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Inspired by the 2003 book, PEACEKEEPING INTELLIGENCE: Emerging Concepts for the Future


<ul><li> 1. Information Peacekeeping:A Nobel Objective 112 awards, 103 years (1901&gt; 20 organizational awards UN elements 5 (PKF 88) Red Cross 4 Doctors w/o Borders 99 ICBL (Land Mines) 97 Pugwash Conf. 95 International Physicians 85 Amnesty International 77 Int Labor Org. 69 Quakers (2), 47 Nansen (NO) Refugees 38 19 years with no award (18%) US 22, CH 12, UK 10, IE 5, FR 8,SE 5, BE 4, DE 4, ZA 4, IL 3, CA2, NL 2, NO 2 Focus of Effort: 28 peace organization 19 conflict resolution 15 human rights, 14 relief 9 arbitration, 6 disarmament 5 refugees, 4 nuclear 2 pacifism, 2 land mines Information Aspect: 23 direct engagement on ground 22 negotiation, 18 documentation 12 personal, 7 educational, 5 author, 5 publicity, 4 media</li></ul> <p> 2. Top Ten ChallengesTerrorism is the Least of Our WorriesComplex Emergencies32 CountriesEthnic Conflict 18Genocides Today**Resource Wars, EnergyWaste &amp; Pollution**Refugees/Displaced66 CountriesCensorship Very High62 CountriesCorruption Common80 CountriesWater Scarcity &amp;Contaminated Water**Food Security33 CountriesChild Soldiers41 CountriesModern Plagues*59 Countries &amp; Rising*State of the World Atlas (1997), ** Marq de Villier (Water), John Heidenrich and Greg Stanton (Genocide),Michael Klare et al (Resources), all others from PIOOM Map 2002 3. Policy OpportunitiesWe Can Leverage US DollarsBut You Have to HelpGlobal War of Terrorism ODSI (Dr. Stephen Cambone) wants universalcoverage down to the neighborhood levelTransition to and from War DoD Directive 3000.cc (draft) is on target C4I needed to NGOs, PMCs, locals, etc. Foreign open sources of information vitalDoD GIG Good But Needs to Evolve Faster Cant collect/connect the dots on the fly Cant cycle connected dots back to the field Global grid runs from too fat to not at all 4. Seven Information Tribes:The Way AheadMilitaryLaw EnforcementBusinessReligions&amp; ClansAcademicNationalNGO &amp;Media 5. National TribeGovernmentSecrets"Intelligence""Protected"Open Spies &amp; Secrets are the smallest partof government Government information is ownedby the people, not the State National Institute of Health (NIH)now demands all research bepublished via Open Access Accountability at all levels is goingto rise dramatically in next 5 years 6. Military TribeArmed Forces &amp; Gendarme/GuardTargetingSignalsImageryOrder of BattleMapping Militarys greatest value is in maps &amp; chartsas well as digital elevation data NGA is in process of taking mapping offthe marketyou must all file demarches atthe national level Military can also provide C4I hub for PKIWAN/LAN open to all parties. Swedish Military Academy can providecommon training for all Military information process is priceless Border patrol observation is priceless 7. Law Enforcement TribeINTERPOL, EUROPOL, Provincial &amp; Local PoliceUndercoverInvestigationPrivacyMetrics Must improve pay across the boardstreetcops must be perfect and protected fromtemptationwhile also being ruthless withpolitical corruption Synthetic information and aggregate datamining do not violate privacy Greatest obstacle is amount of hard-copyfiles and lack of digital tools at the precinctlevelneed US funding Metrics, coordination of effort, do notviolate privacywe must have a commonview of the battlefield, and global hotpursuit 8. Business TribeBusiness Information ManagersNot Only BI/CIClient InformationPricing InformationCost InformationExternal Information Client information is reasonably topsecret Pricing information (discounts notmade public) also Cost information can be shared inaggregate ways External information generallyignoredimagine if all generalmanagers shared their insights intolocal political, economic, cultural,and demographic situation? 9. Academic TribeResearch, Distance Learning, Student ProjectsSecretSensitivePrivateOpen In the US, academics have identified$50B a year in import-export taxfraud/money laundering Academic data mining is the fastestcheapest means of discoveringanomalies while learning new means ofdiscovery We are wasting hundreds of billionsaround the world in duplicate, badlymanaged, academic studies that areneither digitized properly, nor shared Fixing this alone will double what wecan know about our most seriousissues 10. NGO-Media TribeGround Truth Observation &amp; InvestigationSecretSensitivePrivateOpen UN aid workers can be immature andspend too much time partying. UN information constitutes the largestgarbage pit in the worldbut if we canconnect it, use it, it becomes aninformation goldmine Red Cross, Green Peace, AmnestyInternational, Doctors without Borders,ECCPthese are the real-worldinformation leaders Media publishes 10% of what itknowswe have to get at the other90% via shared networks Eyes on target is the gold standard 11. Citizen-Labor-Religion TribeNeighborhoods, Collectives, and Faith-Based NetworksSecretSensitivePrivateOpen The ultimate intelligence network ispublicintelligence minutemen Labor unions &amp; other collectives havethe power to match governments andcorporations with public intelligence Faith-based networksBNai Brith,Islam, the Catholic Church,Evangelicals, Pentecostals, all haveinformation power that is not properlyprocessed nor shared Where we have gone wrong is inthinking that organizations controlinformationthey do not. Weber isdeadwe are free if we wish to be 12. Three ArchitecturesOne Global Data Capture Service1. NETWORK ARCHITECTURE: processing in the bit stream interoperation4. COMMERCIAL COLLECTION: open source feeds special collection2. SEMANTIC ARCHITECTURE: text-capable scaled3. INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE: incorporates open sources, on and off line matches global real time knowledge to individual situations 13. Point ofEntry RawProducesActionableIntelligenceProcessedRawOPINTELFinishedIntelligencePolicyPackagePublicPerceptionConnecting the Dots 24/7, All LevelsHUMINT SIGINT IMINT MASINT OSINT OPS OTHERDots need to be connecting at every level,Including immediately upon ingestion.Today, one third of the dots connect here.(Collect 2/3rd, spill halfsome say 80%)HUMINT SIGINT IMINT MASINT OSINT OPS OTHER 14. Conversion ofPaper Documentsto Digital FormOpen Literature Non-Text Data Restricted InformationAutomated Extractionof Data Elements FromText and ImagesStandardizingand ConvertingData FormatsProcessing Images,Video, Audio,Signal DataAutomatedForeign LanguageTranslationDetection of AlertSituationsClustering andLinking ofRelated DataStatistical Analysisto RevealAnomaliesDetection ofChanging TrendsInteractive Searchand Retrieval ofDataGraphic and Map-Based Visualizationof DataModeling andSimulationsCollaborativeWorkNotetaking andOrganizing IdeasStructuredArgumentAnalysisDesktopPublishing andWord ProcessingProduction ofGraphics, Videos andOnline BriefingsRevision Trackingand Realtime GroupReviewOLD:On-the-fly Analytic Tools Applied At All Points 15. Inter-Agency CollaborationDoD Directive 3000.cc Opens New DoorsR2 CGJ-2 J-3JICCJ-1MPJ-5CAJ-4EngJ-6ITINTELLIGENCECLUSTERSERVICECLUSTERCOALITIONCLUSTERLAWENFORCEMENTCLUSTERCIVILCLUSTERNGOCLUSTER80% Unclassified Information 16. Everyone Has Information NeedsMany of those needs are common to more than one party.NNE 1509 3921 7502Bridge: ClearVillage: FriendlyAlt 11,004Over Hill: E PltDefilade: OnStarWere concerned about all information needs, not just intelligence requirements. 17. Regional Information CenterDeputy for CollectionAustraliaOSINTHUMINTIMINTSIGINTDeputy for ProcessingMalaysiaDigitizationTranslationVisualizationAnalytic SupportDeputy for AnalysisChinaWarningEstimativeCountriesIssuesChief of CenterSingaporeDeputy for CounterintelligenceJapanDeputy for Covert ActionThailand 18. Ronald Kasrils,Minister forIntelligenceServicesRepublic ofSouth AfricaTo MontevideoChief:South AfricaDeputy Chief:North AfricaCollection:East AfricaProcessing:West AfricaAnalysis:Central AfricaCounter-I:TBDCovert Action:TBDSuez Team:EgyptGibralter Team:Spain[Positions rotateevery 3 years]Overlay &amp;VirtuallyIntegrate:AfricanEarlyWarning&amp;OpenSourceInformationNetworkAfricanRegionalIntelligenceCenterJointAnalysisCenterMolesworth 19. Information PeacekeepingThrough Collective Intelligence </p>