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<p>Julia Claire Campbell Consulting 978-578-1328 juliaclairecampbell@gmail.com</p> <p>Presented by Julia Campbell, @JuliaCSocial www.jcsocialmarketing.com</p> <p>About WebLink InternationalLeading SaaS AMS CompanyOver 720 Association Customers; 5,500 Users; Supporting 650K MembersEstablished in 1996Based in Indianapolis, Indiana60 Employees94% Customer Retention Rate96% Average Daily Satisfaction Rating@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>2J Campbell Social Marketing - www.jcsocialmarketing.com</p> <p>About MeUsing online tools such as social media, blogs, and email marketing, I help small businesses and nonprofits grow and reach their customers and supporters. I offer solutions to your social media problems through training and coaching.@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>3J Campbell Social Marketing - www.jcsocialmarketing.com</p> <p>FacebookRULES OF THE ROADFacebook is always changing.Getting on Facebook is not a marketing strategy.Using Facebook will not compensate for a bad product or service in fact it will draw attention to it! Facebook is mostly free but your time is not. </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>The Myth We Were SoldStep 1: Sign up for Facebook.Step 2: Post something.Step 3: Watch the money roll in!!@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Facebook Isnt Going Anywhere72% of online adults visit Facebook once per month968 million daily active usersAverage user spends more than 20 minutes per day31% of all U.S. senior citizens use Facebook@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Organic Reach Is PlummetingBUT its not dead.The reality of the Facebook algorithmUsers do not like being sold to. Facebook responded by demoting crappy content.Reach doesnt mean conversions. @JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>We Cant Change FacebookWe have to change the way we market on Facebook.@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #1Create a great experience for your Facebook fans.Think about your audience first!WIIFM Whats In It For MeThink about the News Feed and the competition. Your marketing needs to fit in seamlessly! Monster Energy Drink https://www.facebook.com/MonsterEnergy/ Go Pro https://www.facebook.com/gopro </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #2Understand WHY people share on Facebook.</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #3Hold contests right on your Timeline.Like to Win Comment to Win leave a comment or answer a questionCaption Contest you can pick, or the winner is the one with most likesFill-In-The-Blank contest trivia, or funPhoto Contest you can pick, or the winner is the one with most likesMultiple Choice contest </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #4Hold a Sweepstakes through a third party app. Woobox, Wishpond, Pagemodo, Heyo</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #4</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Contest/Sweepstakes TipsPromote it everywhere, not just on Facebook. Do not give away something unrelated to your business or brand.Follow up with entrants who dont win send them a small coupon or voucher. Post your contest on these sites: http://blog.wishpond.com/post/46349143988/websites-to-host-contest-business</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #5Include a visual with every post.Use Canva, PicMonkey, WordSwag </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #6Upload video right into Facebook. Video is the strongest performer in the News Feed.50% of Americans who use Facebook on a daily basis watch at least 1 video every day. Your videos play automatically in the News Feed (they play silently so grab peoples attention!!!!)They have view counts. Facebook has a helpful Video Upload Guide https://www.facebook.com/facebookmedia/best-practices/facebook-video </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #7Schedule native video uploads with Buffer. For more on what makes a great Facebook video, visit their Cant Miss Videos blog posts each month: http://media.fb.com/2015/10/03/cant-miss-videos-september/ </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #8Use Businesses on Messenger. Customers can now send private messages to a Page from News Feed ads.Page admins now able to reply to PUBLIC comments with a private message.Responsiveness will be measured with a badge on your page.More here: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/pages-messaging-updates</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #9Set up the Call to Action. Book NowContact UsUse AppPlay GameShop NowSign UpWatch Video</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #9</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #10Change your Cover Photo often. Remember the caption! https://www.facebook.com/marismith </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #11Tell stories about your customers. </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #11</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #12Tell stories about your values and ethics. </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #13Encourage tagging.Tag a friend who needsthisTag your auntTag your BFF </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #14Use popular hashtags strategically. Use ONE.#OOTD#TBT#fail#FOMOHashtags.orgHashtagify.me</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #15Ask questions. The more specific the better. </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #16Be entertaining. </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #17Use current events. </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #18Encourage feedback from your fans.Crowdsourcing contestPick a new logo or design for your businessChoose a name a book, service, or productHelp decide on a graphic for an event</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #19Get user-generated content. </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #20Explore Facebook Ads. Promote your own content.Grow your email list. Have a goal. Target your audience.Run an ad for as little as $5! </p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Supercharge Tip #20</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>To Be Successful On FacebookBe present. Be relevant.Be active.Be engaging.Be timely.Have fun! @JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>This isn't just about content and social media. This is about being relevant in people's minds before they want whatever you're selling. After all, that's the definition of successful marketing.</p> <p>Social Media Josh, @jhoff89(Josh Hoffman)</p> <p>@JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p> <p>Questions? </p> <p>My blog on all things social media: www.jcsocialmarketing.com</p> <p>Twitter: @JuliaCSocial</p> <p>Facebook: www.fb.com/jcsocialmarketing</p> <p>Email: julia@jcsocialmarketing.com @JuliaCSocial @WebLink</p>