> 12. How YOU Support Share </li> <li> 13. QUESTIONS? Pete Gillispeter.l.gillis@usmc.mil 571.256.9561 </li> </ul>