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Prologue Commencement Program Vision/Mission Visions Unfolding St. Dominic Hymn Pledge of Loyalty Alumni Pledge Graduates with Academic Honors Special Awardees MESSAGES President of the PhilippinesHer Excellency Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

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Senate President of the PhilippinesHon. Juan Ponce Enrile

CHED Director IVDr. Isabel F. Inlayo

TESDA CaviteLeticia O. Ogbac

TAFE-NSW Institute Director

We are all born with virtually unlimited potentials and we have made the choice to be the best that we can be. When we were children, we were encouraged to dream. But as adult, somewhere along the road, many of us loose our ability to dream. Is it because we realized that the world is not that kind, that we are settling for the second best and be just followers? Or are we too scared of what others will think while we go about pursuing our dreams? Where we end up in life is not determined by where we start. There maybe global economic crises, but our graduates in St. Dominic College will win the battle because St. Dominic taught them to become united, empowered, and committed to excellence. The Dominican graduates will Triumph because they chose to build their dreams here. They will triumph because of their commitment to create a difference in this world.. And our journey begins NOW!

Barry Peddle

IDP Country DirectorAndrew King

The Manila Times Language Institute, Inc.Michael Alexander Ang

Philippine Nurses Association, Inc.Dr. Susana Salvacion

Vice-President for Administrative and Support ServicesEdgar Q. Edralin

OIC, Vice-President for Academic AffairsProf. Jovita G. Reyes

Chief Operating OfficerDr. Gregorio A. Andaman Jr.

School PresidentDr. Marita Andaman-Rillo

Commencement Speaker Australian Ambassador to the PhilippinesHon. Rod Smith 19

Board of Trustees Academic Council Colleges Faculty College of Arts, Sciences and Teacher Education College of Information Technology College of International Hospitality and Business Management College of Nursing and Allied Health CANDIDATES FOR GRADUATION Bachelor of Science in Business Management Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Bachelor of Science in Nursing Short CoursesTAFE Commercial Cookery NCIII Caregiving NCII Medical Transcription NCII TESDA Commercial Cooking NCII

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International and Local Partnerships/Professional Organizations 28

3rd April 2009 / 4:30pm / PICC Reception Hall

ProcessionalEntrance of Colors Philippine National Anthem Welcome Address Dr. Gregorio A. Andaman Jr.

Chief Operating OfficerIntroduction of the Commencement Speaker Lina Andaman Pelia

Chief Finance OfficerCommencement Address Hon. Rod Smith

Australian Ambassador to the PhilippinesVideo Presentation of the Tribute for Graduating Students and Parents Presentation of the Candidates for Graduation Prof. Jovita G. Reyes

Officer-In-Charge, Office of the Vice-President for Academic AffairsCandidates for Degree Programs Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Bachelor of Science in Nursing Conferment of Degrees Dr. Potenciano A. Andaman

Chairman of the Board of TrusteesPresentation of Graduates of Short Courses TAFE Commercial Cookery NCIII Caregiving NCII Medical Transcription NCII TESDA Commercial Cooking NCII

Acceptance of Graduates of Short Courses Dr. Potenciano A. Andaman

Chairman of the Board of TrusteesAwarding of Diplomas and Certificates Dr. Gregorio A. Andaman Jr.

Chief Operating Officer Assisted by:Teresita A. Andaman

RegistrarAwarding of Certificate to TAFE Students Mr. Ross Bray

Senior Trade Commissioner AUSTRADE, Manila Assisted by:Emeteria Andaman-Sagala

TrusteeAwarding of Academic Honors Dr. Marita Andaman-Rillo

President Assisted by:Teresita A. Andaman Awarding of Special Awards for Citation Hon. Monte A. Andaman

Trustee Assisted by:Dr. Ma. Fe M. Andaman Valedictory Address Rechelle C. Vargas

Magna Cum LaudePledge of Loyalty Anne Margaret B. Blazo, BSN

Community Service AwardeeAlumni Pledge Sedy Bec Lyn L. Boniog

Alumni Association PresidentSt. Dominic Hymn Exit of Colors


VISIONA dynamic and proactive institution of higher learning upholding the highest standards of excellence in community service, education, and research towards the attainment of a better quality of life

VISIONS UNFOLDINGST. DOMINIC COLLEGE HISTORYTHE MAN BEHIND THE VISION A young boy had a grand dream. He fantasized that one day he was going to build a medical institution that would cater to the health needs of the poor. He envisioned it to be one of the finest hospitals a leader in the delivery of health services. It was indeed a grand dream for a boy who never had a chance of seeing his father who died young due to an illness that was not given medical care. He grew up under the care of his grandfather who likewise died due to lack of medication. To that young boy, whose loved ones were taken away from him due to lack of medical attention, his dream became a vision and a commitment. Don Gregorio M. Andaman, Sr. walked life alone but fully determined to fulfill his dream and see his vision realized. Fate found him an ideal companion in the person of Dominga, his wife, who served as his inspiration and gave him the needed strength and support to pursue his goal and attain his dream. With her at his side, he began to dream bigger dreams. Together, they envisioned not only a hospital that can provide quality health care but also a school that can provide quality but affordable education. Don Gregorio made a promise in his heart that when these institutions shall come to reality these shall be a tribute to his wife Dominga and all these will be named after her! Gregorio Jr. who is a doctor, takes charge of the hospital administration.

MISSIONWe believe in linking quality education and research with life skills to facilitate strategic and holistic development of individuals through innovative programs attuned to the needs of the local and international communities. The St. Dominic College of Arts and Sciences is committed to;

THE ST. DOMINIC MEDICAL CENTER With his wife at his side and his children at the helm, they pursued the dream of establishing a hospital and school in his province. The hospital was established in Bacoor, Cavite in July 1991 when Cavite was embarking on its industrialization phase as part of CALABARZON. As promised, he named the hospital St. Dominic Medical Center Inc. In honor of his wife Dominga. St. Dominic Medical Center has proven itself capable of meeting the medical demands of the times. Continuing with its mission to render quality care, the institution continues to evolve with the end view of providing excellent facilities and services.

Provide excellent but affordable education, geared towards producing competitive, productive and responsible graduates. Prepare students to meet the challenges for the countrys urgent need for reform, towards the alleviation of poverty and moral decadence.GOALS The St. Dominic College of Arts and Sciences commits aims to:

1. Prepare the students to be professionally competent and socially responsible individuals. 2. Actively promote research and the utilization of new technology for the enhancement of the individual competencies. 3. Take leadership role in addressing the issues and concerns of the community that the institution serves towards the improvement of its quality life.

THE DREAMS UNFOLD The realization of his dreams was an example of total family involvement and dedication to its attainment. His wife served as his inspiration and their six offspring, the instruments for its realization. The eldest son, Potenciano became a surgeon. By Gods grace, they both pursued the dream with courage. Together, they put up what is now known as the St. Anne Hospital in Lucena City. This was followed by Greg Hospital in Sariaya, Quezon and the Jane County Hospital in Pagbilao, Quezon. The dreams were finally unfolding and turning into reality! Later, a Nursing and Medical Sciences School was established in Quezon Province. Both the hospital and the school boast of their enduring commitment to the community they serve in envisioning the better future of students and patients under their care. The second child, Marita, became an obstetrician. With more doctors in the family, Don Gregorio, was challenged to pursue bigger dreams. He built Hillside General Hospital in Alabang, Muntinlupaa step close to his home province, Cavite. His offsprings, Emeteria, Monte and Lina, like the other siblings, were there to provide assistance and expertise in the non-medical aspects of running hospitals. Emie looks into the financial management of the institution. Engineer Monte is in-charge of construction and facilities development and Lina is in-charge of human resource management. The youngest,

THE ST. DOMINIC COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES In 2003, 12 years after the realization of the dream hospital in Cavite, an educational institution was founded beside the hospital. It was envisioned to fill the need for quality education in the arts and sciences in the CALABARZON area. Thus was born the St. Dominic College of Arts and Sciences. The Medical Center and College Complex are strategically located. It straddles an area that serves as the gateway to major cities through its three access roads: the coastal road in the north leads to Metro Manila; Zapote Road in the east leads to Alabang, Las Pias, Muntinlupa and Laguna; and E. Aguinaldo Highway in the south leads to Cavite City, Tagaytay and Batangas areas. The St. Dominic Complex has b


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